October 18, 2019

Feds cant solve Indigenous issues on their own says Clint Davis

first_imgInFocusThe chair of the Labrador Capital Strategy Trust (LCST) says the issues facing Indigenous communities run so deep Ottawa alone will not be able to solve them.Clint Davis leads the LCST, an organization that works to build economic and socioeconomic strategies to benefit the Nunatsiavut says private investment will be needed too, if the economic outlook for Indigenous people is going to change.“There has been support in this budget for infrastructure and the gap is significant. It’s at least $30 if not $40 billion and the government of Canada will not be able to address this gap on its own,” Davis told InFocus Host Melissa Ridgen.“The only way you can do this is to create the right private partnerships, be it public – private partnerships or some other type of model, to attract private capital too address this. And I didn’t see anything like that in the budget unfortunately.”But not everyone agreed with Davis who joined analyst Pam Palmater, Joseph Quesnel on InFocus to talk about the federal budget that was delivered Tuesday in Ottawa.Joseph Quensel, a Metis political and public policy analyst who has worked extensively in Indigenous governance and economic development, thought there were some good points to the budget, including funds to help Indigenous entrepreneurs.“With First Nation entrepreneurs, like any entrepreneurs, the issue is access to capital,” Quesnel said. “First Nations more than anyone are faced with that (hurdle) because of the land ownership restrictions. They can’t use land as collateral. First Nations need capital, this budget goes a long way for providing that.“The First Nation Major Projects Coalition has applauded the budget in terms of providing over a $100 million for First Nation communities to secure large resource projects.”The $100 million dollars has been allotted to establish an Indigenous growth fund to encourage investments in Indigenous led businesses by Aboriginal Financial institutions.Another $50 million over five years will go towards the Metis Capital corporations to support the start-up of small to medium sized businesses.Pam Palmater, a Mi’kmaq lawyer, professor, activist and political pundit.She has crossed the landscape fighting legal issues impacting First Nations including poverty, housing, child and family services, treaty rights and education.Palmater was critical of the lack of funding for women and children.“(Liberals) tout it as being about the children but in fact this budget is lacking a gender-based analysis, an Indigenous and human rights analysis, because you have this $1.2 billion in funding for Jordan’s Principle, however it’s flat funding,” she said. “There is no increase or accounting for population growth, and we’re the fastest growing population.“And we have to remember, this is no gift. They don’t get to be patted on the back for it. They’ve been dragged to this budget kicking and screaming by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and a fifth non-compliance order so this is nothing to celebrate.”Palmater also noted there’s nothing to address the CFS crisis affecting Indigenous families across the country.All three panelists were displeased with the lack of new housing initiatives but applauded the progress so far, and continued efforts to have all Boil Water Advisories lifted by 2021 on First Nations, replaced with clean drinking water infrastructure.@aptninfocuslast_img read more

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US government says shutdown shouldnt stop Keystone hearing

first_imgHELENA, Mont. — Justice Department attorneys and the Canadian company behind the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline say the U.S. government shutdown shouldn’t delay a court hearing on a judge’s decision to halt construction.Justice Department attorney Bridget McNeil said in a court filing Monday that government lawyers are prohibited from working except in emergencies during the shutdown. But, she adds, federal attorneys’ participation in the hearing next Monday in U.S. District Court in Great Falls isn’t necessary.TransCanada attorneys previously told U.S. District Judge Brian Morris the company is prepared to hold the hearing without the government being represented.In November, Morris ordered an injunction prohibiting pipeline construction activities. TransCanada plans to argue the order should be stayed while an appeal is pending with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.The Associated Presslast_img read more

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Ban to open UN conference with civil society groups next week in

More than 1,000 representatives of NGOs from around the world are expected at the 62nd annual gathering, whose theme is “For Peace and Development: Disarm Now!” During the three-day conference, which opens on 9 September, participants will discuss how they can contribute to disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and to reducing conventional arms while advancing peace and development. In addition to opening the meeting, Mr. Ban plans to attend a number of side events, which will allow him to interact with members of civil society, including youth delegates, UN spokesperson Marie Okabe told reporters today. While in Mexico, he will also meet with President Felipe Calderón to discuss issues of mutual interest ahead of the upcoming session of the UN General Assembly, including climate change, the eight globally agreed anti-poverty targets with a 2015 deadline known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and human rights. Ms. Okabe added that the Secretary-General will hold additional meetings with the Foreign Secretary and Ministers of Health, Social Development, Environment and Education during his 8-9 September visit. 3 September 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will travel next week to Mexico City, where he will open the annual United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) conference with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which this year focuses on disarmament. read more

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Côte dIvoire UN mission calls on all parties to stay in peace

The mission, known as UNOCI, said the remarks come at a critical stage in the peace process, when fragile achievements in such areas as identification and disarmament, must be consolidated.“UNOCI calls on all Ivorian parties to use dialogue to overcome their misunderstandings and differences,” the mission said in a news release, appealing to all concerned “to maintain their support for, commitment to and participation in the peace process as there is no other way of achieving a viable and lasting solution to the crisis.”Meanwhile, the senior UN official for West Africa told the UN News Centre that while he has concerns about some recent violent events in Côte d’Ivoire, he remains optimistic that the country will be able to hold free and fair elections on schedule in October.Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for West Africa, said that “you will always have ups and downs in an election period, but I am hopeful that the election will be held.”Mr. Ould-Abdallah also described the mobile court system, which has been set up across the country to allow those Ivorians without official papers to prove their nationality and thus be registered as voters, as “one of the best ways to address the process of identifying Ivorians.”Earlier this week the Security Council issued a presidential statement in which, among other issues, it condemned recent “obstructions to the normal functioning” of the mobile courts. read more

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Emissions Reduction Alberta awards 30 million for methane reduction projects

by The Canadian Press Posted Jul 7, 2017 10:14 am MDT Last Updated Jul 7, 2017 at 10:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Emissions Reduction Alberta awards $30 million for methane reduction projects CALGARY – Emissions Reduction Alberta has awarded $30 million to help fund 12 projects designed to tackle methane emissions in the province.ERA says the projects, which include direct reductions in the energy, cattle and forestry sectors, as well as detection and monitoring efforts, should reduce methane emissions by more than 1.1 million tonnes by 2020 and more than 6.9 million tonnes by 2030.The agency, funded by levies against heavy emitters of greenhouse gases, says the projects represent more than $83 million in total investment and will bring Alberta closer to its goal of reducing methane emissions by 45 per cent by 2025.The province has set the reduction target because the climate change impact of methane is 25 times greater than carbon dioxide over 100 years.The projects were chosen out of 118 submissions for the methane program, part of ERA’s overall role in funding climate change projects.ERA has also announced the next funding competition round, which will provide $50 million for technologies that help oilsands meet the 2030 greenhouse gas emissions limit. read more

