October 18, 2019

Bid On Jism 2 Star Sunny Leones Lingerie For Charity

first_imgWho better than the team of the new film Jism 2 to show that there is nothing sexier than compassion for animals? Director Pooja Bhatt and co-producer Dino Morea have donated the wardrobe of Jism 2 to benefit PETA India’s homeless-dog adoption campaign and other initiatives.Costumes, including Sunny Leone’s lingerie, dresses and gowns as well as attire worn by the male actors Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh, will go on auction on eBay for ten days starting 3 August, the first day of the film’s release. The details of the auction can be found at PETAIndia.com.“With Jism 2 supporting PETA it’s clear, compassion for animals is super sexy”, says PETA India Chief Functionary Poorva Joshipura. “The proceeds from the auction of Jism 2’s wardrobe will go directly toward PETA’s efforts to encourage homeless dog adoption, spay and neuter and toward our other lifesaving campaigns. If you respect animals, one easy and fun way to help stop their suffering is to make a bid.”In India, tens of millions of homeless dogs struggle to survive on the streets. Many of them go hungry, are injured or killed, are hit by vehicles or are abused by cruel people. Countless others are kept in animal shelters because there aren’t enough good homes for them. Every time a dog has a litter, it means fewer homes for the dogs who are languishing in animal shelters or roaming the streets. The answer is simple: always have your dog sterilised. PETA India’s homeless-dog adoption campaign encourages all prospective dog guardians always to adopt from an animal shelter or take in a homeless animal from the streets and never to buy from a breeder or a pet shop – both of which only add to the problem.Both Leone and Morea have separately shot ads for PETA India’s homeless-dog adoption campaign. Bhatt has rescued and adopted eight dogs from the streets, and Hooda helps animals in distress. Those who wish to take part in the auction are invited to visit PETAIndia.com for details.last_img read more

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Elton John To Be Joined By Tennis Legends For Smash Hits Charity

first_imgAndre Agassi, Stefanie Graf, Martina Navratilova and Andy Roddick are expected to be at Elton John and Billie Jean King’s 20th annual Mylan WTT Smash Hits next week.The event will benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, and will take place on Tuesday, October 16“It is always such a pleasure to co-host this wonderful event with my dear friend Billie Jean King,” said Sir Elton John. “I’m so pleased that we will be teaming up with the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force to raise awareness about the continuing challenges of the HIV/AIDS epidemic both locally and nationally and to raise urgently needed dollars for community-based HIV prevention, education, treatment, and care services. I urge all othe tennis fans and concerned citizens in the Greater Pittsburgh area to support this event and bring their families for a wonderful evening of tennis for a great cause.”The event is produced by World TeamTennis in association with the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force. Smash Hits has raised more than $10.5 million for the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) and various local AIDS charities since 1993. This year’s event will benefit EJAF and the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force. A portion of the funds raised at the pre-match Smash Hits VIP Reception will be specifically targeted for local programs.Captained by King and John, the players will form two teams and play a match using the World TeamTennis (WTT) coed team format. The music legend will also participate in a celebrity doubles match to open the event. John, King and all the players will participate in the pre-match live auction, which will include an Elton John signed piano bench and King’s Wimbledon tickets among other items.The event takes place at the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh. For more information, click here.Source:WTT.comlast_img read more

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Putting Handlen away is a long time dream says Monica Jacks sister

first_imgLaurie HamelinAPTN NewsMonica Jack’s younger sister Liz Kraus remembers her as beautiful, loving, caring – and her protector.“Monica took care of me all the time, not letting anyone hurt me,” said Kraus in an interview with APTN News.“Putting Handlen away will be a long time dream of mine – to take care of her as she took care of me.”It was an emotional first week at Monica Jack’s murder trial in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver.The jury heard a police recording of Garry Taylor Handlen from 2014 telling an undercover officer that he had possibly killed the 12-year old Jacks 40 years ago.The alleged confession was part of an elaborate RCMP operation where Handlen believed the undercover cop was ‘the boss’ of a fictitious crime organization.“I remember picking up a broad one time. Havin’ sex. Then I just lost it for some reason.” Handlen told him. “I think I strangled her. I’m not sure.“All I know is she was Indian.”Handlen, now in his 70’s, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, but Kraus hopes he’ll change his mind.“He has kept this secret for many years,” said Kraus. “I hope that he finally has a tiny bit of remorse and will let this all be over quickly.”Acording to media reports the trial has heard that on May 6, 1978, Monica Rose Jack was riding her bike home along Highway 5A near Merritt.She lived with her mother and siblings on Quilchena reserve on Nicola Lake.Monica’s bicycle was found the next day near a pullout by the lake.In the 90 minute video tape, Handlen told the officer, “I just grabbed her. Threw her bike in the lake, grabbed her, took her in the camper and went up the hill.”The officer asked Handlen what he did with the body.“I think I just threw it behind a log,” Handlen said.“I didn’t bury it. Just put it, uh, a clearing there. There was a log there, and I just put it behind a log.”Kraus says she and her family knew about Handlen’s confession long before the trial.“When I heard what he did to her it made me sick,” said Kraus.“I couldn’t breathe and I cried for days.”“I still cry today because losing her was the worst thing that ever happened to me.”Liz was 11-years old when her sister went missing.  She had last seen Monica as she passed her along the highway while driving with her mother, Madeline.In the family’s station wagon, she asked Monica if she wanted a drive, but she declined.“She never made it home,” said Kraus.“We searched for her for weeks.”It wasn’t until 17 years later that Monica’s remains were discovered by forestry workers about 20 kilometres from where her bike was found.Dental records confirmed it was her.And it took another two decades before Handlen was finally charged for Monica’s murder.“It’s taken a very long time, but I’m positive he’ll be convicted,” said Kraus.The trial is expected to last 10 weeks.lhamelin@aptn.ca@laurie_hamelinlast_img read more

