October 21, 2021

Small and medium sized garment factory into e commerce how fast a foothold

today is the era of the network, which is e times, 10 years a large number of enterprises to enter the e-commerce, some here is pushed to the crest of a wave is a wave to take some drift, unable to get up after a fall. With the Internet, the increasing number of young people, the online payment security and network implementation, standardized management, the enterprise should pay more attention to the network marketing, network marketing of the clothing market is expanding, in some developed countries, Internet marketing has become a clothing sales increase can not be ignored in the model, so it is Chinese. A large number of small and medium-sized garment factory into e-commerce, so how to quickly stop


first, find out the status quo, positioning the crowd

clothing network marketing is to occupy more and more proportion in the whole rapid electronic commerce, said Taobao, Taobao clothing sales accounted for accounted for Taobao for 10%, this shows that the clothing sales in the network is substantial, the electronic commerce in our country is still in a developing stage. The change of network marketing mode is still continuous, clothing tends to younger, brand and popularization, network groups continue to increase, the 18 between the ages of 30 to 70% users, 25% of people have had online shopping experience, so most business clothing manufacturers chose more popular clothing, to profit from them. Some men succeed, for example: VANCL and Septwolves; some women do succeed, for example: Kaiweilin Maffei, women’s clothing, clothing and other Zhuojia Sheng; some children, success, For example, pepco cocoa duck etc.. When they began to develop, positioning is very accurate, the crowd is a good location in the industry established a start.

two, establish a brand, good service

before starting to enter the market, please put a good name, registered as a brand, so even if a brand initially formed. But to put the brand on the Internet quickly set up, also need to send some thought and time to practice, the heart of the service is a must, before sales service: consultation, probation and so attention to every detail, impress the customer; customer service service: return can not be ignored in the business. Start from the heart, the formation of their own brand culture is what each garment manufacturers want to focus on real time, adhere to do a good job!

three, advertising, optimize network

advertising not only brings us orders at the same time, is to bring us customer groups and deepen the impression, advertising. As the network marketing specialist to rise in electronic commerce are listed in the garment industry case, we will take the most of things, where the customer first is a reasonable use of advertising platform, good advertising. There are many online advertising model, for example CPC, CPM, CPS, CPA, CPL etc., in advertising at the same time, also want to do several network optimization. For the limited investment funds manufacturers, optimization is a very good choice. Most of the network optimization from the inside and outside the station to do two aspects, both grasp, make full use of network resources.

four, cent profit >

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