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Secret lives of Britains spies revealed Bake Off competitions questions about your

The spies talked of the difficulties in leading secret lives, where only their closest family and friends could know the truth. John said he had worked for SIS for six months before he told his husband, which he described as “an interesting conversation”.But Jo acknowledged it was impossible to take all work frustrations home beyond saying ‘I’ve had a rubbish day’. “We’re not superhuman in that sense,” she admitted. Bond actor Roger Moore and film producer Albert 'Cubby' Broccoli between takes on the set of 'A view to Kill', August 17, 1984. An SIS Vetting Officer would have raised an eyebrow at some of the antics of Roger Moore's Bond. Where James Bond has previously used mink gloves to aid relaxation, modern British spies are instead running ‘Bake Off’ competitions, it has been revealed.Speaking for the first time collectively, six spies from MI5, SIS and GCHQ have offered a snapshot of what it is like to work in the UK’s three intelligence agencies.In a revealing interview to BBC Radio 5 Live, the spies eschewed the standard characterisations. Ameesha, an MI5 analyst, said that they were just “ordinary people doing extraordinary jobs”.Describing how the security vetting process prior to joining was “intrusive” and that revealing intimate details of sexual proclivity felt odd “the first time round”, Lilly, who has worked for seven years at GCHQ, Britain’s cyber spying agency, said: “you have to talk about your personal life in great detail, but [the vetting officers] really do put you at ease”.“It’s a regular check and now, when I do it, it’s not a big thing at all,” she said. “They’re not there to judge you”. John, an Officer in the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)  – better known as MI6 – has worked for 15 years in countering the proliferation of nuclear weapons and hunting terrorists. “There are very few things we’re competitive about [between the agencies],” he said. Ameesha agreed: “Our work is our second family. We can’t take our work home so we vent to our second families.” The group described the internal support mechanisms available to balance the necessity for secrecy with the human reluctance to deceive loved ones.SIS, for example, believes it is important to have fun and laugh together, said John. He described how the annual MI6 pantomime builds resilience throughout the organisation. All agencies occasionally invite parents and children into the office, to help understand a bit more about what the employees do.But some children are just too young to understand.Jo, from MI5, said: “one of my little kids came home and said ‘we’ve got this thing on at school when you can take your parent to school if they do something really interesting and they went “but mummy that’s fine because you don’t do anything interesting so you don’t need to come in”. And I remember thinking ‘if only you knew”.“It’s a conversation for 10 or 15 years time. I’ll get my mummy brownie points then.” Bond actor Roger Moore and film producer Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli between takes on the set of ‘A view to Kill’, August 17, 1984. An SIS Vetting Officer would have raised an eyebrow at some of the antics of Roger Moore’s Bond.Credit:Chip HIRES/Gamma-Rapho “They’re things like ‘where do you figure in the Stonewall rankings’ or who had the best Bake Off.”The spies described how they needed to do a bit of myth-busting with new entrants. Jo, an MI5 Officer who started as a Linguist 15-years ago, agreed: “one new joiner asked ‘do I have to wear a disguise at work? Another asked ‘do I have to dump my girlfriend to work here? Because if I do, I will’ he said”.Describing the anger and frustration after a terrorist attack, the group agreed such events caused a “sinking feeling” and devastation to be felt throughout the intelligence community. Dia, a GCHQ Officer, said spies channeled their anger after such events, to “go after those who’ve done it”. “We know that we will not stop every attack from happening,” Jo said. “As much as we try, we know that the reality is that we cannot stop everything from happening.” Aerial view of the GCHQ building in Cheltenham. Employees of the cyber spy agency have described the ‘intrusive’ nature of the vetting process.  Credit:GCHQ/PA Aerial view of the GCHQ building in Cheltenham. Employees of the cyber spy agency have described the 'intrusive' nature of the vetting process.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

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Kenny plans to participate in St Patricks Day parade that NY mayor

first_imgTAOISEACH ENDA KENNY has confirmed that he intends to participate in the St Patrick’s Day parade in New York despite the city’s recently-elected mayor saying he will skip the event over organisers’ ban on pro-gay rights expressions.New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will forego marching in the city’s St Patrick’s Day parade next month saying: “I simply disgaree with the organisers of that parade.”De Blasio becomes the first mayor in two decades not to participate in the famous march down Fifth Avenue with Michael Bloomberg taking part during his 12 years in office, including with Kenny last year, as did his predecessor Rudy Giuliani.“I will be participating in a number of other events to honor the Irish heritage of this city,” de Blasio said at a press conference on Tuesday.Speaking at a media conference in Government Buildings today, Kenny said it is his intention to participate in three events connected to the celebrations in 17 March, in Washington DC, Boston and New York.“I think the Tánaiste attended in New York on the first occasion after the government was elected and the people involved in the gay pride festivities actually encouraged him to take part in the New York parade. There is an alternative parade that takes place,” he said. “But as I understand this from the organisers of the New York St Patrick’s Day parade, they allow anybody to walk in the parade, but they don’t allow them to carry individual banners. So, it’s my intention to be there in New York.“Obviously I saw the mayor’s comments, but I do hope that we can go up to Gracie Mansions (the mayor’s residence) as has been the traditional for whatever ministers or people who would be in New York on the occasion of St Patrick’s Day.” Kenny said that he does not “speak for the mayor” and said that a lot of countries around the world would “give a lot to have a national day celebrated in so many countries.At the same media event, the Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore said he is aware the issues surrounding LGBT participation in St Patrick’s Day parade and said that the LGBT community urged him to participate in it when he attended in March 2011.“The New York Mayor, as I understand it, has said that this is personal decision. He’s absolutely entitled to that. The parade is an important event on St Patrick’s Day, it’s a major Irish-American event in New York,” he said.“I’ve already consulted with the LGBT organisations in New York about our participation in the parade and what they have told me is that they wish the Irish government to participate in the parade.”Gilmore added that Minister of State Kathleen Lynch attended an alternative parade organised by the LGBT community on behalf of the Irish government in 2012.Read: New York City mayor refuses to take part in St Patrick’s Day paradelast_img read more