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Former ServiCom employee warns about unofficial fundraising drives

first_imgSYDNEY, N.S. — People planning on donating funds to help the almost 700 call centre employees in Cape Breton who lost their jobs last week are being warned to be careful about where they send their money.Tanya Wilneff, a former manager at the ServiCom Canada facility in Sydney, says the workers have yet to endorse any centralized fundraising efforts.Wilneff says she has spotted at least six GoFundMe sites that purport to be raising money for ServiCom employees — who lost their jobs last Thursday as part of a bankruptcy protection process involving the company’s U.S. parent.She says those sites may have been set up by well-meaning people, but it is often difficult to tell if they are legitimate.Wilneff says former ServiCom employees are expected to decide on how fundraising should be handled when a meeting is held later today in Sydney.Meanwhile, Wilneff says she and her colleagues have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from friends and neighbours.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Musharraf admits JeM carried out attacks in India during his tenure

first_imgIslamabad: Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf has admitted that Masood Azhar-led Jaish-e-Mohammed carried out attacks in India during his tenure on the instructions of the intelligence agencies. Musharraf, 75, who is currently in Dubai, said that the Pakistan government’s crackdown on the JeM, which also tried to assassinate him twice, was a good move. The JeM recently claimed responsibility for the February 14 Pulwama attack that left 40 CRPF personnel dead, increasing tensions between India and Pakistan. Last month, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi during an interview with CNN said that Azhar is in Pakistan, but the government can act against him only if India presents “solid” and “inalienable” evidence that can stand in a court of law. Also Read – How a psychopath killer hid behind the mask of a devout laity!Pakistan military, however, denied the terror group’s presence in the country. Amid mounting international pressure after the Pulwama attack, Pakistan on Tuesday detained 44 members of the banned militant outfits, including Azhar’s son and brother. “This is a good move. I have always said that the JeM is a terrorist organisation and they only had carried out a suicide attack in an attempt to assassinate me. Action should be taken against them. I am happy the Musharraf, who also served as Pakistan’s army chief, said that the action against the JeM should have been taken earlier.last_img read more

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Africa on eve of economic renewal needs world trade and investment –

“Even though aid is still important for most African countries, the post-independence period has clearly shown that aid alone is not enough,” Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro told the 12th World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK).“Africa also needs fairer access to markets to be able to export its products without unnecessary barriers, better access to Western technologies at a reasonable cost to build competitive industries, more investment in productive sectors and infrastructure, and more policy space to craft and perfect their own development path.“However, what Africa needs most, is to be recognized as a new investment frontier – where the returns are among the highest in the world,” she said, noting that the continent has some of the largest known reserves of mineral resources including diamonds and gold; growing oil potential as Ghana and Uganda join the list of exporters; and the largest amount of unexploited arable land, a strategic asset in a world where food crises are becoming recurrent.Ms. Migiro cited a slew of positive factors including a rapid change in the perception of Africa as a place where poverty, hunger, disease and civil wars are the norm. Many now see wide-ranging opportunities in a continent that has experienced robust growth of over 5 per cent on average over the past 10 years, evidence that it has emerged from the volatile years of the 1980s and early 1990s.Although still high, poverty has substantially declined from its highest level of 59 per cent of the population in 1996 to about 50 per cent today, the fight against malaria and HIV/AIDS through mosquito nets and antiretroviral drugs has dramatically cut deaths from these pandemics, and Africa now has the lowest incidence of civil war in 50 years, she said.“There are several reasons to believe that Africa is on the eve of an economic renewal. The high level of growth is expected to continue,” she added, citing a projected 2012 growth rate of about 6 per cent, “a remarkable performance compared to the rates expected in the world’s major economies, owing to their deepening macroeconomic imbalances.”Ms. Migiro noted that increasing trade and investment with emerging economies such as China, India, Brazil and Turkey, will continue to have a positive effect on Africa’s growth over the coming years, although in terms of human development, growth has not been fully inclusive, with the continent figured lowest of any region on the UN Human Development Index (HDI) in 2010, even as all but one country improved its human development between 2000 and 2010.“The international community has an important role to play in helping Africa to sustain high rates of economic growth and human development,” she declared. “I urge investors to transform these and other opportunities into goods and services that will improve the lives of the millions of Africans now stuck in poverty.”At the same time, Africans themselves must do their part by continuing reforms to make their economies even more attractive while ensuring that their populations benefit from foreign investment, she stressed, calling for inclusive growth with job creation an overarching priority, action against corruption, and the strengthening of the institutions of good governance.She highlighted Africa’s cooperation with China and India as especially important in diversifying its economies into agriculture, services and manufacturing and widening its export base, and in infrastructure development in helping to create a regional market by putting in place the necessary roads, railways, airports and telecommunications.“Let me stress one key message: Africa’s people need neither pity nor charity,” Ms. Migiro concluded. “Respect, international solidarity and a level playing field will go a long way toward bringing a new dawn to the continent.” 12 October 2011With Africa potentially on the eve of an economic renewal, a senior United Nations official today called on the international community to grant the continent fairer access to markets for its exports and invest in its lucrative resources by funding the necessary infrastructure. read more

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Commonwealth tells Lanka to consider consequences

Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma has urged the Sri Lankan Government to pause for further careful consideration following the passage by the country’s Parliament of the impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka.“The impeachment of a Chief Justice is a very serious matter. In this particular case, it has called into question aspects of the Constitution of Sri Lanka,” he said in a statement. Sharma says he has been in touch with the Sri Lankan Government at the highest levels to offer Commonwealth assistance to find a way forward.“I recognise that this is a matter for Sri Lanka, but am also conscious of our shared Commonwealth values and principles, to which Sri Lanka and all member governments have subscribed,” the Secretary-General said. “I strongly urge that time be taken to reflect and consider fully the constitutional and other ramifications of the differing positions taken by the Judiciary and Legislature before any decision is taken by the Executive on the impeachment of the Chief Justice. Meanwhile the United Kingdom called on the government to respect democratic principles and safeguard the Chief Justice and Legal Profession.Commenting on the Sri Lankan Parliament’s vote to impeach the Chief Justice, a Foreign Office spokesperson said:“The British Government is deeply concerned by the impeachment proceedings against Sri Lanka’s Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake. We share the concerns already expressed by many people in Sri Lanka over both the process and related reports of the intimidation of members of the Sri Lankan Bar Association. The motion to impeach the Chief Justice runs contrary to the clear rulings of Sri Lanka’s highest courts and the proceedings appear to contravene basic principles of fairness, due process and respect for the independence of the judiciary and the Commonwealth Latimer House Principles. He said that the Commonwealth, collectively, is profoundly concerned about this situation. “Together with our international partners, we call on the Sri Lankan Government to respect democratic principles and the right to peaceful protest and to ensure the continued safety of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake.” read more

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UN expert fighting sex trafficking calls for child protection system in Albania

