October 18, 2019

Hassan II Award Ceremony Of Manuscripts To Take Place in Rabat

Rabat – The Ministry of Culture will organize the 37th Award Ceremony of Hassan II Prix of Manuscripts at the National Library of Morocco in Rabat on October 21.  According to the Ministry of Culture, the event aims to preserve, enhance, and promote the Moroccan manuscript heritage.The celebration will be chaired by Minister of Culture Mohammed Amine Sbihi. The Grand Award of Merit and three Encouragement Awards will be granted at the event. The event will also be an opportunity to present two works. First, a repertoire of 332 pages by the Book Direction will be presented, which lists all the manuscripts and documents participating in this year, and second, a commemorative 218-page book designed by specialists and contains a set of thorough scientific studies on manuscripts.The award-winning manuscripts will be highlighted through an exhibition.The Hassan II Prix of Manuscripts was established in 1969 with the specific purpose to recover and collect manuscripts dispersed among Moroccan families.It also aims to raise awareness among holders of the documents as to their scientific, material, and symbolic importance. read more

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Somalis fleeing insecurity at home find more insecurity in Yemeni haven –

“Most new arrivals tell UNHCR (High Commissioner for Refugees) that they were unaware of the situation in Yemen and the conditions they would be facing,” spokesperson Andrej Mahecic told a news briefing in Geneva.Yemen has been torn by fighting between supporters and opponents of President Ali Abdullah Saleh for most of this year, while Somalia’s two decades of factional warfare have been exacerbated by one of the worst famines in memory, which has already killed tens of thousands of people, put 750,000 more at risk of death in the coming months if there is no adequate response, and affected four million others..“Many left Somalia hoping they would be able to carry on to other Gulf countries or find work in Yemen itself. However, the deteriorating security situation has curtailed their movement, and work opportunities for refugees in Yemen are rapidly shrinking. For these reasons some of the refugees are now considering returning to Somalia,” Mr. Mahecic said.UNHCR has a voluntary repatriation programme but only to the relatively stable northern Somali regions of Puntland and Somaliland for refugees originating from there, but most of those in Yemen are from the volatile and conflict-ridden southern and central parts of the Horn of Africa country.Mr. Mahecic said instability in Yemen is also giving greater opportunity for human traffickers along its Red Sea coast, with persistent reports of abductions of migrants and refugees, mostly for ransom or extortion. While the main targets seem to be Ethiopian migrants looking for opportunities in Gulf countries, Somali nationals have been also abducted.“The worsening security is making our work more dangerous and complex,” he stressed, noting that insecurity often prevents patrolling humanitarian teams from reaching new arrivals before the smugglers.Another worrying trend has been the prevalence of abuse and sexual assaults of female refugees and migrants while on the perilous sea passage across the Gulf of Aden. “Together with our partners we are providing medical assistance and counselling to survivors,” Mr. Mahecic added. Overall, the deteriorating situation in Somalia has forced more than 318,000 people to flee the country so far this year, with the majority going to neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia. But some 20,000 have taken the risky sea journey to Yemen, with the rate more than doubling in the past two months, bringing the total there to an estimated 196,000.UN resources have come under additional strain from the internal displacement of over 415,000 Yemenis because of fighting both in the south and north of the country. On top of that, arrivals of other nationals, mainly Ethiopians, have increased significantly, with 8,787 people, virtually all Ethiopian, arriving last month alone. Together with 3,292 Somalis brought the total to 12,079, the highest monthly rate since UNHCR began gathering such statistics in January 2006.Elsewhere Mr. Mahecic reported a sharp drop in new Somali arrivals at Dadaab refugee complex in eastern Kenya, currently the world’s largest with its sprawling camps hosting over 463,000 people, nearly 200,000 of whom arrived this year. The drop could be due to military operations along Somalia’s border or the onset of heavy rains. No newly-arriving refugees have approached the registration centre in the last week. Despite the abduction from the complex of two female aid workers from the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) non-governmental organization and the shooting of their driver last week, UNHCR and its partner agencies have been continuing life-saving work for hundreds of thousands of refugees. “Our staff and more than 30 partners remain operational,” Mr. Mahecic stressed. 21 October 2011Some of the nearly 200,000 Somalis who have sought refuge in Yemen from violence and famine in their own country are now considering going back home due to worsening security in the Arabian Peninsula nation, the United Nations refugee agency reported today. read more

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NHS needs extra funds for a technological revolution in order to survive Jeremy

Writing for The Daily Telegraph, 
Jeremy Hunt warns that “the biggest risk” facing the country is if a future funding boost is spent without a “dramatic transformation of modern healthcare”. Mr Hunt says the NHS must build on its legacy of “leading the world in medical breakthroughs” by pioneering services such as patients being diagnosed using artificial intelligence and test results being delivered via smartphone. The NHS must use extra funds to lead a “technological revolution” in order to “weather the storm” of the biggest challenge to face the health service in 70 years, the Health Secretary has said. He hails “superhuman” efforts by healthcare workers to respond to increasing pressures… read more

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Man 40s arrested after apartment complex and two cars set on fire

first_imgMan (40s) arrested after apartment complex and two cars set on fire in north Dublin The man is being detained in Coolock Garda Station. Share105 Tweet Email2 27 Comments https://jrnl.ie/4560140 Source: TheJournal.ie/YouTubeGARDAÍ IN COOLOCK have arrested a man in his 40s after he set fire to the outside of an apartment complex and two cars this afternoon in north Dublin. At 12.30pm this afternoon gardaí received reports that a man had set fire to the outside of an apartment complex in the Newtown Court area of Coolock. Shortly after, two cars were set on fire in the driveway of a house in Temple View Green, Clarehall.At 12.55pm, gardaí arrested a man in connection with the fires. He is currently being detained at Coolock Garda Station under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act. Source: Celine Horgan O’ConnellThree units from Kilbarrack and North Strand fire stations attended the scene in Temple View Green along with one ambulance.A DFB spokesperson said: “We treat cars on fire in front gardens as domestic fires as it is very likely the fire will spread to the house. It also cuts off one escape route for the occupant.”A garda spokesperson added that investigations are ongoing.  Mar 25th 2019, 5:02 PM Monday 25 Mar 2019, 5:02 PM 100,529 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL By Adam Dalylast_img read more