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They reacted unbelievably Schmidt praises trio for staying with squad

first_img Marmion in training at Carton House today. Follow us: the42.ie 76 Comments 38,449 Views Schmidt during today’s session at Carton House. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO“It’s very easy for some people on the sidelines to throw barbs on who missed out, you can only find 31 spots, three guys, unbelievably good.“We asked them, ‘Would you come in to train Monday, Tuesday, potentially later in week?’“They said, ‘Will be there, no problem’.“It gives us confidence as well that if we lose someone Saturday, we could definitely lose someone in the tournament, to have them training and up to speed would be profitable for us.”Johnny Sexton added: “It shows the mark of those guys that they are willing to come in. They know that they could be needed.”On his decision to leave the vastly-experienced Toner out of his plans for Japan, one Brian O’Driscoll has said ‘beggars belief’, Schmidt moved to explain that the 33-year-old’s recent ankle injury meant he was physically ‘playing a little bit of catch up.’Instead, the Kiwi opted for Munster’s Jean Kleyn as his fourth second row alongside James Ryan, Iain Henderson and Tadhg Beirne.“I think right at the start of the pre-season we said that everyone was vulnerable,” Schmidt explained. “But we were delighted to have the squad of 45 that we did. We felt we had a good squad and they worked hard. Tuesday 3 Sep 2019, 5:36 PM By Ryan Bailey ‘They reacted unbelievably’: Schmidt praises trio for staying with squad Kieran Marmion, Will Addison and Jordi Murphy have trained with Ireland this week despite missing out on the World Cup squad. Get the latest Rugby World Cup news and analysis, delivered straight to your inbox: JOE SCHMIDT HAS praised the character and professionalism of Kieran Marmion, Will Addison and Jordi Murphy, who have all put their individual disappointment aside to remain in camp with Ireland this week.The trio fell on the wrong side of some incredibly difficult selection calls for Schmidt and were informed of the bad news by the head coach on Sunday, shortly before Ireland’s final 31-man World Cup was announced.Marmion was perhaps unluckiest to miss out having been a trusted performer for Schmidt in recent years, while Murphy was also deeply unfortunate to be edged out in the competitive back row department.Ulster’s Addison had made a late push for selection after rebounding strongly from back surgery but ultimately his lack of recent game-time saw Schmidt opt for Munster’s Chris Farrell as a fourth option in midfield.Despite the bitter disappointment, the trio reported for duty at Ireland’s Carton House base on Monday morning to train with the squad ahead of Saturday’s final warm-up outing against Wales at the Aviva Stadium.While Devin Toner, Tommy O’Donnell, Ross Byrne, Jack McGrath, Rob Herring and Dave Kearney will return to their provinces, Schmidt was keen to keep Marmion, Addison and Murphy in camp as they are likely to be the first options should Ireland suffer any injuries.“They reacted unbelievably,” Schmidt said this afternoon. “I spoke to them on the phone, I said ‘look, this is not the phone call you want to get, you have fallen outside the squad and there are some narrow margins’.“We discussed a few game-related things with them. Those three guys as young men would be brilliant in the squad, they would contribute without a doubt, but we can only have 31. Image: Dan Sheridan/INPHOcenter_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share2 Tweet Email Dev, he was a little bit behind the eight ball. He had that ankle injury so physically he was playing a little bit of catch up and it just meant that guys just got a little bit of a head start on him.“But it was a very narrow decision, a very tough call. I’ve known him well for 10 years and I have a huge amount of time for him, not just as a player but as a person. He is real quality so you don’t make those decisions lightly.” Sep 3rd 2019, 5:36 PM Source: The42 Rugby Weekly/SoundCloudThe42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! https://the42.ie/4793993 Marmion in training at Carton House today. Image: Dan Sheridan/INPHO Short URL As for the call to include Luke McGrath ahead of Marmion, Schmidt referenced the Leinster nine’s superior kicking game as one of the reasons behind it.“A thin line separated them,” he added. “I think Luke’s kicking game, the strength of his kicking game. We felt we needed to take a bit of pressure off the kicking game from our 10s, that we can mix it up between our halves and further out.“They [McGrath and Marmion] are both incredibly tenacious. They are smart and sharp around the fringes. Both are incredibly courageous defenders and they are sharp on their feet. It was very much a dead heat in so many areas but Luke’s kicking game probably just narrowly tipped it in his balance.” Murray Kinsella joins Gavan Casey, Ryan Bailey and Sean Farrell with their immediate reaction to Ireland’s 31-man squad for the Rugby World Cup in Japan.last_img read more

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Jeff Hardys road to first Hell in a Cell Lynch back in

first_img Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Twitter Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte WWE.com has posted a video showing Jeff Hardy’s journey to his first ever Hell in a Cell match against Randy Orton this past Sunday at the Hell in a Cell PPV event.The 11 minute video covers Jeff’s journey throughout the day of the show, as well as interviews in the weeks leading up to the event.It is worth taking the time to check out, as you get a fun behind the scenes look at Jeff and the event, with Jeff going in and out of character.Lynch back in Hall of Smackdown Women’s ChampionsWWE.com has posted an updated photo gallery of the history of the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Becky Lynch, who defeated Charlotte Flair for the title at the Hell in a Cell event, has been added to the updated gallery.Becky was the first-ever Smackdown Women’s Champion, having won the title at the Smackdown exclusive Backlash PPV in September of 2016. Becky’s recent heel turn has revitalized her career, leading to a feud with Charlotte Flair and ultimately reclaiming the blue brand’s women’s title. Joseph Price RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton)center_img Pinterest Facebook Google+ WhatsApplast_img read more

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Sturridge should be in the Three Lions squad Northcroft

first_imgLiverpool striker Daniel Sturridge should have been included in the England squad according to Jonathon Northcroft.Sturridge’s omission from the squad has raised a few eyebrows considering the player’s return to fitness and improved performance this season most recently his stunning equaliser in Liverpool’s draw at Chelsea last weekend.“Daniel Sturridge, in terms of talent, and someone who is in good shape and form – England should be biting the hand off to get Sturridge in there,” Northcroft disclosed to Sky Sports. “I would have him in the team.“I do not understand that one [Sturridge omission], I would actually have him in the team. He is a slightly different player to Harry Kane if you want a No 9 and a No 10. Throwing Raheem Sterling in there, there are some incredible talents.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.“Considering Daniel Sturridge is in the best moment he has been in for four or five years I think that it is time to get him back in the England squad.“Nathaniel Chalobah is the unusual selection. That is the selection that to me says ‘this is a policy, this is Gareth Southgate’s policy of what have you done for the development sides, if you do well there then you get in the England [senior] squad.“Generally, it has been serving England quite well, but for this one, you also have to reward merit, and it is the Sturridge one that sticks in my throat a bit.”Sturridge would be hoping to impress once again against City today if he’s called upon.last_img read more

