June 14, 2021

How Taobao customers through the forum community blog marketing clothing products


present guest promotion methods of QQ products, Baidu products, SNS Forum blog, APP, micro-blog, WeChat, station etc., also because of the diversity of the promotion way, let these mice do not know how to choose what kind of promotion, promotion way. Here to introduce the next forum SNS blog marketing popularity.

first, to do the first to understand the marketing forum to understand some of the changes in the background of Ali mother.

made some adjustments in the end of last year, Ali Mama, the channels to promote corresponding promotion links, need to record promotion way, to obtain the corresponding guest link, convenient Ali mother statistical channel antecedents, reduce cheating.

forum marketing is to choose the promotion of shopping, media type choice community / forum / Q & A / other, put the promotion bit can choose new or choose the existing advertising. Click OK to generate Taobao guest link, this link will be sent to the forum.


Why choose

forum SNS promotion? One is that an active forum community with powerful members, all of them are our target marketing group, a high-quality community has a higher weight, content can be very good to get Baidu’s natural ranking.

first of all, we need to select the forum community, the forum will be divided into three categories, one is SNS, one is a place, one is to share. Of course, these three categories are the purpose of our marketing platform. We need to do is to find out the popular, high traffic forum, a forum registered 35 Ma3 jia3.

secondly, the clothing category products suitable for display in which kind of forum community? Can be divided into three categories of clothing, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing or middle-aged more detailed classification such as loading. For example, women can, at the end of the world, the West Temple, renren.com and other related sectors share. In addition, some professional sites such as ONLYLADY, 55bbs, Iraq show women and so do the corresponding plate marketing.

, such as a post in the Pacific fashion, was recommended to the home page, we will be pushed under the analysis of the reasons, the post address will not be revealed, here is a screenshot of the post.


this figure is the top of the post, because the content is rich, beautiful pictures are recommended to the home page. We also went to check the other is recommended to the home page content is not illustrated. And more than 5 pictures.

article here is the beginning of the article to write: a very simple text, and do not know whether it is not my beautiful pictures. In view of the high degree of attention to beauty, encourage everyone to use some beautiful pictures, do not be afraid of others is not me, as long as you can find a set of pictures can be completed.


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