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Evia was once home to cobras crocs and giant lizards researchers discovered

first_imgCobras, crocodiles and giant Komodo-dragon sized lizards all once lived on the Greek island of Evia, millions of years ago, researchers have found. “We identified approximately 10 fossils and recognised a small snake, a large lizard, a cobra and a varanid that then made up the reptile fauna of the region,” paleontologist Giorgos Georgalis told the ANA.Mr Georgalis said these were the first fossils of lizards and snakes identified around the Axios River area, where scientists had so far identified mainly mammalian fossils, such as the ape Ouranopithecus macedoniensis, lions, hyenas and antilope.The discovery, made by a team of scientists, headed by Greek palaeontologist Giorgos Georgalis examined fossilised crocodile teeth that were found in Evia, in an 18 million year old sediment, and are said to be some of the oldest fossils ever found in Greece. Mr Georgalis said the turtle finding is peculiar as the turtle group only inhabits the Southern Hemisphere in the present time, having been extinct from the European continent. “There was a very warm climate in the area at that time … with a very strong watery element, while it most likely resembled a jungle,” Mr Georgalis told ANA. The fossils of the cobras and giant lizard were previously discovered in Nea Mesimvria and later stored at the Aristotlelian University of Thessaloniki geology department. But they were only recently identified. Reptile fossils in Greece have not been “thoroughly studied” according to Mr Georgalis, but with his new study, it would help enhance understanding of the evolution of reptiles in Europe as well as the “paleogeography and paleoclimate of the region”. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Sony Teaches Old AIBO RoboDog New Tricks

first_img Evan Rachel Wood Just As Disturbed by Humanoid Sophia As Everyone ElseMIT’s Thread-Like Robot Slides Through Blood Vessels In the Brain Robot’s best friend is coming out of retirement.Sony this week unveiled a new version of AIBO—more than a decade after we last saw the domesticated bot.The company introduced its AIBO prototype in 1998, and launched the first consumer model in 1999. New configurations were released every year until 2005.Marketed as “entertainment robots,” AIBOs (which translates from the Japanese to mean “pal” or “partner”) were popular with educators and researchers, and have featured as futuristic pets in movies, music videos, and advertising campaigns.In early 2006, Sony announced plans to discontinue the product line, gradually withdrawing customer support through 2013.He speaks, he sits, he wags his tail. But he doesn’t poop (via Sony)But even the multinational conglomerate couldn’t resist those digitally enhanced puppy-dog eyes and that mechanical tail wag.Built with a “natural curiosity,” the brown-and-white pup can form an emotional bond with people, “providing them with love, affection, and the joy of nurturing and raising a companion,” according to Sony.Plus, you don’t have to clean up its poop.Despite its cold, polished body and rigid extremities, AIBO is undeniably cute; the way it moves along 22 axes to shake its head or scratch its ear is oddly compelling.The robo-dog can also detect words of praise, smiles, petting, and other human interactions, and will become aware of its environment to the point where it can walk around with confidence and respond to situations.Fun for the whole family (via Sony)“This adaptable behavior is made possible through Sony’s well-cultivated deep learning technology, in the form of inbuilt sensors that can detect and analyze sounds and images,” the company boasted.AIBO also comes with two fish-eye cameras (one in its nose), mapping technology, and a slew of sensors, all powered by a 64-bit quad-core CPU processor.Oh, and an exclusive “aibone” toy to “spice up your life with AIBO.”If Nintendo has shown us anything, it’s that nostalgia sells.Online pre-orders of the ¥198,000 ($1,735) AIBO sold out in a day, leaving sentimental customers and a new generation of fans in the dust. Folks can keep an eye on the Sony store for more details, or sign up to receive an email with sales information. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Toy Tuesday The Most Marvelous XMen Toys