The new Government of Albania has improved the legal framework necessary to reduce the flow of trafficked children, but it must develop a national child protection system aimed at combating the poverty that drives exploitation, a United Nations human rights expert said after completing his visit to the Balkan country yesterday.Want, lack of opportunities and social services, stigmatized minorities, discrimination against women, and an inadequate educational system are at the root of the scourge, the Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography of the UN Commission on Human Rights, Juan Miguel Petit said.“This is what makes children leaving their communities, in most cases in dangerous conditions. This is what puts them at risk of exploitation and trafficking. This is the disease we have to treat.“A strong child protection system needs to be put in place, with a firm investment in education and social services, together with strengthened child protection component of police, health and justice,” stressed the expert, who serves in an independent personal capacity.Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been providing a good range of social programmes funded almost exclusively through international aid, he said. “It is time for the State to take up responsibilities in social matters, capitalizing on the experiences of NGOs and supporting their activities and programmes.”Among the important achievements of the Government in the past five years, he cited legislative and policy frameworks, societal awareness, improved police training and border controls and strengthened prosecution capacity.The expert also emphasized that child trafficking is a global problem. “Countries of destination have their responsibilities as well. It is time they assume them,” he said. “Albanian victims of trafficking are exploited in Greece, Italy, and other European States. These countries have legal obligations and duties vis-à-vis these victims and victims have rights that too often are not respected.”Mr. Petit carried out his official visit to Albania from 31 October to 7 November, visiting Tirana, Korca and Elbasan and conducting more than 40 meetings with over 100 persons, he said. The Albanian office of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) facilitated the visit, which will be followed by a week-long trip to Greece.In related news, UNICEF yesterday praised the United States for becoming the 95th country to ratify the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress, and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, a supplement to the UN Convention against International Organized Crime, which entered into force in 2003. The protocol calls for specific measures to prevent human trafficking, prosecute traffickers and protect victims. read more

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Authorities say exTV pitchman hasnt shown hes gun free judge orders him

by The Associated Press Posted Dec 23, 2014 2:44 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email SALT LAKE CITY – A judge is summoning back to court a former Utah TV pitchman accused of kicking an owl in flight while riding his motorized paraglider.Authorities say in court documents filed Tuesday that 45-year-old Dell “Super Dell” Schanze (SHAHN’-zee) hasn’t shown that he has no guns, a condition of his release.Federal Judge Brooke Wells ordered Schanze to court Dec. 30.Defence attorney Kent Hart says Schanze has been unable to schedule a time for officials to inspect his house.Schanze was handcuffed this month for interrupting a court hearing in a separate case and saying it was unconstitutional to bar the defendant from having guns.Schanze later agreed to give up weapons in his own case.He pleaded not guilty to charges involving harassing wildlife and pursuing a migratory bird. Authorities say ex-TV pitchman hasn’t shown he’s gun free; judge orders him back to court read more

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Trudeau government set to table modest budget amid US uncertainty

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responds to a question during question period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, March 6, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick by Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press Posted Mar 19, 2017 11:34 am MDT Last Updated Mar 19, 2017 at 12:15 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email OTTAWA – The Trudeau government will chart the next segment of its mandate this week in what’s expected to be a modest budget — but the omnipresent economic unknowns in the U.S. could eventually force Ottawa from a steady-as-she-goes course.For now, the stronger U.S. economy is benefiting Canada. Finance Minister Bill Morneau will present the country’s budget Wednesday amid a brightening outlook, thanks in large part to the United States.In recent months, healthier Canadian numbers — from trade, to labour, to housing — have encouraged forecasters to raise their projections for economic growth.Some believe these improvements will put Ottawa on a path toward smaller annual deficits than what the government had predicted last fall. After a surprisingly robust finish to 2016, Ottawa’s anticipated $25.1-billion shortfall for 2016-17 is widely expected to come in less than projected.In normal times, the modest momentum would provide a dose of optimism for a government drawing up its budget.But Canada’s current economic climate is far from typical.The November election win for U.S. President Donald Trump has led to significant uncertainty in what is by far Canada’s top trading partner.Even with the recent economic improvements, there are widespread concerns in Canada about U.S. proposals, including discussion about major changes to trade and tax policies.Many warn the changes, which could include a border adjustment tax, could have severe economic consequences on this side of the border.For now, with so many unknowns, sources have said Ottawa has no plans to take steps in the budget to directly address the Trump-related economic fears.It remains to be seen whether Ottawa will have the flexibility to respond to any changes implemented in the U.S. over the course of the year.“The government is building this year’s budget with not a great deal of clarity about the geopolitical risks that could impact the Canadian economy,” said Craig Alexander, chief economist for the Conference Board of Canada.“And so, they might want to be sensitive to that and they might want to delay some of the measures they were thinking about until they actually have greater clarity about what’s happening south of the border.”Indeed, major spending decisions on defence and international aid seem to have been deferred to later this year.Even before any concrete economic moves by Trump, the U.S. resurgence has had negative effects in Canada.A research note by TD last week said U.S. rate increases have already started to push up Canadian mortgage rates, creating “significant risk” in an economy with high household debt and soaring real estate prices.Higher U.S. interest rates since Trump’s victory could also lead to bigger debt payments for Ottawa in the future, though some economists believe the effects will be offset by the benefits for Canada from a growing American economy.At the same time, Ottawa faces tight fiscal constraints and it’s expected to deliver a slim budget with few big-ticket items.The Liberals have already committed to major spending increases for investments over the coming years in areas like infrastructure and expanded child benefits, which they argue will help lift the economy over the long haul.The Trudeau government’s outlook is predicting several years of double-digit deficits.The Liberals abandoned their election pledge to run annual shortfalls of no more than $10 billion over their mandate and to balance the books in four years.Instead, Morneau has pledged to reduce the debt-to-GDP ratio — also known as the debt burden — below its current level by 2019-20.But sticking with the vow on the debt-to-GDP ratio means Morneau has very little “wiggle room” when it comes to new spending, says Randall Bartlett, chief economist at a University of Ottawa think tank.He believes the government should do more to analyze the performance of these investments to ensure Canadians are getting bang for their buck.“The question is, are we just basically spending money like drunken sailors?” said Bartlett, whose Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy is directed by former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page.But without accounting for U.S. policy changes — since they remain unknowns — Bartlett believes the stronger economy has put Ottawa on track to shave a few billion dollars off each of its projected deficits from 2016-17 to 2018-19.Questions have been raised by Morneau’s decision to base his upcoming budget’s projections on forecasts he received from private-sector economists in mid-January.The Finance Department traditionally uses a survey of private-sector forecasters to determine its baseline projections, but those numbers are usually delivered only a few weeks prior to the budget.Bartlett believes the economy has improved so much since January that the government will have a needlessly pessimistic forecast underlying the budget numbers — which would make it easier for Ottawa to beat these lower fiscal expectations down the road.Scotiabank chief economist Jean-Francois Perrault, a former assistant deputy minister under Morneau, said he doesn’t believe the economic projections for Canada have improved enough since January to make a big difference.Perrault is predicting slightly bigger annual deficits over the coming years. He said it’s partly due to higher-than-expected government spending and his expectation the government will reintroduce its $3-billion yearly risk adjustment.“We have a fiscal path in Canada that has reasonably high deficits for a pretty significant period of time,” said Perrault, who added that the feds are in good fiscal shape and he’s not immediately concerned about the string of shortfalls.But he noted that when Ottawa does take steps to return to balance it will need “pretty significant” spending cuts and tax increases to make it happen.Perrault said it’s technically possible the economy will grow enough before the end of the Liberal mandate to eliminate the deficit on its own — without tax hikes and spending reductions. But he added such a scenario is “far fetched.”And when it comes to addressing the U.S. uncertainty, Perrault said Canadians could see Ottawa make its big policy moves in the 2017 fall economic statement or even in next year’s budget.Follow @AndyBlatchford on Twitter Trudeau government set to table modest budget amid U.S. uncertainty read more

