September 28, 2021

Tmall charge service line 3C staging buy Ali small credit support

text / Sohu IT Zhang Rui

Tmall recently launched a "credit" service – Tmall stage, after the user to purchase goods can choose 3, 6 and 9 from the current payment, electricity, mobile phone, all SLR cameras, notebook computer and other 3C products began to test the water.


staging" is actually behind the small and micro financial services group’s Ali small loan support, when the user payment, Ali small loans to businesses and users to advance the full amount of the late Ali small loan repayment. Ali small loans from some of the service charges, 3 free, the 6 phase of the cost of 4.5%, the cost of 9. Businesses can be set in the background system for consumers to bear part or all of the costs.

According to

reports, Tmall and Ali small loan will be based on the previous user transaction data with different amount of credit. In addition, the balance of treasure users can also get through the freezing of funds installment service, such as user account deposit balance treasure 6000 yuan, you can hire purchase $6000 worth of merchandise, in the period of installments, the corresponding funds to temporarily freeze the balance of treasure can not use, but still related to income attributable to consumers.

"Tmall stage" can be considered as opposed to the "commander of the Jingdong white products. Jingdong in February this year launched the credit business of Jingdong IOUs, the longest 30 days deferred payment or installment 3-12 months, each rate is 0.5%, 12 rate of 6%. Thus, the cost is higher than that of the Tmall stage of Jingdong.

But Tmall did not use the

staging threshold limit, and the Jingdong open places less IOUs, trading less or lower consumption of users can not get the qualification.

last year Alipay had said to launch a credit payment, but the final stage now Tmall settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, can be regarded as a form of credit, the two is Alipay account from the angle of consumption to grant credit, do not limit, while Tmall is from the perspective of consumption, and to grant credit with commodity merchants the amount of.

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