first_imgStay on target Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘South Park’ ToysThe New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet Long Marvel’s merry team of mutants have been one of the company’s flagship moneymakers since the 1980s, with legendary writer Chris Claremont innovating a style of storytelling that borrowed equally from the action-packed classics of the past and the intertwining narratives of TV soap operas to create a dense, continuity-dependent saga that grinds on to this day. The innovative character design of the X-Men obviously lends itself very well to toys, and multiple manufacturers have done wonders with the license. Here are our picks for the eleven best X-Men toys on the market right now.Revoltech WolverineKaiyodo’s Revoltech line is notorious for going all-out with poseability, and for a character like Wolverine that’s super important. The Canadian brawler with the adamantium claws has been a staple of the X-Men since Len Wein and Dave Cockrum introduced the new team in 1975, and he’s far and away the most recognizable character the franchise has created. This figure depicts him in the classic yellow and blue costume, and comes with several interchangeable hands and faces so you can act out all kinds of bloody, brutal action. It’s not cheap, but the quality is top-notch.Get it at Amazon.com20 Die-Cast X-Men MinifigsIf you’re running a tabletop X-Men campaign, or just want to have a bunch of little metal mutants at your beck and call, this set is a must. Each figure stands a little over an inch and a half high and has a remarkably solid paint job for such a small scale, with characters representing from various periods in X-history. You get all the big names – Cyclops, Phoenix, Professor X, and Wolverine – but also some villains like Sabretooth and Magneto just to keep things interesting.Get it at Amazon.comPlay Arts Kai Cyclops FigureSquare Enix’s Play Arts Kai figures aren’t cheap — they’ll run you three figures typically — but for the money they’re some of the best adult action figures on the market, just seething with incredible detail and poseability. Their sculpting team takes the stoic leader of the X-Men as a starting point and then just goes buckwild with his design, giving him tons of ornamental accents and filigrees that make him look like he just stepped out of a JRPG. The paint job is seamless and this will be a cornerstone of any serious super hero collection.Get it at Amazon.comBishoujo Psylocke StatueWhat you sacrifice in poseability for this one you more than make up in detail and badassitude. Psylocke is one of the more convoluted characters in the X-men opus, starting out as the psychic sister to Captain Britain before having her consciousness swapped into the body of a deadly Japanese ninja, for reasons that have still not been adequately explained. This Kotobukiya statue depicts her in mid-battle, wielding a katana and ready to cut up any fool that steps to her.Get it at Amazon.comMezco One:12 Cable FigureIt’s very possible to argue that the introduction of Cable is when the X-franchise truly jumped the shark, twisting the narrative into a ridiculously muddled time-travel mess. On the other hand, he is a total badass. Mezco’s One:12 line works on a beefier scale than most other action figures, with each one standing around a foot tall — like old-school G.I. Joes. That size allows them to really go nuts with detail and special features — Cable has a light-up eye, chestplate, ridiculously ornate cybernetic arm and tons of big guns to recreate all your favorite Rob Liefeld covers.Get it at Amazon.comRevoltech Gambit FigureThe Cajun master thief with kinetic charging powers was introduced in 1990 and rapidly became one of the biggest draws in the series, as readers couldn’t get enough of his sexual harassment and mysterious past. The fact that he was a mole in the team for Mister Sinister just made him even more popular. As the belts-and-pouches era ended, though, the character sort of fell out of fashion. He’s enjoying a recent resurgence, though, and if you’ve always loved Remy LeBeau, this Revoltech figure is for you. Massively poseable and coming with two faceplates, variant hands, a staff, and playing cards both charged and not charged, he’ll cast a spell over your toy shelf.Get it at Amazon.comKotobukiya Professor X StatueNormally we’d be pretty annoyed at purchasing a figure that lacked any articulation whatsoever, but the psychic leader of the X-Men’s abilities are all happening inside that glistening head of his so it’s not like he needs to move around. This insanely cool sculpture from Kotobukiya expertly recreates the 1992 design of Charles Xavier, down to the futuristic Shi’ar floating wheelchair that he was zooming around in after his legs got re-injured. Boss around all your other figures with this baby.Get it at Amazon.comMarvel Legends Archangel FigureOf all the original X-Men, Warren Worthington III kind of got the roughest deal. In a superheroic universe where dozens of people can fly without any physical exertion whatsoever, having a giant pair of wings growing out of your back was almost a liability. Sure, he was rich, but that doesn’t make up for everything. So when the character was abducted by the villainous Apocalypse and transformed into a blue-skinned badass who could shoot metal blades from his new wings, we took it as an upgrade. This sweet six-inch action figure has a massive wingspan plus three alternate faceplates.Get it at Amazon.comMohawk Storm Funko PopOne of the things that made the X-Men franchise so popular and important was long-time writer Chris Claremont’s approach to the characters. Instead of staying static and unchanging, they grew and evolved like real people do. The weather-manipulating mutant Storm was one of the most notable. Her introduction had her a regal, somewhat reserved figure, but after some significant changes in her life she shocked the team by cutting her long white hair into a very punk mohawk. It both looked totally dope and was a powerful visual signifier of how she saw herself. Get a Funko Pop of it.Get it at Amazon.comDays Of Future Past Wolverine Vs. SentinelThe Sentinels are some of the X-Men’s most durable enemies, towering robots with the ability to sniff out and snuff out mutant life forms wherever they may be found. In the landmark “Days of Future Past” story, we skip forward a few decades to a world where they’ve taken control of humanity as part of their mission, with only a few mutants alive to fight for their freedom. This set comes with a six-inch weathered Wolverine and a towering 16-inch Sentinel with sound effects and speech.Get it at Amazon.comMarvel Legends Phoenix Figure The five original X-Men went through a tremendous number of changes over the course of their existence, but few went quite as far as Jean Grey. Originally the telekinetic Marvel Girl was the team’s token distaff member, with useful but limited powers. But when she encountered the alien energy force known as Phoenix, it kicked off a tale so dramatic that the fate of the entire universe hung in the balance. This deluxe 12″ figure — part of the Marvel Legends line – is the best Jean we’ve ever seen, with great detail and poseability.Get it at Amazon.comMore on Geek.com:The Best Funko PopsMost Incredible Transformers Toys11 Best Pokemon Toyslast_img read more

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Update on Braun Strowman Scheduled for surgery this Monday in Birmingham

first_img WhatsApp WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton) Chad Gable advances to the finals of the King of the Ring to be held on this Monday’s RAW Pinterest Baron Corbin advances to the Finals of the King of the Ring tournament this Sunday Facebookcenter_img Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE star Braun Strowman is currently scheduled to undergo surgery this Monday in Birmingham, Alabama according to a report by PWInsider.As reported earlier, WWE confirmed Strowman would be requiring surgery on his elbow. While the company is pushing the storyline on RAW that Strowman’s “attack” caused the injury, it was reported later that Strowman is suffering from bone spurs in his elbow.As of now, the hope internally within WWE is that Strowman will have enough time to recover from surgery to wrestle at the TLC PPV on December 16. However, until the surgery is actually performed, a return date hasn’t been confirmed just yet.Should the match with Corbin go forth, it carries an interesting stipulation. If Strowman wins, he earns a shot at the Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.  If Corbin wins, he gets to be the permanent General Manager of RAW. Twitter Google+last_img read more

