October 21, 2021

Alibaba teamed up five departments to fake war

23, the Alibaba teamed up to the Ministry of public security, the State Quality Inspection Administration, the State Press and publication administration, the State Intellectual Property Office and the Department of industry and commerce, start the fight against counterfeit protection of intellectual property rights, "the depth of cooperation in Hangzhou, trying to link through multi sectoral linkage to produce, supply and marketing, storage, as the explosive growth of the Chinese online shopping market to remove fake cancer".

"this is the last press conference before I leave CEO. Alibaba one trillion yuan last year to the retail scale, may be eight trillion yuan, one hundred thousand yuan, but the protection of intellectual property rights if you do not, it may develop into a Alibaba for the society for cancer, even poison tumor." Ma Yun said.

Meng Qingfeng, director of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of economic crime investigation, said the government and enterprises to strengthen cooperation in the field of e-commerce protection of intellectual property rights, in itself, is the inevitable requirement of building a safe China

. Infringement of intellectual property rights in the field of e-commerce is becoming a prominent issue of crime, Alibaba actively seek to deepen cooperation with law enforcement agencies, to safeguard the interests of consumers, it is worth learning.

as China’s largest online retail platform, Taobao, Tmall, the rapid growth in the size of the transaction over the past ten years. Compared to 20 million yuan in to create the first year of the transaction volume in 2003, Taobao and Tmall in 2012 the total transaction volume has exceeded $1 trillion. However, online shopping users and the size of the market soared behind, "fear of fakes" concerns almost with e-commerce as the shadow follows the form.

Taobao set up ten years, ten years, let me most sad is that every time we bought a fake buyers said above, the seller said our products by tort here, in fact Taobao is the biggest victim." Ma Yun said, fake and can not bring more profits to Taobao, buyers lost, the seller’s shop can not go on, these two consequences will be the fate of Taobao.


has become one of the most important work of the business enterprise. In Taobao, half of the staff duties related rights crackdown. Every year to deal with tens of millions of infringement information, in 2012 a year to punish members of more than 95 passengers. In Alibaba, from the discovery of infringing goods information, evidence to confirm, delete, a system of rights gradually formed in recent years.

platform, but there are many fake business bottleneck. Each transaction has a record in the technical background, the members of the transaction records are traceable, which is the advantage of Internet technology. But after all, the law enforcement departments are not, there is no line under the authority to fight, from the source, from the manufacturing sector to combat fake, must be jointly government." Alibaba group chief risk officer Shao Xiaofeng said.

according to reports, the Alibaba within the group, the day before the establishment of "permanent establishment of intellectual property protection working group, will serve as a new group as CEO Lu Zhaoxi renzuchang. Ma Yun said, the Alibaba in the fake capital investment will be "unlimited".

As for the specific mechanism of

Alibaba and departments jointly crack, Shao Xiaofeng introduced.

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