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Rangnick Leipzig Celtic are fighting for second place

first_imgRB Leipzig boss Ralf Rangnick believes that their upcoming Europa League double header with Celtic will be crucial for their hopes of finishing second in Group BCurrently, it’s Austrian side RB Salzburg who lead the group table following wins over Leipzig and Celtic in their opening two games.Therefore, Rangnick feels that their matches with Celtic will have a “decisive” effect on their hopes of reaching the knockout stages.Both sides are tied in second place after their respective wins over Rosenborg with the German side ahead due to a better goal difference.“It looks like these two teams will be fighting for the second spot,” said Rangnick on BBC, ahead of Thursday night’s game at the Red Bull Arena.“It looks like this and Celtic Park will be decisive to finish second and qualify from the group.”RB Leipzig, Bayern Munich, Robert LewadowskiMatch Preview: RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 RB Leipzig will have the chance to prove their title-winning capabilities when they host Bayern Munich today at 18:30 (CET).Rangnick, who previously coached Hoffenheim and Schalke 04, revealed his past interactions with Celtic counterpart Brendan Rodgers.“I talked with Brendan a few years ago when he was with Liverpool,” he explained.“We exchanged ideas and spoke about our jobs at the time.“Since then, I’ve been following him. He’s in his third year at Celtic and, with Marvin Compper going there as well, we keep an eye on what is happening in Glasgow.“We know what to expect.”The Group B Europa League match in Germany will begin at 18:55 (CEST)last_img read more

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Opening statements heard in controlledsubstance homicide trial

first_imgAdam Hurd’s father made every effort to keep his son away from heroin, a deputy prosecutor told jurors Tuesday in the trial of a Vancouver man accused of supplying Hurd with a fatal dose.Hurd lived at home in Vancouver, and his father restricted his Internet and phone access. His father also sent him to work for a family business in Baker City, Ore., during the summer of 2011 to isolate him from other users, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Alan Harvey said in his opening statement.Back in Vancouver last August, the 24-year-old obtained heroin from his girlfriend, who purchased it from defendant Jerome Otto and co-defendant Brittany Sonnen, Harvey said.That was the fatal hit, the prosecution contended.Otto, 22, is on trial on a charge of controlled-substance homicide in Clark County Superior Court Judge John Wulle’s courtroom.Harvey gave his opening statement and began calling witnesses Tuesday. He said he plans to call Sonnen, Otto’s girlfriend, also charged in Hurd’s death. Sonnen accepted a plea bargain late Friday in exchange for her testimony at Otto’s trial.Otto’s attorney, Suzan Clark, said she was reserving her opening statement until the state rested. She told the judge before trial that her client’s defense was “general denial” of the allegations.last_img read more

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Six suspects in custody in connection with North Pole murder

first_imgSeveral suspects are in custody in connection with a North Pole murder.Listen nowAlaska State Troopers report that a multi-agency investigation resulted in the arrest of six people, including two juveniles, related to the fatal July 22nd shooting of 60-year-old Charles Baptiste at a North Pole residence.Troopers say the six were involved in a plot to rob Baptiste. Baptiste was killed and another man at the residence sustained a non-fatal gunshot wound.The suspects face a mix of charges, including murder and assault.last_img read more

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Trump to seek Shakil Afridis release from Pakistan jail

first_imgWashington : US President Donald Trump, during his meeting next week with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, would seek the release of jailed Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi who helped the CIA track down Osama bin Laden, a senior administration official said Friday. The two leaders are scheduled to meet at the White House on Monday. “This is an extremely important issue to the President and the American people. Also Read – Prominent Hong Kong activists targeted in wave of arrests Advertise With Us I think Pakistan could demonstrate its leadership role in the region and among the international community by freeing Dr. Afridi who remains unjustly imprisoned in Pakistan,” a senior administration official told reporters Friday. Before being elected as the president of the United States Trump had said during his campaign that he will get Afridi freed within two minutes from Pakistan. Also Read – Weak European inflation bolsters case for stimulus Advertise With Us Afridi helped the CIA track down al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in 2011. He was later arrested and is currently serving a jail-term in Pakistan. In an interview to Voice of America, the lawyer and family of Dr Afridi, expressed hope that Trump and Khan would discuss his release. “Dr. Afridi can’t sleep properly due to harsh conditions and sweltering heat as there is no window in the cell where he is kept. Advertise With Us Imran Khan is visiting the US, but if Dr. Afridi remains in pain, then I think the visit won’t be a success,” his lawyer Qamar Nadeem told the VOA. The United States has requested Pakistan to free Dr Afridi, the senior administration official told a group of reporters ahead of the Monday meeting between Trump and Khan. “We have clearly and regularly communicated this to Pakistan at the highest level in public and private and will continue to do so until he is released. Pakistan’s leadership will be judged by treatment of Dr. Afridi, while he remains in prisons. We are calling on Pakistan to release him,” said the senior administration official. Describing Dr Afridi as a “hero”, the senior administration official said that he helped the US capture the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, the worst terrorist incident in history. “This is something that is of the utmost importance to us. It is likely to come up (during the meeting),” the official said, adding that it remains a very important issue for the US. He has been unjustly imprisoned, the official said.last_img read more

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Union Budget 2015 India is about to take off Says Jaitley Delivering

first_imgFinance Minister Arun Jaitley went for high growth as he chose to boost investment and to ensure that all Indians benefit from economic expansion.”India is about to take off,” Jaitley said in his speech delivered on the floor of the Parliament. “The world is predicting that this is India’s chance to fly.” India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley arrives at the parliament to present the federal budget for the 2015/16, in New Delhi February 28, 2015. Jaitley announced a budget for growth on Saturday, saying the economy was ready to “fly”, that the government would boost investment and ordinary people should benefit.Delivering his maiden full-year budget, Jaitley noted that economic expansion for the upcoming fiscal is expected to clock 8-8.5%, making the world’s tenth largest economy, also the fastest growing one.For the current fiscal, economic activity is expected to register 7.4% growth.Inflation, Jaitley forecasted, will touch 5% by the end of fiscal 2015-16, slipping under the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) target of 6%, allowing for lower interest rates.Jaitley stood resolute on his decision to limit the current year’s fiscal deficit target to 4.1% of the GDP, a legacy inherited from the outgoing UPA 2 government.However, heeding to a call extended by leading economists and ministry personnel, Jaitley decided to move back by a year the target to cut fiscal deficit to 3% of the GDP, reported Reuters.For 2015-16, the deficit is now relaxed to 3.9% against the earlier target of 3.6%. The move allows the Minister to mobilise the necessary resources required to spurn public spending and capital expenditure aimed at asset creation.Jaitley also decided to allocate additional ₹5,000 crore in funds to the MGNREGA – the rural job creation programme — which is expected to benefit the Himalayan state of Sikkim and other north-eastern states. The total funding for the legacy UPA programme amounts to ₹34,699 crore.last_img read more