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Rep Duncan Hunter Military should help build border wall

first_img Categories: Local San Diego News, Politics Tags: Decision 2018 FacebookTwitter SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Congressman Duncan D. Hunter said the military should help get construction going on the border wall.Hunter visited Good Morning San Diego to further discuss his stance on immigration and his recent criticism of his attack ad on his opponent Ammar Campa-Najjar. Posted: November 2, 2018 KUSI Newsroom November 2, 2018center_img KUSI Newsroom, Rep. Duncan Hunter: Military should help build border wall. RELATED: Ammar Campa-Najjar on his campaign for California’s 50th Districtlast_img read more

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Oundle School completes pension buyout

first_imgOundle School, Northamptonshire, has completed a £5 million bulk purchase annuity transaction with Canada Life and JLT Employee Benefits.The buyout deal, which covers around 150 members of the school’s pension and life assurance plan for non-teaching staff, was secured by JLT Employee Benefits, alongside a trivial commutation exercise.The transaction represents a de-risking step for the pension plan’s trustees.last_img

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Avengers Endgame best and worst our global review

first_img TV and Movies Everybody’s talking about Avengers: Endgame. And here at CNET, we’re no exception. Our global team is bursting with opinions — was Endgame a perfect final chapter to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or a plot-hole-riddled waste of time?If you haven’t seen it, check out our spoiler-free review. And if you have, read on for a range of thoughts… Core charactersComic book events are often messy, convoluted affairs, and it would’ve been so easy for Avengers: Endgame to fall into that trap. Luckily, the Russo brothers focused on the characters we’ve come to love over the last 11 years. Their emotional journeys anchor this wild adventure. Each of the core Avengers gets at least one fist-pumping standout moment, and I even got choked up a few times. I was confident this movie would at least reach the dizzying heights of Infinity War, but somehow it managed to exceed that superhero masterpiece. — Sean Keane (London)An offer you can’t refuseI expected Endgame would be The Godfather II to Infinity War’s The Godfather, on par in quality if not better. I was very wrong. Endgame is like watching The Godfather and Godfather II combined, leaving Infinity War looking like Godfather Part III. It’s so rare when a three-hour film has nothing worth trimming, but this film is as tight as Thanos’ rear end after hearing the Ant-Man “theory.” Endgame will leave you laughing, crying and cheering more than you’ve ever done in any MCU film.– Rebecca Fleenor (San Francisco)null Marvel No time to peeI’ve never seen so many people get up to pee in one film — and I couldn’t believe they were sacrificing even a second, because Endgame is incredible. I knew it was three hours long going in, but I didn’t notice the time go by at all. I just sat and watched something that was both classic Marvel and its own fresh thing. It gets superweird. Weirder than a raccoon sending emails. It mixes time travel film with heist film — I can’t get enough of both of those genres. It proves Nebula is the best character of all (just saying). And it has real stakes. The peeing people in my screening redeemed themselves with the many whoops and cheers that made this a perfect filmgoing experience.– Jennifer Bisset (Sydney)There are some problems…OK. It’s great. Obviously. Emotional, funny, epic, all those good things. Five stars, eight thumbs up.But.There’s so much wrong with Endgame that I can’t get out of my head. Primarily, time travel removes all jeopardy from all future stories. Something goes wrong tomorrow, hop back in the time machine, grab the stones again, solve it and return them. Which leaves the MCU kind of broken.While we’re on the subject, how do you return a Soul Stone? Do you chuck it over the edge and Black Widow comes back to life? Or do you just get store credit?Also that means Cap bumped into the Red Skull again — and we didn’t see it!My main gripe about time travel though is that the filmmakers go to great lengths to explain their logic and how it all works, and then just ignore the rules when it suits them. Seriously, @ me if you want to see my corkboard covered in red string, because Ol’ Cappy at the end breaks every rule previously established.– Drew Stearne (London) 3:14 Show Us Yours: Marvel fandom pictures from our readers One LAST thing…OK, everything that’s so good about Endgame more than makes up for anything that’s overwritten, under-written or just plain stupid. I laughed, it somehow started raining on the faces of many a grown person in the theatre and there were more than a few cheers. Now, if Spider-Man: Far from Home could address how 3 billion people just reappearing doesn’t throw the planet into utter chaos, I might be able to sleep at night… — Drew Stearne (London)The perfect final chapterI watched Avengers: Endgame at the end of an insane 59-hour marathon featuring all 22 Marvel movies, and no amount of fatigue could diminish the power of this film. It made the entire experience worthwhile. I woke up the next morning still trying to absorb everything that had happened. I feel a mixture of happiness and heartache when I think about it. It was also so satisfying. 