September 28, 2021

Open domain name registration domain name investors are happy or sad

[D& N review]

background news

recently, ICANN has announced a high-profile open top domain name registration, namely.COM and domain name suffix tied, will increase the.LOVE and.CITY domain name suffix, but also claimed that the public will determine the domain name suffix personalized according to their actual situation. In June 26, 2008, ICANN officially announced, will open in April 2009 registration, from the Japanese news media, "brand name".Ibm "or".Ebay ", the name of the city of".Nyc "or".Berlin "can be registered".

concern is that the media have expressed great enthusiasm, propaganda "the ICANN to expand the top-level domain as in nineteenth Century the U.S. government decided to sell the land mass, will bring great wealth to investors, these new names are like online real estate."

scarce domain no longer scarce

really? D& N domain (; firm commentators note that adjust the top-level domain ICANN the strategic change is different from the previous (increasing.Mobi), will be unlimited, personalized open top domain suffix, it will bring great wealth to investors to


D& N noted that in nineteenth Century the United States government to sell land in any large scale, land resources are very limited, and the limited land resources, it is the value of. The ICANN open domain name registration, will release more potential domain name, which will inevitably affect the scarcity of domain names, thereby affecting the expected return of domain name investors.

admittedly, open more domain name suffix registration, it may bring more domain name resources, rich domain name investors’ products". However, we noticed that the domain name suffix to register a personalized the price which may take 10 to $500 thousand registration fee, which can be a large number of registered domain name investors? Moreover, not everyone can be personalized top-level domain name registration, "ICANN will require the applicant to prove whether the new top-level domain organization capable of running the WEB site, and signed the relevant agreement" with, which will undoubtedly give investors a head-on blow domain.

personalization, or complex

, however, open personalized domain name registration if the domain name investors unfavorable, it is good for the establishment of a good internet order?. Why is the dotcom domain name is worth? Because users are accustomed to dotcom at the end of the domain name, a domain name that many users mentioned.Com, domain name label can simply remember them in the middle, and do not need to remember the name. On the contrary, after the birth of a personalized domain name Internet users will have to remember the domain name suffix and the middle of the domain name logo, this will be a matter of how tedious

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