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The Spooky Peruvian Mummies with Hair

first_imgEgypt is well-known for tombs holding the preserved remains of a number of its rulers, and examples of Egyptian mummies can be found around the world in various museums. But that’s not the only place where mummies have been uncovered. There are burial sites around the world where the inhabitants have been preserved for thousands of years. Here are a few that are worth knowing about.Ancient burial site in Peru.Chauchilla Cemetery in Peru contains pre-Hispanic (prior to Spanish conquests) remains, according to Peru Top 10. The cemetery was discovered in the 1920s, and was used for 600-700 years, ending in the 9th century.Mummy and human bones at Chauchilla ancient cemetery in Peru.The cemetery’s inhabitants are very well-preserved, both because of the very dry air in the Peruvian desert and the burial methods used at the time, which archaeologists believe involved hanging the bodies from posts at the nearby site of Estaqueria to begin the drying process, painting them with a resin that kept out bacteria, and placing them in specially built mud-brick tombs.Chauchilla ancient cemetery in the desert of Nazca, Peru.The level of preservation is such that the mummies still have hair and some soft tissue after more than 1,000 years. The cemetery had been plundered by robbers for years, but has been protected by the Peruvian government since 1997, and is now a tourist spot.Chauchilla ancient cemetery in the desert of Nazca, Peru.The Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo, Italy, were built to be a simple burial place for the monks of the monastery, according to Palermo Catacombs. The Capuchin monks were established in Palermo in 1534 at the Church of Santa Maria della Pace. They created a cemetery for the friars to be buried by digging a mass grave that opened like a tank underneath the altar of St. Anne.Ancient pre-Inca Nazca civilization cemetery of Chauchilla at Nazca, Peru.By 1597, space had become an issue, and the friars were forced to expand their cemetery behind the main altar, using natural caves. When the new spot was ready, the friars decided to move those who had already been interred in the old site to the new catacomb.An excavated grave of the old Nazca people, Southwest Peru, including a skull, with hair, and femurs of several people, as well as some other bones. These bodies are estimated to be 1,500 years old but are remarkably well preserved by the arid climate here.When they exhumed the corpses to move them, they discovered that 45 friars had been naturally mummified and were very well-preserved. The monks thought it was a miracle granted by God and treated the mummies as holy relics, displaying them in the first corridor of their new catacomb.MummiesThe monks learned their own techniques to maximize preservation, and, over the years, increasingly began to let citizens who were not part of the monastery also inter their deceased loved ones in the catacombs. The cemetery stopped receiving new bodies in 1880, although there were two exceptions in the 20th century.Mummified human remains.One, in 1911, was Giovanni Paterniti, who was the Vice-Consul to the United States. The other, in 1920, was 2-year-old Rosalia Lombardo. There is some question as to exactly who Rosalia Lombardo’s father was, perhaps a general in the Italian army; however, Rosalia herself is known, among other titles, as the “world’s most beautiful mummy.”Peruvian mummy with hair intact.Bog bodies are also periodically found in the peat bogs of Northwestern Europe, especially in England, Ireland, the Netherlands, northern Germany, and Denmark, according to Archaeology. Over the centuries hundreds of men, women, and children have been unearthed, usually during peat-cutting activities.Burial site in Chauchilla cemetery, Peru.The bodies vary in quality of preservation, and some date as far back as 8000 B.C., or from as recently as the early medieval period. According to a discussion of Celtic Studies resources, peat bogs are bogs full of sphagnum moss.Nazca, Peru – July 24, 2011: The ancient mummies in the open cemetery in Chauchilla, Peru. The ancient cemetery was built in about 200 AD.As old moss dies, and new moss grows, the old growth turns into peat. The bog water interacts chemically with the peat, and produces tannins and other compounds that preserve the bodies in the low-oxygen environment of the bogs. Bog bodies look substantially different from other sorts of mummies, because they haven’t been dried.Mummified human remains.Examples have been found where the bodies still have not only hair, but whiskers, fingerprints, and wrinkles. Many such bodies apparently died violent deaths, and many scholars believe they were offered as sacrifices to the gods.Chauchilla Cemetery with prehispanic mummies in Nazca desert, Peru.You can’t really talk about mummies without mentioning Egypt, at least briefly. Egyptians didn’t just mummify their rulers. The Huffington Post reported on the discovery in 2015 of an ancient tomb south of Cairo that held an estimated 8 million mummified dogs, covering a period of at least 2,000 years.The animals are thought to have been left as offerings for the gods or for dead loved ones. Researchers from Cardiff University in Wales found remains in the catacombs of a temple to Anubis, the jackal-headed god of mummification and the afterlife, at Segarra. The tomb was likely built in the 4th century B.C., and was first discovered in the 18th century.Read another story from us: One of the creepiest cemeteries in London, the Highgate CemeteryDeath and the afterlife have always held mystery and fascination for humankind, and we see that played out in how various cultures around the world have dealt with their deceased: the desire to preserve the loved or the powerful is clearly widespread.last_img read more

