June 14, 2021

Vip com net profit operating profit chain investors called double down beautiful monster

Beijing News (reporter Zheng Daosen) yesterday, listed in the U.S. vip.com released the 2014 second quarter earnings, the e-commerce company has achieved 7 consecutive quarters of earnings, and the total net revenue and net profit targets are maintained more than 100% year-on-year growth.

however, the chain data vip.com let people see a trace of worry. Data show that vip.com’s two quarter operating profit fell by 21.5%, net profit fell by 1%. Vip.com CFO Yang Donghao told the Beijing News reporter, ring profit decline is affected by Le bee network, the current music bee network is still in the loss of.

Le bee network is still a loss of

yesterday announced the vip.com earnings continued strong growth after more than one quarter, the company’s total net revenue grew 136.1% to $829 million 400 thousand, net profit attributable to shareholders amounted to $26 million 400 thousand, an increase of 192.1%.

but in a lot of data, the company’s operating profit of a chain of 21.5% decline, a decrease of $6 million 500 thousand compared to the first quarter, while net profit also fell by about 1%. Some analysts said the decline in operating profit may be vip.com this time results in a major worry.

vip.com CFO Yang Donghao told the Beijing News reporter, ring profit decline is affected by Le bee network, the current music bee network is still at a loss.

in February of this year, vip.com spent $112 million 500 thousand acquisition of Le bee network of 75% stake in Le bee network is a cosmetic electricity supplier, founded by the famous media man Li Jing. When vip.com was acquired, Le bee network at a loss.

Vip.com’s acquisition of

Lasafo, Lasafo follow vip.com start of the sale, but these actions did not make lefeng.com rapid turnaround.

industry believes that vip.com had acquired lefeng.com, on the one hand is to produce strategic synergy, on the other hand it may be affected by the pressure of the red capital.

vip.com, Lasafo, jumei.com three companies have the red capital investment, in February this year, jumei.com was listed on the eve of the United States, if successful listing of jumei.com, will have an adverse effect on Lasafo future market valuation, owned by vip.com Lasafo, on the red capital is the best solution.

from bleeding listed to the concept of the first high priced shares

March 2012, vip.com in the share price of $5.6 on the NYSE listed bloodshed, but as the first company in the domestic B2C business to achieve profitability, the company’s stock price soaring.

in May last year, vip.com shares rose to $30, many stocks investors called the "monster", May and August have suffered a Greenwich and lemonade "short", but vip.com’s share price has always been strong, and broke through the $100 mark in January of this year.

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