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A look at the first 10 player signings by the new Canadian

(Winnipeg) Valour FCSkylar ThomasThe 25-year-old centre back from Pickering, Ont., played for Syracuse University from 2011 to 2014 … Hard to miss at six foot four … Selected 11th overall in the 2015 MLS SuperDraft by Toronto FC … Represented Canada in Olympic qualifying where he worked with Valour FC coach Rob Gale… Played for Toronto FC 2 in 2015-16 and most recently the USL’s Charleston Battery (49 appearances).Quote: “I see it as a huge opportunity … I think we’re all just ready to get this going.” (Hamilton) Forge FCKyle BekkerThe 28-year-old midfielder from Oakville, Ont., was taken third overall by Toronto FC in the 2013 MLS SuperDraft after a stellar career at Boston College … Played 58 MLS games for Toronto, FC Dallas and Montreal between 2013 and 2016 … Made his debut for Canada at 22 and went on win 18 caps … Won a NASL title with the San Francisco Deltas. Played most recently in USL for North Carolina FC.Quote: “It’s about growing this game in this country and giving kids who are 10, 12 years old an opportunity — something to look up to and kind of not fizzle out like so many players that I’ve played in the past who had so much ability.”Chris NancoThe 23-year-old forward from Brampton, Ont., played for Syracuse University from 2013 to 2016 … Selected 55th overall in the 2017 MLS SuperDraft by the Philadelphia Union … Signed with the Union’s USL affiliate Bethlehem Steel in March 2017 … Played for Canada at the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2011.Quote: “I’m very fast, I bring a lot of pace to the game. Even though I’m pretty young, I like to take a leadership role and I like to push my players and the team to be successful” Neil Davidson, The Canadian Press FC EdmontonRandy Edwini-BonsuThe 28-year-old forward was born in Ghana and moved to Edmonton when he was 12 … He was a member of the Vancouver Whitecaps residency program before moving overseas to play in Finland and Germany … The speedster made his debut for Canada at 19, has one goal and 10 caps.Quote: “I’m excited to wear the FC (Edmonton) jersey and play in front of my home crowd again.”Allan ZebieThe 25-year-old defensive midfielder-defender was born in Paris to parents from the Ivory Coast … Moved to the Montreal area when he was nine and Edmonton at 15 … He was 19 when he made his debut in the Canadian youth program in 2012 and went on to take part in six U-20 camps … Trialed with England’s Leeds United and Scotland’s Glasgow Rangers before signing with FC Edmonton in 2015. Played 58 matches for the Eddies in NASL and Canadian Championship) … Returning from hip surgery.Quote: “When I play defensive midfielder, I’m a ball-winner. I have a lot of energy, I run a lot, I tackle well. I’m more of a cleaner, I just win the ball and I just look to play simple and pass the ball to more creative players.” (Calgary) Cavalry FCNik LedgerwoodThe 33-year-old defensive midfielder from Lethbridge Alta., has won 50 caps for Canada … Played in Germany and Sweden 2003 to 2015 before returning to play for FC Edmonton and then Calgary Foothills FC … Reunited with Foothills coach Tommy Wheeldon Jr. at Calvary FC.Quote: “I loved it over in Germany. All the experiences and culture and everything I learned there is kind of what I’d like to bring back to Canada soccer — that professional environment, that atmosphere and kind of what it takes to actually become a professional.”Sergio CamargoThe 24-year-old midfielder from Newmarket, Ont., joined the Toronto FC academy in 2009 and became the club’s 13th homegrown player in January 2017 … The Colombian-born Camargo, who came to Canada when he was four, split his U.S. college career between Coastal Carolina University and Syracuse University … Represented Canada at the 2011 FIFA U-17 World Cup … Played in a friendly match for Toronto FC against Liverpool in 2012 … Spent time with Calgary Foothills FC in 2018 after TFC did not pick up his option in December 2017.Quote: “(The CPL) came at a perfect time. I’m really blessed for it to happen right now.” Follow @NeilMDavidson on Twitter (Victoria) Pacific FCKadin Chung The 20-year-old fullback from Port Coquitlam, B.C., was with the Vancouver Whitecaps residency program … Has played for Canada at the under-17 and under-20 level … In 2015, he was named Canada U-17 Male Player of the Year … Played in Germany for FC Kaiserslautern II reserves in 2018 … Has also played as a winger.Quote: “I love (Vancouver) Island. It’s a beautiful place. And I’m just excited to get started.” (North Toronto) York 9 FCKyle PorterThe 28-year-old fullback-winger from Mississauga, Ont., was with the Vancouver Whitecaps residency program before spending time with FC Edmonton and D.C. United … Won seven caps for Canada … Most recently played for the USL’s Ottawa Fury FC and Tampa Bay RowdiesQuote: “It’s actually a great feeling. It’s the next chapter. I’m really excited to play … I buy into it. I believe in what we have in place and I’m just ready to get going.” TORONTO — A look at the Canadian Premier League’s first 10 signings: (Halifax) HFX WanderersZach SukundaThe 23-year-old fullback from Ottawa spent time in France as a teen with the AJ Auxerre academy before returned to Canada at 17 to join the Montreal Impact academy … Can play both sides, also on the wing … Spent two years with FC Montreal, the Impact’s reserve team, before playing in lower leagues in Sweden and Australia … His father Eli Sukunda represented Canada in fencing at the 1976, ’84 and ’88 Olympics.Quote: “For me coming home was massive … especially in a league that has as much potential as the CPL.” read more