49 Photos How I survived the Marvel Studios 22 Movie Marathon Share your voice Avengers: Endgame is a thrilling sequel to every MCU… Endgame is here You might be disappointed that some of the newer characters don’t get much screen time beyond glorified cameos, but there will be plenty of time for the spotlight to go around in Phase 4. Endgame doesn’t always make sense — inevitable given the plot tricks and twists employed here — but it has plenty of heart, hits a lot of emotional chords and is just downright funny. The Russo brothers crafted a fitting end to this first era of Marvel films, offering a satisfying conclusion while also laying the groundwork for future films.– Roger Cheng (New York) Now playing: Watch this: Spoiler-free review: Love letter to fans tops Infinity War Spoiler-packed review: MCU clincher so close to perfect No postcredits scene, but there’s a tiny audio stinger The biggest spoiler-filled WTF questions It’s three hours long: The best times to pee Captain America will always be my favorite Avenger 8:53 Tags Comment Now playing: Watch this: All bets are offYes, Endgame cheats. As soon as you introduce time travel in the mix you know all bets are off. But who cares: This is a glorious final chapter to what has been an extraordinary cinematic journey. Endgame’s filmic qualities as a standalone piece of cinema are secondary to the opportunity to say goodbye to the MCU’s beloved characters, but the intimate character-focused story makes it enormously compelling. I laughed, I cried, and that’s nothing compared with how the superfans next to me lost their minds. So what if it cheats — Endgame is the end of a beautiful friendship.– Richard Trenholm (London)avengers-endgame-hulk-promoAnd another thing…Hulk Banner kills the entire concept of the character. Yes, there’s comic book precedent for it, but fusing the two sides of the character removes the core premise that makes him work. The mock “Hulk smash” was very funny, but by giving us “the best of both worlds” we’ve ended up with the true characteristics of neither.In fact, Hulk is dead. Bruce Banner killed him and is wearing his body like a viper green party suit. I’m supposed to shed tears over the death of Black Widow or Iron Man, but the Incredible Hulk was slaughtered off screen and we just laugh at the selfies. The puny humans finally defeated the Hulk. Boo, I say. BOOOOO!– Drew Stearne (London)Class reunionFirst off, Infinity War and Endgame are two very different movies. Though the first felt like a roller coaster full of action, the new Avengers flick feels more like a chess match that turns into a rumble in the jungle — yes, there are fights, but not as many as in other Marvel movies. Or it’s a class reunion full of long-held emotions, where not everyone is where you’d expect them to be. The party is headlined by Captain America and Iron Man, with strong support from Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Nebula, Rocket, Ant-Man, War Machine and Ronin. And as with many large soirées, you might end up feeling happy you went but not sure of who you actually saw or what exactly happened… but at least you enjoyed the fireworks at the end. You can read my review in Spanish here.– Gabriel Sama (San Francisco)hawkeye-black-widow-avengers-endgame-promoAnd ANOTHER thing…Oh, ALSO, the film continually throws away long-established lore in search of a gag or crowd-pleasing moment. I can just about get Cap being able to wield Thor’s hammer, but is he now also the God of Thunder shooting lightning? Because last time I checked, those powers didn’t come with the tool. Awesome? Abso-damn-lutely! Still bugs me though.– Drew Stearne (London)Bear witnessIt’s difficult for me to put into words how perfectly realized Avengers: Endgame is. There was no other way to complete an 11-year narrative that’s snowballed into a cinematic feat I feel downright privileged to have witnessed. There were amazingly awesome comic book moments in this film that were so powerful to witness I couldn’t help but exclaim! However, the heartfelt character moments show the medium at its best. Its absolute best. These scenes are the reason you care about the last hour of this movie. I can’t wait to watch it again.– Eric Franklin (San Francisco)avengers-endgame-thor-promoOne MORE thing…I’ve seen some negative opinions about the representation of Thor, the fact that his grief and depression have been channeled into drinking and weight gain and that his loss of confidence and drive make light of mental health issues. I’m not sure the MCU is the best place to explore that fittingly, and Marvel bailing on Tony Stark’s mental health and addiction issues pretty sharpish showed they weren’t going to delve into that angle. What it did do, though, is make me feel better about my own dadbod, so there’s that.– Drew Stearne (London)Looking aheadAvengers: Endgame is the ultimate form of fan service. But after 11 years and 22 films, it’s the kind of fan service that seems organic and earned. After deftly balancing the screen time of so many characters in Infinity War — including a fleshed-out villain in Thanos — Endgame smartly pares back the focus to the core Avengers crew, giving them a fitting swan song.  1 Watching this movie was actually the perfect way to wrap up a marathon during which I was introduced to (many, many) characters and plotlines. It brought everything together so well, and provided much-needed resolution following the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, which had left me thoroughly heartbroken. After Endgame I could sleep soundly, albeit after the thrills and emotions kept me awake for quite a bit. I’m going to be taking this one in for a while, as one should with any masterpiece. — Abrar Al-Heeti (San Francisco)  77 Photos 2019 movies to geek out over Marvellast_img read more