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first_img Jeanne-Marie Phillips, president, HealthFlash Marketing Communications Jeanne-Marie Phillips is president, HealthFlash Marketing Communications, a public relations firm specialized in healthcare. Contact: jphillips@healthflashmarketing.com (link sends e-mail), 203.363.0347. Blog | Jeanne-Marie Phillips, president, HealthFlash Marketing Communications | April 27, 2011 RSNA 2010 — Emerging Trends Jeanne-Marie Phillips, president, HealthFlash Marketing Communications FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享center_img The annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America is undeniably the major radiology industry event each year. With the 2010 show now over, this edition of the Focal Point Q&A with industry veterans takes a look at where the radiology field is going, based on trends seen at RSNA. We also take a look back to see how the event has evolved, as the first decade of the new millennium draws to a close.1. What were the most notable trends at RSNA 2010 in your arena or at the event overall?Arman Sharafshahi, president, Accelarad:I think there were four trends that stood out as the most relevant and with the greatest potential impact over the coming years: Sharing of imaging and associated data, cloud-based computing and storage, access via mobile devices and radiation dose reduction.Peter Reimer, Ph.D., vice president of global marketing, imaging systems, Philips Healthcare:We recently surveyed 3,000 radiologists worldwide and learned that image quality was not their number one concern. Instead, they expressed the need to do more with less and asked for integration of information from various sources to make a confident diagnosis, as well as the ability to more easily collaborate with their clinical partners. Given this, it wasn’t surprising to see a number of new technologies on display at this year’s RSNA focused on collaboration and improving workflow.In addition, we saw advancements in imaging technologies, including the first-ever digital broadband magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system and a new hybrid imaging modality in positron emission tomography (PET)/MRI.Stuart Gardner, president, SG&A Consulting Inc.:In my arena, I was impressed with the increasing popularity of the vendor-neutral archive (VNA). Its very presence continues to highlight the increasing dominance of the IT vendors over their clients, and at the same time highlights the naiveté of the customer base about what it takes to pursue a fully integrated environment.The big IT vendors continue to attempt to convince their customer base of a “single-vendor” solution vs. “best-of-breed” solution. We have industry standards for a reason. If most of the IT vendors provided a “fully integrated” single-vendor solution that was organically (internally) developed, they may have a point. However, none developed all of their own applications. Instead, they have purchased many via acquisition. So, why should anyone purchase a VNA from a picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) vendor?Julie Holodak, senior manager, medical marketing, Sony Electronics:Since I am interested in trends in mammography, I think what stood out were all of the advancements in technology to improve the detection, care and treatment of breast cancer. It was quite apparent that manufacturers are moving quickly to bring new products to address this disease that affects so many people today. It was great to see these trends, not just from a technology standpoint, but being driven by a tremendous amount of passion.John Danahy, general manager, Americas, Visage Imaging Inc.:With the mandate for electronic medical records (EMR) technology gaining significant traction in the hospital provider market, the need to add imaging to an electronic conduit between care collaborators to improve patient care is also taking hold. Enterprise “universal” viewing platforms that provide ubiquitous access to all image data, including thin-slice visualization via advanced clinical 3-D, are in high demand. Thin-client applications using Web streaming and server-side rendering that provide the required performance, scalability, functionality and cost-effectiveness represent the future of diagnostic and clinical imaging workflow.These same technologies are in high demand by radiology physician groups to empower progressive diagnostic teleradiology business opportunities, facilitating their expansion into new referring communities that would otherwise be geographically impossible. As the provider market contracts through consolidation in all areas, the technology that improves accessibility while reducing operating expense will see rapid adoption.2. How is your company addressing these trends?Sharafshahi: With our flagship product, SeeMyRadiology.com, we are positioned to address the four top trends I listed. We developed a true cloud computing-based collaboration platform that securely allows global sharing of medical images and associated data between facilities, physicians and patients. The solution is universally accessible via browsers as well as mobile devices. By making images available at critical times, we help organizations avoid repeat exams and excess radiationReimer: At RSNA, Philips unveiled Imaging 2.0 — a new approach to clinical collaboration to drive innovation and efficiency in radiology. Under this strategy, we introduced several solutions to enable radiologists to integrate information from various sources and work together with clinical partners. Our goal is to put the radiologist at the center of the decision-making process, to help increase diagnostic confidence and support better patient outcomes.Gardner: We continue to learn the latest in VNA technology and educate clients on requirements of a VNA.Holodak: Sony Medical provides a mammography film imager that is cost-effective and reliable for those working in the field of detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. It helps technologists meet requirements for Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) guidelines and also provides high-quality patient films for physicians.Danahy: RSNA 2010 provided significant validation to the product development direction and business strategy of our company. As a provider of advanced 3-D clinical applications via thin-client, we demonstrated our latest release of Visage 7, a thin-client 3-D PACS solution. Many came to us with legacy technology issues, updated workflow demands, EMR integration requirements and business challenges tied to the economic downturn.Our approach: Put an application in the hands of physicians who can “package” their professional acumen with universal, archive-neutral viewing technology to improve their competitiveness and care delivery; offer economical, flexible procurement options that minimize risk and maximize revenue generation; and provide applications that scale effectively to deliver administration-free access through EMR and mobile devices.3. What was the consensus of opinion at RSNA 2010 about the impact of the economy and the current state of healthcare reform?Sharafshahi: Economic downturns have their place and help eliminate weaker organizations as well as facilitate strategic acquisitions. For companies that have withstood the recession and have strategically positioned themselves, the coming years should provide a good environment for sustainable growth. Meeting the criteria for meaningful use and helping clients access the allocated government funds will be the most immediate result of healthcare reform in 2011.Reimer: While the economy has certainly affected hospital purchasing, we believe the worst is behind us. While it is too early to tell how healthcare reform will impact the industry in its entirety, we believe expanded access to healthcare would mean more patients in the system, therefore increasing money spent on healthcare and the need for medical innovation – particularly for technologies that can help improve efficiency and drive down costs.Gardner: The impact of the economy has been the most challenging in our lifetime, and the current state of healthcare reform is a mess. Many see the most recent elections as a sign of “hope.”Holodak: Everyone knows healthcare costs are on the rise and it is important to provide products and services that meet industry needs. Our products give users the convenience to spend for what they need, when they need it and not overpay.Danahy: Both healthcare reform and economic constraints still weigh heavily on the minds of physicians and administrators, but not to the point of inaction or acquiescence. Most RSNA attendees sought alternative and unconventional strategies to get ahead of the relative chaos. The influences of other industry trends (cloud computing, service as a solution [SaaS] business models, social business networking) were apparent and indicated an enthusiasm to abandon the traditional vendor-consumer relationships of the past. We were encouraged by the energized entrepreneurial edge most expressed in our interactions. Though best defined as cautious optimism, there was clear intelligence and wisdom in their depiction of current challenges.4. What was the buzz about radiology’s key growth areas going forward?Sharafshahi: Now that practically all of the U.S.-based hospitals and imaging organizations are digital and utilizing PACS, we strongly believe making this data more easily accessible and integrating it with other information systems like EMR/EHR/PHR/HIE will be a major growth area.Reimer: We believe there will be significant growth in solutions that improve collaboration and workflow. With an increasing number of patients and the need to review data from multiple modalities, radiologists are challenged with keeping up with the volume of studies that must be interpreted and reported on multiple workstations.Gardner: We heard growing discussion of radiology imaging expanding into all of imaging and providing the imaging services for cardiology.Danahy: Radiology growth appears to be reliant on maximizing patient throughput and resource utilization while delivering better, more detailed results. Hospitals and imaging centers will be forced to operate leaner as reform takes hold, but there will be tremendous opportunity in the years ahead. With an aging population and the likelihood that more government-insured patients will increase demand, the sophistication and efficacy of imaging technologies will be proportionally in demand as well.5. Tell us about the first RSNA you or your current company attended and your experience of the event’s evolution over the years.Sharafshahi: My first RSNA was more than 10 years ago in the midst of the digital revolution of radiology and the advent of PACS adoption. Accelarad was a fledgling startup at the time, looking to make its mark as the first cloud-computing PACS solution. As to the evolution of RSNA, I can’t say that too much has changed, other than what is on display every year and the size of the event.Gardner: I was an employee at my first RSNA, and for the last 23 years have been self- employed. In my earlier years, it was an overwhelming experience. Now I continue to ask why we still hold it in Chicago when there are many more affordable, comfortable and convenient locations around the United States. Tradition is one thing, but common sense and business need to be considered as well.Holodak: My first experience at RSNA was quite impactful. I remember walking around the exhibit hall late the night before the show opened and thinking, “What a mess. How will all of this ever be done?” I came in the next morning and was amazed at the overnight transformation. It was as if magical elves came in and cleaned the aisles, laid the carpet and brought the whole thing to life. Every year, the same phenomenon occurs. The biggest evolution has to be the continued growth and participation of the exhibitors and attendees alike.Danahy: The RSNA technical exhibits of the mid-90s used to be exclusively about modality innovation – with millions of dollars in play for the major players. The frenzy and hype was incredible, along with the amount of effort expended to attract supporters. With imaging centers popping up everywhere, it was easy to see why the show revolved so heavily around these products.This year, what struck me was the diversity of solutions attendees sought from their technical visits. Customers returned to the notion that meeting their business objectives starts with vendor independence. Interoperability, interchangeability and accountability are expected more than in the past.The skepticism of the technical exhibits, affectionately referred to as “RSNA = Real Stuff Not Available,” also seems to be dissipating. Attendees have limited patience for unproven technology or inflexible business models and detect flash over substance almost instantaneously.6. Describe one of your most indelible memories of RSNA over the years.Sharafshahi: I can confidently say that it did not involve a late Wednesday night at Excalibur. Rather, it is more of an amalgam of fond memories of the annual reunion with old and new customers and partners over the years that have formed a community with a genuine interest in innovation and making truly relevant improvements to the delivery of healthcare.Gardner: As much of an impact as the emergence of the digital era has had on our industry, dealing with the associated challenges of evolving regulations from people outside our industry has been just as great. However, having a radiologist ask “if he could run his finances” on a teleradiology system I was trying to sell him (1986) had to be one of the most memorable.Holodak: Probably my most enjoyable RSNA memory was when Sony Medical expanded its product line and increased its booth to a very large venue. Although it was not quite the size of some of the big medical manufacturers, I remember thinking how proud I was to be a part of the radiology community and representing our products.Danahy: Most of the indelible memories of RSNA occurred off the exhibit floor, but that’s another story. Chicago is a great city and a great venue for the conference. The opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and customers as well as the chance to make new acquaintances always makes the event exciting and rewarding.I’ll never forget my first RSNA — or the relief I felt the year my first son was born, which meant I was able to skip it!Jeanne-Marie Phillips is president, HealthFlash Marketing Communications, a public relations firm specialized in healthcare. Visit HealthFlash Marketing Communications for more information.. February 18, 2011last_img read more