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Ohio State mens volleyball wins national championship

The OSU men’s volleyball team poses for a picture after defeating Lewis in five sets for the MIVA championship at St. John Arena on April 23.Credit: Matt Wilkes | Senior Lantern reporterThe Ohio state men’s volleyball team came away with the team’s second all-time national championship on Saturday night, as the Buckeyes defeated the Brigham Young University Cougars in three sets. At the time, BYU was the No. 1 team in the nation, while OSU was ranked second.The Cougars were looking for their fourth national championship, but OSU coach Pete Hanson and his team had other plans. Things got off to a hectic start for OSU, as both teams combined for 21 ties throughout the initial set.Every Buckeye point was matched by BYU, and the teams battled to try and break the stalemate. After a tie at 20, the teams swapped points back and forth.Finally, OSU was able to take the advantage and take the first set by a score of 32-30.In the second, OSU was able to take down the Cougars in a much quicker fashion, winning the set 25-23.An ace by Miles Johnson tied things up at 20 apiece, and a kill by the junior opposite tied things again at 21. The Buckeyes never relinquished the lead from that point on. The set was owned by the Buckeye middles, as both redshirt freshman Blake Lesson and redshirt junior Driss Guessous had 10 kills total in the second frame.In the third, the Scarlet and Gray got off to a quick start and never looked back.After BYU scored the initial point, OSU tied things at 1-1, then took the lead off a Guessous kill. OSU would keep the lead, before taking the set 25-17.Led by Johnson, who had a team high of 15 kills, the Buckeyes capitalized on 51 kills to the Cougars’ 34.Junior setter Christy Blough had 44 assists while committing no errors throughout the contest. National Player of the Year Nicolas Szerszen had a team-high three aces. The sophomore hitter was an instrumental part of the 31-2 season enjoyed by OSU.Lesson had a team high .846 hitting percentage, and he picked up the winning kill for the team.All six players who started the match for OSU played all three sets.Hanson and his squad cap off a season for the record books with the hoisting of the team’s first title since 2011. read more

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Brazil worried World Cup will mean surge in child prostitution

first_imgAS NIGHT FALLS, Adriana de Morais patrols the clubs and bars of Natal, one of Brazil’s World Cup host cities, looking for underaged prostitutes and trying to get them off the streets.As she and her team weave between revellers in this tropical city known for its nightlife, their black polo shirts, emblazoned with the emblem of the local child protection unit, stand out amid the tight mini-skirts and colourful clothing of the crowds.An estimated 600,000 foreigners are about to descend on Brazil for the World Cup, which opens June 12, and the authorities worry the influx will bring an increase in sex tourism and child prostitution.“It’s a singular event that brings many people from outside, and we really worry about sexual tourism,” Morais told AFP.No official statistics on underage prostitutes exist in Brazil. The only figure available comes from the government’s anonymous child-abuse hotline, which received 124,000 calls in 2013 – 26 percent of them for sexual violence against children.Most of the calls came from the northeast, a poor region where turquoise waters and idyllic beaches are a major tourist draw.A year ago, Taina was one of the girls walking the street here. Her story echoes that of thousands of Brazilian children. Abused at home, she ran away at the age of 10. To survive, she sold sex in exchange for meals or money.“We would go to Ponta Negra (a tourist neighbourhood in Natal). My friends and I, we’d wait for cars to stop and call us and we’d go with them. A lot of times it was foreigners. There weren’t many Brazilians,” she says.Today, at 18 years old, she is trying to build a new life. She is studying hotel management thanks to a program called “Vira Vida” (Change Your Life) that helps child sex workers.Code of conduct Leftist President Dilma Rousseff’s government has launched a campaign over the past few years against domestic violence, the sexual exploitation of minors and human trafficking – recently the main theme of a popular TV soap opera, “Salve Jorge.”The country has a code of conduct for taxi drivers and hotel receptionists, a bid to crack down on child prostitution in the places where it is most visible. Officials are also plastering public spaces with awareness-raising messages.“Every tourist who arrives in Brazil will know that the exploitation of children and juveniles is a crime. He’ll see it in aeroplanes, airports, bus and train stations and hotels,” said the head of child protection at the tourism ministry, Adelino Neto.“A major event increases the risk factors for minors. We have an increase in tourists and alcohol consumption at a time when children are on vacation from school,” said Tatiana Akabane from the organization Childhood, which is working to help Brazil learn from the experiences of the previous two World Cup hosts, South Africa and Germany.Fighting sex tourism Prostitution is legal in Brazil for over-18s, but the government is also keen to discourage sex tourism.It has sought to control the national image and combat sexual overtones in foreign products and advertisements.In February, it managed to force Germany’s Adidas to recall a line of T-shirts with a football and a woman in a bikini that said “Looking to score — Brazil,” and another that said “I love Brazil” with a heart drawn to look like a thong-clad woman’s inverted behind.“Brazil is happy to welcome tourists who arrive for the World Cup but also ready to combat sexual tourism,” President Rousseff wrote on Twitter.But sex workers say they have a right to profit from the tournament.“If there are going to be tourists and everyone’s going to make money – hotels, airlines, businesses – why shouldn’t prostitutes earn money from it too?” asks Roberto Chateaubriand of Davida, an organization that fights for sex workers’ rights.“We also oppose the exploitation of minors, but the government has put everything in the same basket – the sexual exploitation of minors, human trafficking and adult prostitution,” he told AFP.- © AFP 2014.Read: Tear gas and rubber bullets used on protesters demonstrating against Brazil World Cup>Read: Brazilian woman gives news interview about crime, gets mugged live on TV>last_img read more

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The single most important thing you can do to negotiate better deals

