October 21, 2021

Let’s shout we’re not cheating

cat alliance from March 3rd to now has been in operation for more than and 40 days, during which the cat coalition got the trust and support of many owners, we have to abide by its commitments, on time every day to the full 10 yuan owners pay. From the day to pay 1, 2 webmaster, to now every day to pay a commission of hundreds of webmasters. Although the time spent more and more, but we have not thought about changing the way of payment.

we know now there are many webmaster don’t trust us, if we are liars, so we have always insisted on the 10 yuan to pay, we are going to tell everyone, we don’t want to do a union, because if it is 10 yuan 10 yuan cheated, it may even cost can not cheat back to the server.

but some people say that we are a liar, I do some explanation below, it can be regarded as a response to these words, but also to explain the question in our hearts.

1 cat alliance is a liar


I believe this is the question that most of us want to ask, I said that we are not stiff, many people do not believe, so I change the point of view. We insist on payment of 10 yuan is to let more webmaster to us, you will find that we are not a liar, because even if the loss is only a few dollars, some people say we are cheated 10 yuan money to live on this special. And I count 1 station 10 yuan, my server costs 14000 a year, then I want to cheat 1400 owners to recover the cost of server, because I’m cheating webmaster, so I would not do anything else, I’ll hire a person to eat two accomplices, ensure it in Shanghai. One day I spend at least 100 yuan, a year must be cheated 36500 yuan, that is to say to cheat 3650 stationmaster I can not starve to death. I want to cheat how much pocket money? The estimated tens of thousands of webmaster, so many webmaster I cheated I only earn one money, because I lied to you 10 yuan, you do not do for me, think about it, if I really can find 10 dollars to do station 10 thousand then, even if I earn only 5%, that year I will be rich. A fool would not lie to the 10 dollars. And give up the real opportunity to make money, but also when there is no more than what I have to cheat.

answer a few webmaster words:

there are a few webmaster that we are liars. (specific page http://s.www.lianmeng.la/show-196.asp)


to explain:

1 a record number can not be found, false can. Say good to check cheating, you have the ability to get a check cheating system?

explained: record number is such, maomao8.com probably registered in March 1st, there is no record of the domain name is not on the line. So we had expected in March 15th on the line, but the record when we found that the domain name has been filed for someone else, conflict. We can’t keep it up

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