September 28, 2021

Novice will understand the electronic commerce e commerce BUS

said that e-commerce BUS. Master to ask what is the new definition?. Recently, a lot of friends around the industry, or friends outside of the circle or, when it comes to talking about the recent work, it would be very difficult to say, in the end what is the problem of e-commerce. In fact, there seems to be no so-called standard answer.

if you use a professional term to explain, but also Baidu get. But how to understand it? It’s not easy for a beginner. I don’t want to encounter a thing, it can be said that, as a big city, who are likely to encounter a life problem, traffic. Take it as a metaphor.

bus carrier

a bus carrier, we see it as an e-commerce business. Bus routes are arranged in advance, that is, the target population is determined. The same route, there are different companies BUS, which is like doing a lot of B2C companies, but also means that the same route on the BUS target group is naturally the same. So how to let users choose their own


1, the price of the same route, to the same place charges will be different. (the price of goods in e-commerce transactions)

2, BUS speed line speed, speed express nature is relatively quickly. (can be understood as the logistics of e-commerce)

3, the same destination, along the way after the site is different, the whole journey kilometers. Here is a process that allows users to choose to buy from the consumer to achieve a transaction experience

4, service different BUS, air conditioning, environment, seating, staff service attitude is certainly not the same. (E – commerce, the same level of e-commerce business model, service is different)

to a personal experience as an example, a trip from Baoan District to Nanshan District, there are 350, M222, M239 three flights. 350 need to use when 2.5 hours, more than 30 sites; M222 when used for at least 1.5 hours, stop the site of the; M239 when used for 1.5 hours, stop the site of the 16.


in price, 350 1 yuan cheaper, but from the time and distance, M222 and M239 absolute advantage, and in the choice between 2 M the same price, of course, the choice of services and higher comfort by M239.

how do you understand all the subtleties of e-commerce?. The bus in Shenzhen is usually full of possibility and failure state, bus on the road is great. Take a tyre event.

open to a site, the leader in the platform to remind the driver, one of the tires have obvious leakage phenomenon, need to repair as soon as possible. All the passengers on board were told to get off and change, rush hour car ride is not so easy, so all the passengers on the train.

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