September 28, 2021

After the founding of the Jingdong 3C division of the first strategic talks about what kind of story

the afternoon of April 6th, the Jingdong announced the 2016 Jingdong 3C strategic upgrade plan, including upgrading integration four aspects of channel strategy, marketing strategy, operation strategy and financial strategy, in order to better service from the brand to the brand transformation of retailers.


Jingdong 3C division after the establishment of the first strategic conference

as everyone knows, the Jingdong rely on 3C products (computer, communication and consumer electronics) started, was founded 12 years ago, 3C products have been the main sales of Jingdong.

August 2015, Jingdong 3C division was formally established, the integration of mobile phones, digital, IT three categories, covering a total of 2344 brands, becoming China’s 3C industry online and offline channels of a huge retail platform. At the end of last year, Hu Shengli took over as president of Jingdong 3C division, Jingdong 3C business is also seen as a new starting point.

this conference is the first strategic conference after the establishment of Jingdong 3C division 8 months later. Conference, 3C Department of Jingdong President Hu Shengli’s speech speed is very slow, want to try to own every single word or phrase, let expressions in the audience can more clearly understand that he can see the importance of this conference.

while sitting under the table, in addition to Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu, as well as the three operators of the big brother and hundreds of mobile phone manufacturers for its platform.

Jingdong 3C strategic upgrade

this time, Jingdong proposed 3C strategic upgrade plan almost all of the integration of Jingdong’s resources, including channel strategy, marketing strategy, business strategy, financial strategy in four areas.

Hu Shengli admitted that the Jingdong 3C will combine the advantages of horizontal to form a closed loop channel, marketing, operations, finance, providing support for the closed-loop industrial chain partners, and opening up Jingdong in logistics, marketing and other aspects of resources. Integration, openness, innovation, win-win attitude to create a collaborative 3C ecosystem.

channel strategy: Jingdong will integrate the 3C full channel capacity, channel partners to provide customized solutions, in addition to the original Jingdong PC, APP, WeChat, Q and other traditional channels, the future Jingdong will also force enterprise customers to purchase new channels, online and offline channels Kepler alliance alliance, regional marketing channels and other solutions full channel platform, build online and offline.

seems to Hu Shengli, Jingdong diversified line and rural channel combination will help 3C brand manufacturers sink channels.

marketing strategy: Jingdong and Tencent will continue to promote jointly launched a strategic cooperation project "Jing Teng plan", accurate portrait to consumers by using Jingdong sales data and Tencent social data, through the depth of catalyst consumers habits, provide customized marketing solutions for manufacturers.

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