October 21, 2021

Fresh electricity supplier last mile cheap and convenient is true love

multi point in the supermarket to customers to promote the purchase of fresh O2O way. Multi point map

is a major category of fresh goods to the most troublesome business channels, has been considered the traditional supermarket with the electricity supplier competition survival advantage, but for the strong innovation capacity of the power of the Internet, not what the traditional industries of the cake is not moving, some O2O services based on fresh electricity providers have begun to target this last one kilometer fresh business sales to consumers, and to subvert the traditional way of selling fresh play a role.


fresh market electricity supplier penetration is extremely low

electricity supplier to sell a lot of fresh goods, but really can do a good job of fresh electricity supplier companies. Distribution, cold chain, warehousing, purchasing…… The characteristics of fresh food determines the cost of fresh electricity supplier sales tend to be higher than other commodities. At the same time, the loss of the transportation and distribution process may lead to the decline of the quality of the goods.

reporter has repeatedly from a food business website to buy fruit, found that most of the time business platform of fruit type is relatively single, sometimes there is fruit distribution to the poor taste fresh, even bad situation. Insiders said that these phenomena are in fact the electricity supplier channel sales of fresh goods, especially the problem of preserving the harsh conditions of the fresh goods.

is due to the problem of fresh sales, making electricity supplier has been unable to become the mainstream of fresh sales. 2014 China’s fresh market size of about 1 trillion, but fresh electricity supplier penetration is only about 1%. In comparison, the next line supermarket because of many kinds of goods, quality assurance and free choice, is the main channel for people to buy fresh, in the traditional super channel electricity providers face the difficult situation of invasion situation, fresh is a big advantage of traditional retail business and business competition.

when the platform type electricity supplier in the fresh sales can not break, the emerging O2O services to fresh electricity supplier new opportunities. Relying on the partner’s storage or supply advantages, to attract users to more efficient distribution, O2O seems to have found a way to break fresh fresh ills.



one hour door-to-door

in the new class O2O fresh electricity supplier, in April this year, the multi-point line (Dmall) is a representative of the enterprise. This venture near fresh electricity supplier, business model and local market chain supermarket cooperation, cooperation in super stores for the supply of goods, the radiation surrounding stores consumers, provide fast delivery service for users. Simply put, is to help the user to purchase goods from the physical supermarket, and served within an hour. In commodity prices, due to a certain amount of subsidies to users, often cheaper than supermarket stores.

is the earliest and multi-point cooperation Beijing Wumart, including Wumart and MerryMart supermarkets and convenience stores, after more.

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