September 28, 2021

Businesses who look at the latest Tmall brand management adjustment 3

[Abstract] according to incomplete statistics, there have been more than 50 companies to launch IPO in the Tmall platform, billion state power network has learned, Tmall recently for the brand operation adjustment is also up, the important rules are summarized as follows, the reference for all businesses.

stop "mistake" brand

specifically, the business operated by the brand if the following circumstances, Tmall will terminate the brand operating in Tmall:

(a) the brand products have been confirmed by the two sampling is not in line with the national mandatory quality standards;

(two) of the brand by Tmall in a specific way to judge the trademark, product name, packaging and decoration, business name, product quality marks such as a counterfeit or likely to cause consumer confusion, mistake.

"likely to cause consumer confusion, mistake" to determine the


according to Tmall’s official explanation, through artificial way or system investigation and grasp the target brands and products, at the same time from multiple dimensions of brand image, product image, LOGO flow behavior, evaluation data, customer service data on abnormal data, brand commodity investigation, suspected counterfeit trademark, the name of goods, packaging and decoration, the name of the enterprise, the product quality marks such as brands or products grab out.

for artificial or system investigation and crawled out of the abnormal data (including brands or products), will be handed over to the public assessment of specific brands or whether the goods constitute a confusion of judgment, and according to the final assessment of the public confusion judgment to determine the brands or products constitute consumer confusion.

if the business of goods was determined as Tmall brand, easily lead to consumer confusion, Tmall may be involved in the business secret level determines whether the disclosure decision. However, in view of the "core business secret probability algorithm warning model" system and the public review are Tmall, Tmall will only be formed easily lead to consumer confusion conclusion without notice of business mistake disclosure decision.

merchants believe that Tmall’s decision is wrong, businesses can provide complaints to Tmall complaint. However, the conditions for the establishment of complaints, Tmall has been deleted in the latest rules. (the original complaint conditions are: businesses can prove the corresponding use of trademarks and other factors to cause consumer confusion has reasonable grounds or can be attributed to be confused, for example, can provide the brand trademark early on was on the first trademark registration certificate.


relax brand investment requirements


category in 2016 of investment, Tmall has also made some adjustments.

According to

billion state power network to understand, this adjustment relates to clothing, shoes and bags, outdoor sports, jewelry, cosmetics, home decoration, furniture, home textiles, service categories (decoration design / construction / supervision), and other automotive accessories category.

these main >

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