September 28, 2021

The development of online retailers own brand opportunities and challenges

shopping malls such as the battlefield, in the face of fierce market competition, retailers have to adjust strategy to develop its own brand to increase market competitiveness; the network is not resigned to playing second fiddle create their own brands, eager for a fight to the road. Sina commercial real estate with the phenomenon interviewed industry experts and business representatives, representatives of entities and online retailers devote themselves, retail industry experts weapon, comprehensive analysis of its own brand of the past and present and future development of the road.


figure is still popular (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Li Yulin

e-businessmen wading several spurs


facing brand market opportunities, some online retailers such as Jingdong, store have started to develop its own brand, according to media reports, in May 31st this year, the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong personally planted land contracting farmers home "Lailong organic rice" in the Jingdong Shopping Mall line; the day before, a large domestic network will be on the line the shoes the number of its own brand, the first order of tens of thousands of pieces of well-known group purchase website; last week launched a "" brand makeup brush set, 18 brushes for the price of 99 yuan, on the same day at 15:29, 3000 sets of brushes sold out. Give examples of the development of its own brand be too numerous to enumerate what are the reasons for the network, have its own brand of wading field? This problem, Sina commercial real estate brand building network is representative of fashion (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Li Yulin interview.

"If the

brand to children, can have own who are willing to adopt a child?" is still popular (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Li Yulin said in an interview: "sell network brand, brand to the net profit margins have been limited to death, supply, price and other brands are to also, can be said to be the basic network is affected by brand control. In addition, the brand in the choice of network partners also occupy the dominant position, it can be said to be able to support you to do today, tomorrow for a leader, not happy to go to support others to go. Based on the above situation, I think it is a long way to do their own brand, you can get rid of the control of the brand, the profits can be further improved, but also can not be constrained by vicious competition." In addition, once the successful operation of its own brand, to become a well-known brands, profits up to the same time, the added value to the company is immeasurable.

network to develop its own brand of the advantages and disadvantages of

network has been selling products according to sales data, can determine what kinds of things to sell, what is sold, to catch the consumer’s mind and preferences to design products; in addition, the network itself is one of the main body to do its own brand sales, can direct sales, save a lot of brands agency etc. link, can be the fastest and most direct way to sell products to the hands of customers, to avoid the production of warehousing backlog of OTC sales cycle again." Li Yulin Sue

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