September 28, 2021

Group purchase site inventory of gray income and shady unspoken rule

to 315, pinch refers to a count, Groupon Buy mode in China popular hot almost a year. I believe that in the network group purchase machine manufacturing miracle when hundreds of thousands of Internet tycoon, also produced a batch of thousands on thousands of today you group "and" symbol "- written memory cheat symbol.

I have worked in Beijing, a relatively well-known group purchase website, because companies and businesses could not despicable fenercizhi. Today, with 315 of the good weather to half a catty Erguotou strong courage, also dare to charge a hero, justice and justice. To join rebels, exposing bar uprising, fall is the merits of non criticism, the majority of users than watching the brothers and sisters when the demon moth.

first, we say that the group buying site of gray income, summarized as follows:

1, white pick up the money – expired no spending money

participated in the group purchase friends may have had this experience, a rise in some group list, because of the time and various reasons, ultimately failed to achieve consumption, find the site a refund the answer is certainly not expired retreat, eventually out of luck. We know that most of the default group purchase website is valid for 30 days, the list issued to a month after the period of validity, so long as you within a month without consumption or say you in a few days before the deadline and not just participated in the consumer, then congratulations, you spend money to buy a once cheated. I am in the company, the average monthly 5000-10000 of the dead account, these are those who do not spend money expired. Of course, in addition to users not consumption, there is a consumer with group purchase net double lucky, that consumers have a consumer, but they neglected to record the correct order or data synchronization, so the money is not the website with the business node, naturally became the site of a white pick up money.

2, with money – sale profit

customer data has been for sale. It is quite common for the business world, a communications company selling mobile phone number, there are shopping malls to sell membership information, bank sale force consortium data, government departments to sell the enterprise information. Behind these economic chain, nothing more than the considerable economic benefits and the convenience of holding grass to fight the rabbit. Group buying site is no exception, they can grasp the hands of consumers who have a clear intention of consumption. General operating practices are borrowed from the lottery and other forms of participation of other zero yuan crazy poly embrace member, it is the use of Internet users "but do not lose what music in" mentality, but I do not know just a little mouse at the same time, your mobile phone number is on the list of the SP advertisers. The number of people participating in an activity calculated by 100 thousand, each data price of 1 cents, which allows the group to pick up the network to collect $1000, usually a customer list will be sold to a number of industries, companies, which is thousands of tens of thousands of profit. As for the prize, some simply do not exist, and some internal ginseng and get, there is the actual cost of the prize is less than earned

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