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Gina London Sunday 27 Nov 2016, 10:00 AM Nov 27th 2016, 10:00 AM I’VE TAUGHT NEGOTIATION workshops and seminars in several countries across three continents and one thing I keep stressing is that negotiations are not reserved for big boardrooms or the United Nations. We negotiate all the time, every day, no matter who we are.Think about it. Almost every single interaction in life – not only the big-money deals or trying to turn a prospect into a client – but the seemingly little things, like deciding with your friends what movie you’ll see or choosing with your partner which new restaurant you should try, are also negotiations.Think about buying a car – or especially, for those of you with kids, think about nearly every interaction with them. Like trying to get your child out of bed and dressed to get to school on time. All of these examples involve negotiations!Some basic tenets you may already have learned about negotiating are:Identifying goals, short-term and long-termIdentifying obstaclesListing decision makers, third-party advocates and performing stakeholder analysisWorst-case-scenario planningAnd, of course, you have to add due diligence and prep time to all of this. And there’s an emphasis on following a process. It’s exhausting.But… Organisational-behaviour experts and researchers are applying a new structure – and I’ve adapted it for many of the large, multinational clients I work with too. From wherever you are at the moment, there is one simple but incredibly effective question that will help you get more.Being humanWhile emphasising the importance of valuing the human ‘factor’ may already sound familiar to you, we don’t often deploy these new techniques in a deliberative and strategic fashion for every negotiation we encounter.Too often, for the big, high-stake negotiations – like a contract or a multimillion-euro deal – we put aside the emotional stuff and depend rather on the facts, data and other ‘rational’ information, like value propositions or projections and so on, to try and make our case.But the research today shows we will have a higher rate of success if we invest more time on the human emotion of the person sitting across from us at the table.Tapping into emotionsThe notion of tapping into the emotions of another person may seem super-obvious – or maybe super-foreign – but the question I often get is, “OK, I get it from a philosophical point of view, but how exactly do I do this?”Simple. Start your next negotiations by asking a question: “So, how’s it going?”Now, that may seem like a silly little thing – but there are four principles buried into that question:It’s informal and takes the pressure off of the deal at the outsetIt’s a question and questions are a great way to gather informationIt’s focused on the other party, not yourself, and that’s great for building trust and getting to know more about their emotions and perceptionsThe question establishes a little comfort and rapport by being chatty and informal. It’s good, old-fashioned small talk.Getting inside people’s headsThe reason we need to ask more questions is we need to spend time understanding what’s going on inside the head of the other person.They may have received a speeding ticket while driving to the meeting. They may have recently lost a loved one. Outside influences can have serious influence on your meeting, but you will never know unless you ask.The other person must be more important than you for your own goals to be met. This focus on people and relationships is not a weak negotiating tool – and it isn’t the only one, of course. But my experience has shown it is the key.Making a connection with another person is the MOST persuasive thing that you can do. Make friends with the other party and they’ll help you find ways to achieve your goals.Gina London is an award-winning former CNN correspondent who now serves as director of strategic communications at Fuzion. This article was originally posted on Fora.ie.If you want to share your opinion, advice or story, email opinion@fora.ie. Short URL Take me to Fora Share5 Tweet Email7 124 Views Director of Strategy, Fuzion http://jrnl.ie/3102150 8 Comments The single most important thing you can do to negotiate better deals Negotiation skills aren’t just for high-level diplomats or CEOs – we rely on them for many daily interactions. Get Fora’s NEW daily digest of the morning’s key business news: By Gina Londonlast_img read more

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From the Newsroom Heres how sausage is made for Columbians front page

first_img In my fantasy world, here’s how we picked the stories for Tuesday’s front page:I keyed in a five-digit passcode, the light turned green and a heavy door slid open. The situation room was dark, save for the glow of the screens keeping us in touch with Washington, Olympia, City Hall and the courthouse. As I slid into my chair at the head of the polished mahogany table, I barked at the assembly of editors: “What’s the Times leading with? Trump? Not good enough!”Here’s what really happened: It starts with some math: 6 + 2 = 1. As in, six local stories and two local photos makes one newspaper (and one happy editor).OK, math was never my best subject.The Columbian’s news covers almost always contain four stories. For A1, we want at least one of those to be local, and hope that there will be more, because local news is our specialty. But pick too many local stories for the front page, and you can’t fill the C1 cover! So our magic number is six: Two local stories for A1, and four for C1.It would be nice if at least one story for each cover had a photograph. So the other magic number is two.With those physical realities in mind, we started the A1 hunt at 10 a.m. with a meeting of the metro team editors and the photo editor. At this point, we were just looking at local content. Were the stories on our advance budget really going to be finished today? Are the photos shot? Are they worthy of the front page? Will they fit the news hole?In this case, the answers were affirmative. We also previewed Thursday, consulting the advance budget compiled by Mark Bowder, who as one of our two metro team editors reviews work plans filed by reporters every Thursday. Craig Brown is The Columbian’s editor. His column will appear in this space periodically. Contact him at 360-735-4514 or craig.brown@columbian.comlast_img read more

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Zoff Pressure is good for us

first_imgFormer Napoli goalkeeper Dino Zoff has wished Alex Meret good luck in his endeavours as well as hopes that he will have the same experience as he did at San Paolo.Even though the young Udinese goalkeeper is ready to move the club to replace Pepe Reina, there is a growing concern surrounding his age and the step up from Spal.“Pressure is good for us,” Zoff insisted, speaking to Corriere del Mezzogiorno via Football Italia.“Napoli or Spal makes no difference, the goalkeeper remains a man alone. On my debut, I conceded five goals, but I overcame the difficulties.ROME, ITALY - DECEMBER 18: Dino Zoff, former of SS Lazio attends the former SS Lazio player Felice Pulici funeral at Sacro Cuore of Cristo Re on December 18, 2018 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Marco Rosi/Getty Images)Dino Zoff says this was a good Juventus season Manuel R. Medina – May 25, 2019 The former Bianconeri and Italy goalkeeper believes the team didn’t win the Champions League because of “unfortunate physical condition for that moment.”“I hope Alex can have the same experience as me at San Paolo.”In 2017,  having had impressive performances for SPAL in Serie B, Meret was called up to the Italy squad for the World Cup qualification by then-coach Antonio Conte for a match against Albania and a friendly against the Netherlands.However, in 2018, he made his debut with the Italy U21 team, playing as starter in a friendly match against Norway.last_img read more