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Reviving an endangered language over social media

first_imgIn Alaska, the number of fluent Haida speakers has dwindled down into the single digits. It’s been called an endangered language. But in Juneau, one group is trying to change that. Haida Language Learners is using YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram to reach a wider audience.Emily Rose Edenshaw-Chafin and Susie Lee Edwardson plan out their next YouTube video. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/KTOO)Emily Rose Edenshaw-Chafin shows me her phone. She’s been using a flashcard app to practice Haida. It’s totally customizable. She can create the cards and share them with teachers and friends. On one of the cards is a picture of a horse grazing in a field, and it’s broken down into cuts of meat — labeled Gyuudáan Kiʼíi eehl Hl ʼwáadaagang.“And then the second one is a cartoon, the one in English that says ‘I have horse meat for sale.’ It’s a picture of a horse head inside a burger,” Edenshaw says.Not a real horse head, part of a costume.“For me, it makes it funny and it makes it more interesting,” she says.The Haida arrived in Southeast a few hundred years ago. Some left their ancestral home of Haida Gwaii, which is now part of Canada. They settled in villages on Prince of Wales Island. Edenshaw says the Haida language’s grammar structure is similar to Spanish. And like Spanish, it can sound like a foreign language.“And being Native you’re disappointed that you don’t know your own heritage and language. It’s hard to work past that sometimes,” she says.Edenshaw has practiced Haida for over a decade. Her family moved to Hydaburg when she was a kid, and she started picking words up.“You know, like thank you: Háw’aa. Hágwsdaa: hurry up. You hear that one a lot.”Haida Language Learners use the app Snapchat to connect with others. The app deletes shared videos after a few seconds, which they say is perfect for practicing the language.But she says it was hard to learn more complex phrases. In college, she was able to take a free class taught by a linguist.“I really fell in love with the language. I wanted to write poetry in Haida. I wanted to dream in Haida, so I continued to practice with it.”She says part of that meant finding someone to speak Haida with, to use words and phrases that are relevant in conversation today. Edenshaw met Susie Lee Edwardson in Haida class.In their YouTube video, a picture of Grumpy Cat flashes on the screen. You know, Grumpy cat. The feline celebrity meme. Edwardson repeats the word híndaa or “go away.”It has more than 200 views. Their YouTube Channel has about 145 subscribers, which may not seem like a lot. But remember, Alaska’s fluent Haida speakers are in the single digits. Edwardson has only been studying it for about three years, and says she didn’t grow up speaking the language. Her parents spoke a word here and there.“It didn’t really connect with me as it was a part of me,” Edwardson says. “But when I got into college and I started learning the language with my family, it felt really good and it felt like you were going into a community that you were a part of all your life.”The number of fluent Haida speakers has been declining for the past 100 years. Many boarding schools run by the federal government and missionaries enforced strict bans on Native languages. Edwardson says it’s a serious topic, but they’re trying to make learning Haida fun. It’s involved some compromise.She took down one of their YouTube videos because some found it offensive. In that video, she says the Haida word for penis. OK, maybe they went a little farther and said “tiny penis.” But Edwardson says they don’t want to offend anyone.“Like the little radical in me is like, ‘it’s the language,’” Edwardson says. “But at the same time we want it to be accessible. And if families are going through the YouTube videos and there’s something they don’t want them to learn yet, I don’t want them to stay away from the language.”Then there’s also the issue of finding ways to express modern notions. But Edenshaw says that’s totally doable.“We ask the elders what would make this work. What can we do to translate this into Haida?” Edenshaw says. “So we’ll all understand it and then we can use just Haida vocabulary and our thoughts and what we’re doing nowadays.”The Haida phrase for computer literally means “the box that knows everything.” A cellphone is a “purse phone” or “wallet phone.” Spinach is “iron leaf.”And she says having the web to connect with others has been huge. Haida Language Learners has received messages from a teenage fan in New York. They’ve helped people in remote communities say goodbye to a loved one at a funeral in Haida.Edenshaw recently quit her day job to focus on language revitalization full-time. She wants people to know Haida isn’t dead.“We can bring back the language. We can’t bring back every single part of the culture but we can bring back the important parts that will make us feel whole and make us feel right in the world.”She hasn’t dreamed in Haida yet. But she is writing poetry.last_img read more

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Vivekananda Reddy murdered case accused got bail

first_imgKadapa: The Pulivendula judicial court has sanctioned unconditional bail to the Yerra Gangi Reddy, M.Krishna Reddy(YS Vivekananda Reddy PA), V.Prakash(son of maid servant in the house) who were allegedly responsible for tampering the evidences related to the murder of former minister YS Vivekananda Reddy on Thursday. In the bail orders Pulivendula judicial court magistrate S.Kishore specified the presence of accused in person is necessary whenever either SIT or local police asked them to attend for further investigation procedure. Also Read – ZRCC member welcomes Suresh Angadi Advertise With Us According to advocate K.Obul Reddy who argued the case behalf of the accused told the media persons that the court has issued the unconditional bail to the trio because they are experiencing punishment in Kadapa central prison as under trailers more than 90 days after YS Vivekananda Reddy was murder on 15th march 2019. It may be recalled that former minister and younger brother of late YS Rajasekhar Reddy, YS Vivekananda Reddy was found dead under suspicious circumstances at his own residence located in Pulivndula town in the absence of his family members on 15th March 2019. Also Read – State government urged to release fee reimbursement dues Advertise With Us The incident came in to the light around 6.30AM when servant maid K.Lakshmamma who attended for work noticed the body of Vivekananda Reddy lying in the bathroom as she immediately his relatives, as they shifted him to the Pulivendula area hospital where doctors him brought dead. Initially police who suspected the case as suicide incident, later registered it as murder following complaint lodged by Vivekananda Reddy PA M.Krishna Reddy in Pulivendula police station on same day. In his complaint Krishna Reddy narrated that he accompanied Vivekananda Reddy along with some party functionaries up to 11.30 PM on Thursday, again he came to his residence around 5.30AM on Friday (15th March 2019) to have chalk out the election campaign in Jammalamadugu constituency. Advertise With Us He said that after he failed to receive response from the house despite knocked the door for several times he stayed outside in the lawn reading news papers. Around 6.20 AM the servant maid V. Lakshmamma came to the residence of Vivekananda Reddy as she found him brutally murdered at the bath room. Following allegations and counter allegations by TD, YSR Congress over the incident, and demanded raised by family members to handed over the case to CBI, the state government has deployed SIT to probe the incident. After enquiring more than 60 evidences including deceased family members, finally SIT registered the cases against Y.Gangi Reddy, M.krishna Reddy, V.prakash on the charges hatching conspiracy by tampering the evidences at the incident place. Meanwhile despite 100 over after YS.Vivekananda Reddy murdered there was nil progress as the police failed to crackdown the case as the incident still remain mysterious.last_img read more