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May Home Sales Fail to Match Rise in Inventory

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Headlines, News Home Sales Housing Supply Redfin 2014-06-13 Derek Templeton May Home Sales Fail to Match Rise in Inventory The housing market took an unexpected dip in May, with home sales dropping year-over-year despite a surge in new listings.A report published by Redfin’s Research Center indicated that home inventory was up 9.1 percent in May. That number represents the highest number of new listings to come onto the market in the last four years. The biggest increases in new listings were in Ventura, West Palm Beach, and Baltimore.At the same time, the actual number of homes sold dropped 10 percent. The drop in actual sales surprised analysts, who had been predicting a flood of new home purchases once inventory was in greater supply.The drop in actual sales creates questions about whether potential buyers are as interested in getting into the market as they were once perceived.”Housing is at an inflection point, where traditional buyers are needed to fill the gap in demand left by waning investors who dominated the market last year,” said Redfin chief economist Nela Richardson. “Low wage growth has stunted demand in some metros; others have been plagued by persistently low inventory. Metros that are reversing these trends, with rebounding job growth and inventory increases, will see the resurgence of traditional buyers necessary for stable housing markets.”The report notes that real estate agents are seeing the balance of power shifting back in the buyers’ direction as higher inventory gives them more choices and more negotiating power.”The past two years have been extremely challenging for buyers,” remarked Los Angeles-based agent John Venti. “For example, last spring it wasn’t uncommon for homes to have upwards of 20 to 30 offers. This year, I’ve seen the market shift in buyers’ favor; they are now having a much easier time finding homes and getting their offers accepted.”Demand is still high, but the inventory crunch is easing as more listings hit the market,” he finished.center_img June 13, 2014 510 Views Sharelast_img read more

