September 28, 2021

Talking about the development of SNS website

Hello, I struggle, my station is oil harbor, a few days ago installed UCenter Home or (without looking, just installed, did not make any changes to the application site) are playing again after the load, so a little immature ideas here and we exchange. Now SNS has become a hot, plus Comsenz offers a free and powerful UCenter Home social network (SNS) software, the local SNS community developed such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain! Chinese basically every city, there is a SNS community website or


SNS hot application cannot do without the station, I think the station application is the core of the SNS website, so I pay more attention to the application of powerful station or not! The website itself log and gallery functions can make people communicate applications inside the game can be used to query and live entertainment, ask the application inside it is a part of people’s life! Now I found the application inside game the proportion is the highest, I think the SNS website to stick to the user, not only rely on the new game, but also depends on the application with people’s lives now! Application technology is gradually mature, I think SNS inside the site if can add information classification business, display, online shopping, etc. Application of recruitment and life related, so it is not possible for everyone to play, live together to? When the user can through a SNS community website, an account can be achieved and entertainment, while life! If the application is mature enough, users can carry out their own e-commerce in a community website, you can also work on the site

!But imagine if

became a reality, I am a bit worried, then the SNS website or SNS? So many application of one set of sites, will not in itself because of the large, and accelerate the pace of their end? Local mainstream website classification, recruitment websites, business website, shopping website etc. How is the effect? Welcome to join the discussion, put your thoughts below!

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