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Govt to launch third tranche of gold bond scheme on March 8

first_imgThe Narendra Modi government will launch the third tranche of the gold bond scheme on March 8. The previous two rounds had got a good response, enabling the government to raise nearly Rs 1,050 crore. “The Third Tranche of the Sovereign Gold Bonds will be kept open from 8th March 2016 (Tuesday) to 14th March, 2016 (Monday). The Bonds will be issued on 29th March, 2016,” said a finance ministry statement.The government had received 3.16 lakh applications for 2,790 kg of gold valued at about Rs 726 crore in the second tranche under the sovereign gold bond (SGB) scheme from Jan. 18 to 22, 2016.The gold bond scheme, aimed at reducing the physical demand for the metal, was the first-of-its-kind launched by the Modi government on Nov. 5 last year.  India imports about 800-1,000 tonnes of gold annually and is the world’s second-largest consumer of the yellow metal after China.The bonds will be available in both demat and physical forms. The maturity period for the bonds will be eight years, with the option to exit from the fifth year. The bonds will be made available through designated banks and post offices.Investors will be paid a fixed rate of interest of 2.75% per annum on their investment. The interest will be paid half-yearly and bonds can be furnished as collaterals to obtain loans.last_img read more

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Road Ahead Murky After Judge Rules Proposition B Unconstitutional

first_img 00:00 /00:45 Share X Listen To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: FLICKR.COM/SAFARI_VACATIONHouston’s firefighters’ union is vowing to appeal this week’s ruling that declared voter-mandated pay raises for firefighters unconstitutional. Proposition B has drawn opposing rulings from two different judges.Last year, Judge Randy Wilson, a Republican, upheld Proposition B and ruled it must be enforced. He lost reelection in November to Judge Tanya Garrison, a Democrat, who struck down the measure this week. Texas’ appeals courts lean heavily Republican, but that won’t necessarily help the firefighters’ union.“Preemption is something that you really don’t typically see the same kind of Republican versus Democrat differentiation that sometimes you do on some social issues,” said Charles “Rocky” Rhodes, a professor of constitutional law at South Texas College of Law Houston. Rhodes said that Republican or not, the appeals court will likely focus on the narrow question of whether Proposition B conflicts with state law.last_img read more

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Game of Thrones Season 8 MetroCards Delayed in NYC

first_imgStay on target ‘Game of Thrones’ Director Explains Why Arya Ambushed the Night King’Game of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner Predicts Sansa Stark’s Future Game of Thrones’ final season won’t air until April, but the show’s fans in New York will have to wait for another surprise: Season 8 transit MetroCards.HBO recently collaborated with Grand Central Station and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for a major Game of Thrones promotion, according to Newsweek. On Tuesday, Grand Central Station was set to feature Game of Thrones decor and distribute 250,000 limited-edition Game of Thrones MetroCards.However, this plan never took place. In response to a Newsweek tweet, the MTA wrote that the plan to debut Game of Thrones MetroCards is delayed and that there isn’t a set “release date at this time.” MTA also advised to check its Twitter account for updates.@MTA What’s going on with the Game of Thrones metro cards at Grand Central tomorrow? What time will they be available?— detective psyduck (@AndWhalen) November 26, 2018center_img Good afternoon. We do not have a firm release date for this promotional MetroCard at this time and the cards will not be coming out this week — please check back for details as they become available. ^BD— NYCT Subway (@NYCTSubway) November 26, 2018HBO and MTA’s Game of Thrones MetroCards aren’t the only products focused on the series’ last season. In October, Diageo’s Johnnie Walker and HBO unveiled a limited-edition White Walker by Johnnie Walker scotch whiskey and the Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Collection. For those that love Game of Thrones and board game nights, the HBOShop has a Game of Thrones Monopoly game, which is available for pre-order on its website.Winter is coming, and Throneheads can collect awesome fan merchandise from now until the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere next year. Over the next few months, fans will have to wait for more details on what’s to come for Westeros.More on Geek.com:‘Game of Thrones’ is Coming Back to HBO in April 2019Dragons Make ‘Game of Thrones: Conquest’ a Real ScorcherHulu and George R.R. Martin Are Developing New ‘Wild Cards’ Showslast_img read more

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Sony sued over PSN cant sue us clause

first_imgFollowing the huge security breach of the PlayStation Network, Sony realized that not only did it require better security for PSN, it also needed to protect itself as a company from millions of gamers potentially suing it in the future. The solution: add a new clause to the PSN terms of service that had gamers agree never to sue the company.It was such a clever and sneaky workaround both EA and Microsoft decided to do the same thing. It meant if anything goes wrong with your Sony or Microsoft online services, there’s not much you can do about it. The same is true for EA’s Origin service.While it may seem like a great solution to an otherwise potentially very expensive problem, not all gamers are happy to accept these new terms. You can opt out of the don’t sue clause, but there was limited time to do so (30 days from the time you agreed), and Sony didn’t exactly advertise this had been added to their terms and conditions.So guess what has happened? A class action lawsuit has been filed against Sony for unfair business practices relating to the introduction of this clause. The lawsuit represents anyone who owned a PS3 before the don’t sue clause was introduced, and accuses Sony of forcing gamers to make a choice between giving up their rights or losing access to the online gaming network they are entitled to.Sony has yet to make comment on the lawsuit, but it does pose a problem for them. If successful, it means the clause has to be removed. It would also mean both Microsoft and EA would likely have to change their terms too or risk facing similar action.via GameSpotlast_img read more