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NASAs Mars helicopter is ready to take flight on the Red Planet

first_img 15 Photos Share your voice 7 things ‘The Martian’ gets right about science (pictures) 0 Tags NASA 2:34 In JPL’s Space Simulator, a vacuum chamber half as wide as a school bus, the team created a faux Mars atmosphere and then dropped the chopper inside. They also created an artificial gravity that matched what the helicopter would experience on Mars by creating a “gravity offload system”.The test ‘copter only reached a height of 2 inches (approx. 5 centimeters) off the ground, but that was all that was required to confirm that it will be able to do its job when it reaches Mars. A second test had the helicopter hover for an entire minute. Understandably, the team was pretty emotional at the sight of the chopper achieving flight.”Watching our helicopter go through its paces in the chamber, I couldn’t help but think about the historic vehicles that have been in there in the past,” said Aung. “The chamber hosted missions from the Ranger Moon probes to the Voyagers to Cassini, and every Mars rover ever flown.”Those tests pave the way for the chopper to take flight for the first time over the Red Planet, when it launches with NASA’s next Mars rover in 2020. It is expected to reach the Martian surface in February 2021, tucked delicately within the belly of the next, currently nameless, rover. As of now, the Mars helicopter doesn’t have a name either, but this CNET writer is firmly in the call it “Dutch”, after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous Predator protagonist. ‘Overachieving’ Mars rover Opportunity mission over after… Post a comment Sci-Tech NASA/JPL-Caltech After passing a critical series of tests at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the space agency’s Mars helicopter is ready to take flight over the Red Planet.”The next time we fly, we fly on Mars,” said MiMi Aung, Mars Helicopter project manager, in a press release.The Mars helicopter project is designed as a technology demonstration that will ascertain how well a flying vehicle can perform on one of our nearest neighbors. To date, NASA has explored the Martian surface with rovers — the dearly departed twins, Spirit and Opportunity, and its latest, Curiosity — so taking to the skies will provide an entirely new way to explore the barren plains of Mars. Achieving flight on Earth was hard enough. Achieving it on another planet, 90 to 640 million miles (approx. 55 to 400 million kilometers) away, is another challenge altogether. Mars’ atmosphere is much thinner than Earth’s and the planet drops to icy temperatures that can destroy sensitive electronics. To ensure the helicopter can cope with those conditions, NASA has subjected it to a number of rigorous tests.NASA recapitulated some of the conditions that the helicopter would find itself in when it lands on Mars, gathering data about its performance to tweak it for its historic first flight.”Gearing up for that first flight on Mars, we have logged over 75 minutes of flying time with an engineering model, which was a close approximation of our helicopter,” said Aung. Now playing: Watch this:last_img read more

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Redistrictings Enormous Impact on Baltimores General Assembly Spring Campaigns Picture

first_imgThe Feb. 25 filing deadline has passed. With the contenders in the June 24 election now set, it appears this year’s Democratic primaries to fill the Baltimore seats in the Maryland General Assembly will be highly competitive; and due to the recent legislative redistricting, dramatically different from past campaign seasons.One of the Baltimore state senators who is unchallenged is 40th District Sen. Catherine Pugh. 45th DistrictAmong the more publicized showdowns will be the matchup in the 45th District where 19-year Annapolis veteran Sen. Nathaniel McFadden, 67, will face convicted robocall conspirator Julius Henson, 64, who was sentenced to five months in jail, three years’ probation and fined $1 million for his role in attempting to mislead Black voters during the 2010 gubernatorial election. After a judge’s ruling that Henson violated the terms of his probation by launching his own campaign, the candidate vowed to keep running while he awaits an appeal. If the Henson appeal is not filed in a timely manner, or is judicially denied, Henson’s run may come to an abrupt end since the judge levied a four-month jail sentence for violating his probation.In an October interview with the AFRO, Henson said he is running because the district’s constituents “have not been served.” Currently the president of the Berea Eastside Neighborhood Association – a position he ran for and won – Henson said he believes people will welcome his candidacy, despite his past.Larry Gibson, an elections law and political expert with the University of Maryland, believes otherwise, saying Henson committed the “unpardonable sin” of attempted voter suppression. “I think with a large number of people it makes him unelectable,” Gibson said.McFadden, currently president pro temp of the state Senate, seemed similarly sure that Henson’s misdeed would color voters’ choices. “He was convicted of trying to suppress Black votes, which is abhorrent. Now, after trying to suppress votes, he’s trying to get votes? Strange…,” McFadden said.The longtime educator also responded to Henson’s claims that he has not served his constituents, pointing to several projects and millions of dollars he has brought back to the largely poor and working class district and to the city. “I clearly have a record to run on….The question remains, has he outlined what he is going to do differently? What is his platform? What does he plan to do other than talk?“The voters in the 45th District are intelligent and sophisticated,” McFadden said.” They have the ability to look at both our records and determine who is best able to represent them.”As in the 45th District, political experts believe other incumbents will ultimately prevail given their name recognition and voters’ fear of the unknown. 41st DistrictIn the 41st District, Sen. Lisa Gladden will face Will Hanna, a military veteran, former legal analyst with the U.S. Department of Justice, and businessman, who counts among his positions the presidency of The New Park Heights Community Development Corp., a non-profit organization in Northwest Baltimore. 43rd DistrictCouncilman Bill Henry, serving the Fourth District in the Baltimore City Council for two terms, will likely need a stone, sling, and a prayer when he goes up against veteran lawmaker Sen. Joan Carter Conway in District 43. 44th DistrictThe race in the newly redrawn 44th District – two-thirds of which now extends into Baltimore County – will be harder to call. Incumbent Sen. Verna Jones-Rodwell will face County Del. Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, whose connection with Baltimore’s Caribbean community and other relationships means she’s not a completely unknown entity in the city.Political analyst Matthew Crenson said he would still predict a Jones-Rodwell victory. “I would think Verna Jones has a good chance of staying in office because she is the incumbent and she still has a piece of her old district in the City. Her opponent is going to have a lot of work ahead of her,” he said.The Baltimore senator agreed, saying in a previous AFRO interview, “Two-thirds of my district is new in geography but not necessarily in relationships. I have been able to touch Baltimore County in a way that some people have not been able to due to my positions in budget and appropriations committees.” 10th DistrictSen. Delores Kelley lost a large geographical section of her old district – and support base – in the redistricting. Earlier, she expressed concern about the changes to the county’s only majority-minority district and the opponents she could face in the election. She will face an old nemesis, Pat Kelly of Randallstown, who ran unsuccessfully for the same seat in 2010, and Stephanie Boston, 49, who taught in the Baltimore City Public Schools for 25 years. Boston, a political newbie, said she was running because of the “lack of visible leadership” in her district and the lack of progress. “It bothers me that for the last 15-20 years we’ve had Black representation at all levels, from Congress on down, and the 10th District has not had any progress at all,” said Boston, who is Black. Among the issues she cites are low-performing schools, paucity of jobs, the proliferation of liquor stores “on every other corner” and a lack of services such as facilities and activities for youth and seniors. “District 10 does not look like it is a middle-class community and it does not have the kind of social services a middle-class community should have,” she said. “I feel we deserve more.” 44A DistrictRedistricting will also raise the excitement quotient in the race for the single House of Delegates seat in the newly created District 44A, where colleagues-turned-rivals Delegates Keiffer Mitchell, Melvin Stukes and Keith Haynes will go head to head.It is a difficult competition to gauge – in the last elections, November 2010, Mitchell got 31.99 percent of voters, Stukes got 29.71 percent and Haynes got 31.59 percent. “This is a very awkward race,” said Stukes, who also worked with Mitchell in the City Council for several years, “But it is what it is.”The 21-year politician said while their professional relationships remain affable, all the candidates are “running hard,” and he believes he has as good a chance as either of his colleagues.Crenson, the political analyst, said he believes Mitchell has the edge. “Mitchell has the benefit of a highly respected family name and is also widely known,” he said. “In terms of candidate recognition, he is in the lead. His only disadvantage is that he’s a bit laid back for a politician.”Mitchell told the AFRO that while he may be laid back, “I always warn people don’t mistake it as being complacent.” He said he plans to lobby for the seat and that “at the end of the day, voters will see my overall record of service, not just as a delegate, but a councilperson.” 40th DistrictThe 40th District, now a much more diverse jurisdiction with the addition of neighborhoods in Pigtown, Laurel Park, Hampden, Morrell Park, etc., may prove the most highly unpredictable race of all. Ten candidates will be vying for three House seats. Incumbents Frank Conaway Jr., Barbara Robinson and Shawn Tarrant will field takeover attempts from: • Antonio Hayes, a longtime community activist and legislative aide to former 40th District Del. Salima Siler Marriott and former Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon, who narrowly lost his bid for a 40th District seat to Shawn Tarrant in 2006; • Marvin “Doc” Cheatham, the 63-year-old former president of NAACP’s Baltimore branch, activist, former elections official and specialist; • Douglas R. Barry, a real estate broker, Army veteran, and a leader of the Medfield Community Association; • Quianna M. Cooke, a city educator for more than 35 years, elected to the Democratic State Central Committee in 2008, ran for the City Council’s Ninth District seat in 2012, is an active member of the West Baltimore Strategic Alliance (WBSA), and treasurer of Bridgeview Greenlawn Neighborhood Association;• Rob “Bobby” LaPin, a 35-year-old Army veteran, military trainer and consultant, co-founder of the international nonprofit Full of Hope, a former city teacher, and winner of the Reginald F. Lewis Outstanding Teaching Award; and• Bill Marker, Pigtown resident and attorney with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation; and perennial candidate Timothy Mercer. Of the challengers, Hayes and Cheatham may have the best chances. “I view my chances to be better than average,” Cheatham said. “The incumbents, of course, always have the advantage of name recognition. But my name recognition and my years of community service equals ,if not doubles, my chances.”Cheatham said he also had the advantages of time and availability to offer the district’s constituents. “I live in this community all year round,” he said. “And unlike many state delegates who have other jobs, I will be a full-time, not part-time public servant.”last_img read more