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Concerns over massive new Peyia project

first_imgA MASSIVE development proposed for a hillside above Peyia in Paphos will irreversibly damage the environment, put pressure on infrastructure and create new homes where thousands remain empty, according to environmentalists opposed to the project.Concerns are being raised over the project at Ayia Vouni (Sacred Mountain), even though it is being pitched as green and sustainable. It will be built next to the protected Pikni forest and a small part will also fall within the Natura 2000 network.The development is the first of its type to be proposed since changes were introduced to building policy in 2014, concerning the promotion, regulation and control of a new type of development in the countryside which aims to provide increased building efficiency.The project’s developer is former president George Vassiliou who acquired around 330,000 m2 in Peyia. The design, described as a ‘sustainable development project and a near zero energy settlement’, is receiving one million euros funding from the EU as part of its zero energy initiative.Environmentalists and members of the public attended a council meeting in Peyia on Wednesday for a presentation given by representatives of the project.One of the attendees, Klitos Papastylianou of the ‘initiative for the natural coastline and commons of Cyprus’, said that the development should not go ahead as it failed to meet almost all sustainability criteria.“Some months ago, ahead of the meeting, we raised some concerns with the environmental impact assessment and filed an objection. According to the law on assessing, there is a definition of the environment: water, climate, habitat and so on. This project is unsustainable on almost all aspects,” he said.Papastylianou said that under the regulations, the investor has to meet certain criteria for the project concerning the ‘strategic use’ and ‘secondary use’, the latter should be a far smaller percentage. However, he said in this case it is not.“The strategic uses are the rehabilitation centre (medical) and a research and development centre (technology, environment and energy consumption) and make up only five per cent of this project, whereas the secondary uses, such as the village centre – with bars, restaurants, banks, shops and a gallery – as well as infrastructure, such as, roads, small dams, a waste treatment plant and residential development, will account for 95 per cent.”In the last year, Peyia council has twice raised documented concerns over the development and requested that the town planning department refrain from approving any permits until all of the necessary studies have been completed and examined.Some of the concerns raised include height of buildings, possible landslides and flooding,water supply and public access roads.Peyia councillor Linda Leblanc said that the meeting raised a number of questions and the council will again write of their concerns to the planning department.The Nicosia planning department is responsible for granting permission for the development, although Peyia is responsible for issuing a building permit if the project gets the go ahead.The area proposed for the project falls outside Peyia’s designated building zone, is on a steep slope and will include four storey high apartment blocks (145 units) and 125 villas. It is planned to be constructed in two phases. Papastylianou said that as there are currently already around 6,500 buildings in Peyia with 3,000 or so already lying empty, it was nonsensical to create more. He also questioned how these would then be rented or sold.A spokesman for the company carrying out the studies, environmental consultants I.A.CO Ltd said that there would be no ‘significant impact’ on the flora and fauna in the protected area.“Only 0.25m2 is inside the Natura 2000 area and there won’t be a significant impact on the flora and fauna there,” he said.He added that a geotechnical study was also carried out to identify the areas that have some geo instability. “From the entire area of the project, only five per cent have some issues, such as unstable rocks.”In other areas, he said the bed rock is suitable and ‘stable for the development’, though some measures must be taken during construction.“This is nothing unusual, we have studied the area and there aren’t any reasons for concern. There are solutions to stabilise the area during construction.”He said that these geotechnical solutions would be further investigated during construction.Papastylianou said that although the company are recognising the impact of the project, they are also claiming that it will create new jobs and help the construction sector.“How can you say that this is a positive impact on the socioeconomics of an area when half the buildings in Peyia are already empty?”He said that the environment of not just Ayiou Vouni, but the entire area will be affected.“The same can be said for the landscape, as the development is on a mountain top and will be seen from all over Peyia. The mountain will be transformed instead of protected,” he said.Water resources are another concern as it is not clear whether the water development department has enough water to supply the area.The project will increase Peyia’s water consumption by one fourth, Papastylianou said.“According to the relevant study, the development will need 30 tonnes of water per hour, the allowance for all of Peyia is currently 120 tonnes.”There are also serious concerns of the geology of the area, as to the east is the Skali river and to the south west the Sterarkakon, both areas characterised by landslides. Environmentalists fear these could escalate.“It is currently an untouched pristine natural environment and it will be totally destroyed and almost half of it sealed by concrete,” said Papastylianou.Leblanc said there were also concerns over proposed green areas and public access as the hillside is so steep with only one entrance and exit road.“We were also told that 43 million euros would come to Peyia as direct benefits, such as taxes and so on, and 126 million euros in indirect benefits. We will be asking questions at the council,” she said.    You May LikeHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsThe Early Signs Of Heart Failure. 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TCs will respond to GC ban for thirdcountry arrivals who plan to

first_imgAuthorities in the north warned on Thursday they would not sit idly by while the Republic of Cyprus refuses entry to third-country nationals wishing to holiday in the north, after some 30 Israelis were sent back home on arrival at Larnaca airport when it emerged they would cross to the north for New Year.The Turkish Cypriot ‘foreign ministry’ warned in a written statement that unless the Republic of Cyprus does not end the practice, they would take their own measures.The announcement follows an incident involving more than 30 Israeli citizens, the ‘ministry’ said, who had arrived at Larnaca airport for the purpose of holidaying in the north for New Year and who were refused entry.“This unappealing and hostile practice, devoid of any legal basis and which is arbitrary, is not in line with international law or the European principles the Greek Cypriot administration (RoC) defends at every opportunity,” it said.The Turkish Cypriot side has repeatedly called for the termination of the practice, which is another method of economic, cultural and sports isolation imposed on it by the Greek Cypriot side, it added.This, it said, deepened the crisis of confidence between the two sides.“The attitude is the result of a mentality that tries to keep us from being in touch with the world at every opportunity. It is unacceptable,” it said.The announcement said that similar incidents concerned a Russian tourist who wanted to holiday in the north last year but was arrested, detained and deported by Greek Cypriot authorities after her arrival at Larnaca Airport.Another case, it said, concerned a professor from Cairo University who was not granted entry after arriving at Larnaca airport last year because he was to teach at a university in the north.The ‘ministry’ also mentioned the incident involving a dance troupe of children from Serbia who were to perform at a festival in the north in April 2017 and were also denied entry at Larnaca.This “unfortunate event” that happened to Israeli tourists at the beginning of the year is not an isolated practice and is a continuation of a policy that the Greek Cypriot side continues to insist on, the announcement said.The ‘ministry’ warned that unless the Republic of Cyprus did not end the practice, “we would like to emphasise once again that we will take some steps and that we will no longer be a spectator to this.”While on one hand there is talk on the need to establish trust between the two sides, on the other hand, there are efforts to prevent the contact of the Turkish Cypriots with the world. This, the announcement said, is not in line “either with fairness or good faith”.Attorney-general, Costas Clerides, opined in 2017 that the policy followed, on the instructions of the foreign ministry, was deeply flawed legally. He has argued that no legal basis exists for barring entry into the Republic on the grounds that a foreign national plans to stay in a Greek Cypriot property in the north.  You May LikePlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoGundry MD Total Restore SupplementU.S. Cardiologist: It’s Like a Pressure Wash for Your InsidesGundry MD Total Restore SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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