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Mahahual to have own search and rescue station

first_imgMahahual, Q.R. — A commander with a navel zone in Chetumal says the community of Mahahual will have its own Naval Search and Rescue station next year.The project, which will be for the Secretariat of the Navy, is scheduled to begin in March 2019. Commander of the eleventh naval zone based in Chetumal, Eduviges Martínez Sandoval, said the project has an estimated cost of 90 million peso.The facilities will be located on the coast of Mahahual and will be equipped with infrastructure, materials, equipment, technology and specialized personnel. They will also have several speedboats and at least one helicopter.The station will have a competition radius of 100 kilometers from its location and will be used to reinforce surveillance tasks that are carried out in the area’s waters.These facilities will also be used to attend to emergency situations to help vessels or people in trouble. In May, the Mexico Navy rescued a drifting boat off the shores of Chetumal.In June, the Navy of Mexico from the Port of Mahahual seized a boat they say was involved in the illegal poaching of pink snails. Mexican navy officials were led on a water-chase as a group of men fled after being spotted illegally fishing pink snails.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Strong earthquakes felt on Costa Ricas northwestern coast

first_imgA magnitude-4.2 earthquake woke up residents of coastal areas in Costa Rica’s northern Pacific at 4:19 a.m. on Friday.Just a few minutes later, at 4:32 a.m., a stronger quake measuring 5.2 degrees hit the region, located in the province of Guanacaste.The University of Costa Rica’s National Seismological Network (RSN) reported that two more quakes with magnitudes of 3.8 and 4.8 shook the same area.All four earthquakes had their epicenters within the same area, located between 45 and 60 kilometers (28-37 miles) off the coast of Tamarindo, the report stated.The RSN reported it received many calls and messages on social media of people saying they felt the quakes very strongly. Most of those reports were from residents of Tamarindo and other nearby communities including Cartagena, Villareal, Sardinal and Cabo Velas.At around noon, the RSN said it had not received any reports of injuries or damaged property. Facebook Comments Related posts:Earthquake in Cartago damaged dozens of houses Earthquake jolts five provinces in Costa Rica Flooding, ashfall, strong winds top Costa Rica’s natural disaster list this year Turrialba Volcano spews ash 1 km highlast_img read more

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Baja California Sur MEXICO – An exclusive retreat

first_imgBaja California Sur, MEXICO – An exclusive retreat on the shores of the Sea of Cortez, Bahìa de los Sueños is emerging as Mexico’s hidden opportunity for luxury, resort living in one of Baja’s most beautiful, natural settings. Surrounded by authentic fishing villages, Bahìa de los Sueños is characterized by secret coves and magnificent desert sierras, all along a coastline as tranquil and secluded as when Spanish settlers landed here in 1535. From the custom homes entwined into its landscape to its Tom Doak-designed golf course, Bahìa de los Sueños – the Bay of Dreams – is poised to become an exclusive community to rival the most desired destinations in the world.“Bahìa de los Sueños offers discerning property owners a supreme resort lifestyle far removed from the crowds of Cabo,” said Charles Freedman, President of PCS Development, the developer behind Bahìa de los Sueños. “The community has the feel of an old Mediterranean fishing village, but it is Baja to the core. Everything planned here – including the finest services, beautiful hotels, golf and beach clubs, gourmet dining, and state-of-the-art spa – will be offered with the most sophisticated design and elite presentation. But the real luxury of Bahìa is its privacy, and its natural, restorative energy.”Just 35 miles southeast of La Paz and 100 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas, Bahìa de los Sueños encompasses approximately 4,300 total acres. Currently, the community embraces an estimated 600 custom homesites, 450 planned casita-style residences, and the Doak-designed 18-hole golf course. Future plans call for elite resort amenities, hotels, private airport, and a boutique commercial center. The region’s most compelling features – its swimmable waters and virgin sand – engage the senses and will turn the Bahìa de los Sueños Golf and Beach Club and Fishing Club into social centers and launching pads for outdoor invigoration above and below the waterline.The resort residences of Bahía de los Sueños are custom homes that merge with their stunningly pristine surroundings. Tucked above private coves with endless sea views, these homes are rendered in authentic Baja architecture that reflects the spirit and color of their environment, as well as the personalities of their inhabitants. Resort villas that front the harbor and golf casitas in exclusive enclaves thrive on the vibrancy of the Bahía village. Home designs are intended not to impose themselves upon the landscape but to blend indoors with outdoors, offering the possibility of living with the ocean and land that few will ever experience.One of the most expansive custom estates at Bahía de los Sueños sits across three homesites and encompasses approximately 20,000 square feet. The residence features eight elegant bedrooms, a movie projection theatre, a 3,000-square-foot, solar-heated infinity pool, and an entertainment building with a basketball court and putting green. Integrated into the home are a Bulthaup-designed kitchen, Agape and Dornbracht plumbing fixtures, Albertini windows and doors, and Spanish stone and marble. The home’s electric and lighting systems incorporate “smart house” technology.At the heart of Bahía de los Sueños is its golf course – scheduled to open for play in fall 2009 – and private clubs. Renowned designer Tom Doak has crafted a beautifully restrained, habitat-sensitive layout that responds to the bay-view topography and emphasizes conservation of land and water. Expected to be one of the highest-rated courses in Mexico, it embraces the Bahìa de los Sueños Golf & Beach Club, a private club which welcomes resort guests and homeowners. An 18-hole, three-par executive course will offer a chipping-and-putting alternative adjacent to Doak’s masterpiece.Over 50 homesites have already sold at Bahìa de los Sueños, with at least 10 estates completed or under construction. Second-home and destination enthusiasts – like former NFL standout Kyle Turley and yachtsman Dick Peterson – have built homes here and are encouraging others to do the same. They have branded the Bay as both a great financial opportunity and an unparalleled locale for active luxury living and escapism.With its pledge of responsible stewardship of the land and sea, Bahía de los Sueños embraces principles of sustainable living and searches out renewable energy sources whenever possible. In addition to environment- and energy-conscious features found within most homes at the community, a desalinization plant is currently underway to distill nearby water into potable form. Testing is being conducted for the potential creation of a windmill farm, and plans are in place to establish a foundation to care for, sustain, conserve and restore the wildlife and waters of Bahía de los Sueños.www.BahiaSuenos.comlast_img read more

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