June 21, 2021

The United States TME magazine selected 50 sites

last year, the United States, "TIME" weekly selection of 50 stations focused on the arts and leisure, audio and video sites, news and information, social networking and web services category. Let’s look at the 50 stations this year, what are the characteristics? Although it seems varied, but overall still can not be separated from the above categories of content, but more refined, closer to the public life. The website design in our country are quite satisfactory, although the ghosts of things don’t have to help me, but the way to browse, expand their horizons is also good. If you can stimulate your imagination, the more wonderful.



Omiru />< fashion, network, it is important that not only tell you the fashion trend, more is to tell you what kind of dress suits you! Yes! You are the one! Keep up with fashion girls, follow suit does not matter, but more suitable for their own!! Wait for what, just to Omiru!

NO.5: PsychCentral

NO.7:Yahoo Answers


on man’s website, pure man, social life! You can learn about kazakhstan!




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