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Cards Set for Louisville Spring Tournament

first_imgStory Links The University of Louisville field hockey team will host its spring tournament this weekend at Trager Stadium. Complete Louisville Spring Tournament Schedule Saturday, April 13, 20199:00 a.m. – Ohio State vs. Louisville10:15 a.m. – Michigan vs. Northwestern11:30 a.m. – Iowa vs. Louisville1:00 p.m. – Northwestern vs. Miami (Ohio)2:15 p.m. – Ohio State vs. Indiana3:30 p.m. – Iowa vs. Michigan5:00 pm. – Miami (Ohio) vs. IndianaSunday, April 14, 20198:00 a.m. – Iowa vs. Miami (Ohio)9:15 a.m. – Michigan vs. Michigan State10:30 a.m. – Iowa vs. Northwestern11:45 a.m. – Miami (Ohio) vs. Louisville1:10 p.m. – Michigan vs. Indiana2:25 p.m. – Michigan State vs. Northwestern3:40 p.m. – Louisville vs. Indiana Louisville will open tournament play Saturday at 9 a.m. against Ohio State and will take on Iowa at approximately 11:30 a.m. The Cards will continue action on Sunday when they face Miami (Ohio) at 11:45 a.m. and Indiana at 3:40 p.m.center_img The Cardinals will welcome Indiana, Iowa, Miami (Ohio), Michigan, Michigan State and Northwestern to Trager Stadium to compete in the two-day event which will feature full-field play with four 12.5-minute quarters on Saturday and Sunday. Fans can follow Louisville Field Hockey on Twitter (@ULFieldHockey) at  https://twitter.com/ULFieldHockey and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ULFieldHockey Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

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All wards of KMC to get waste segregation at source

first_imgKolkata: The Solid Waste Management (SWM) department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will introduce segregation of waste at source phase-wise in all 144 wards in the city.The civic body on Wednesday introduced segregation at source in 20 wards in the city, with Mayor Firhad Hakim’s ward 82 at Chetla being one of them. “The biggest challenge of urbanisation is to have a scientific system of solid waste management, for which segregation at source is of major importance. We have been doing segregation at source in seven wards in the city for a long time. Today, we have introduced it in 20 wards. We will be taking up 20 wards every three months and in phases we will introduce similar facilities in all 144 wards in the KMC,” the Mayor said at a programme in ward 82 organised by the SWM department. The programme commemorated the occasion where two separate bins were handed over to every family – one for dumping biodegradable waste and another for non-biodegradable wastes. Each household in these 20 wards will be given two buckets – white and green in colour. Discarded items made of paper, rubber, plastic, glass, wood, iron and different other metal products should be kept in the white one, while cooked or uncooked food, fish scales, egg shells, vegetable waste, parts of flowers or fruits should be disposed off in the green one. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata Bose”The green one will be collected on a daily basis, while the white one will be collected every alternate day. The segregation of wastes that can be recycled will be done by KMC at Dhapa landfill site,” said Debabrata Majumder, Member, Mayor-in-Council (SWM). The KMC has already introduced a number of auto trippers in the city, for collection of non-biodegradable wastes. Hakim sought the assistance of the residents of Kolkata for making the initiative successful. “Kolkata was the first city in the country which had introduced compactor stations that have gradually replaced almost all open vats in the city. We have introduced pollution-free battery operated vehicles in the city for collection of waste. We are in the process of procurement of more such vehicles and by the end of the financial year 2019-20. We will also be replacing all hand-pulled vehicles that are used for garbage disposal in the city,” Majumder said. He expressed his optimism that Kolkata is all poised to emerge as a model ‘clean and green’ city, achieving 100 percent segregation of waste at source in the next few years.last_img read more

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