September 28, 2021

Go to the market with 58 the rise of local life platform

go to the market and the merger of 58 is the biggest Internet news recently, the two companies after the merger if no accident will conduct a series of self or acquisitions in the vertical field of O2O, to check the vertical O2O companies on the impact of local life service platform. But have to admit that due to the vertical segments are too complex, such as cooking, shopping, cleaning and so on can become a O2O venture, 58 market to buy and built to fully control the local life is difficult.

for 58 years and go to the market, because of its advantages such as SEO flow, so that the platform has gradually become some of the only service but the lack of local service platform business diversion platform, and with the rise of the vertical of the project, the enterprise is not only a service platform, and through the mobile Internet access to more direct users that is no longer a traffic control that is most worried about 58 and go to the market. So in the mobile Internet pattern, what is the new platform model?.

yellow pages really can be used as the entrance to the O2O?

after the Spring Festival on yellow pages can become extremely hot in the entrance of O2O, the idea that the enterprise can through the phone book and map pages attributes complete O2O online platform function.

iron brother think this view is only half right, the reason is very simple, only yellow pages and do not say its business model is very easy, only the user experience, the user has no longer satisfied through the line to find the basic information on the business is so simple, but also need to have prompt evaluation, transaction details and even buy interface.

is the traditional yellow pages for O2O only provides the flow of information, but can not complete the transaction closed loop is defective in O2O, the so-called yellow pages as the entrance is only information entrance, is difficult to be called O2O.

to cut O2O pages more representative of the enterprise is a TouchPal TouchPal, telephone yellow pages started, has access to small service providers 1000 large service providers, 10 000, which started in May last year began a "one-stop TouchPal life service platform, upgrading from the past information platform service platform. And millet, HTC, SONY, Samsung, ZTE, HUAWEI, Lenovo and other more than and 50 OEM manufacturers and touch treasure cooperation, has become a high-quality O2O entrance.

obvious change is on the one hand, TouchPal phone mail list pages continue to open up the market, and the user can be realized in addition to the information flow outside of the transaction in the platform. As with the 58 cooperation housing cooperation with fast taxi cooperation, cooperation and second-hand car…… Touch treasure to start online, offline resources are not their strengths, with the advantages of enterprises to build a platform to build a service platform O2O has become a good choice.

with the user’s attention to the transaction link, the user’s dependence on the information flow in the O2O segment will gradually reduce, touch treasure is also a pragmatic move at this time.

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