September 28, 2021

Taobao officially announced the launch of the first large scale logistics program

yesterday (June 11th), officially announced for the first time, Taobao has been brewing for a long time the logistics plan was officially launched, the core contains the treasure platform, Taobao logistics logistics partner system and logistics service standard system in three aspects. This means that Taobao has not committed to logistics as a platform role began to get involved in logistics.

chief financial officer Zhang Yong said, comprehensive docking through the online platform and offline distribution system, front-end and back-end platform to show the ability of logistics management, Taobao will open up the internal and external business information channel and logistics warehousing and distribution channels, to provide integrated logistics solutions, can help businesses save logistics costs about 20% to 30%. For buyers, can be purchased multiple times across the store, a receipt, only to pay the freight, and even do not have to bear the freight.

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