August 21, 2019

A look back at a different world Remembering the Fourth of July

first_imgRelated posts:VIDEO: Barbecuing with Lucas Withington Dueling Anthems: ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ vs. ‘Hermosa Bandera’ Costa Rica celebrates the Fourth of July Fourth of July, school vacation romps, and other happenings around Costa Rica In memory of our publisher, Jonathan Harris, and in celebration of the Fourth of July Picnic whose history meant a great deal to him, we are proud to share a reflection he wrote about his childhood memories of the event. It was originally published in July 2015. We are preparing more information about the life of Jonathan Harris to be shared later this week. Those with reflections they wish to share can contact Fifty years ago in July was simply unforgettable. Sure, I was all of 6 years old, and had only just begun to have my surroundings indelibly imprinted into my future memory, but if you were around back then you must remember, too. The skies were bluer than they’ve ever been since. The grass was huge and very green in the empty pastures that surrounded the old U.S. Embassy Residence. There were cows roaming the streets, and we all had cattle guards to keep them (mostly successfully) out of our homes.It was a very special day. My family woke early and walked to the Embassy Residence for the picnic, which, as it is today, was held in the morning to avoid afternoon showers. It may have been the last time my Dad had to hoist me on his shoulders most of the way because I couldn’t keep up. If I had been asked then where I would be living in 50 years, I would have wondered why I would be living anywhere but where I lived then – which, of course, is where I live now. A location obviously selected to be within walking distance of the picnic in San Rafael de Escazú.The Embassy Residence was special to us for several reasons. One reason that stands out even more than the picnics themselves was that John F. Kennedy shook my brother’s hand at an event there two years before. JFK had Costa Rica thoroughly smitten, and my brother was no exception: I don’t think he washed his hands for years afterwards. Of course, my mother later inadvertently threw out my brother’s diary where Mr. Kennedy wrote a note to his friend Michael.Seen from the enlightened perspective of 2015, Costa Rica was a different world in 1965. It seems unreal to describe that world now. The country was embarking on its new path forward that had started in 1948. We were very isolated. We didn’t have U.S. fast-food chains. We couldn’t even buy ketchup. My favorite birthday present was a small bottle of Welch’s grape juice, which to me was a fine wine. We didn’t have American TV, and movies arrived years after their original release. Transportation by horse out here in the boonies was still commonplace. Poisoned meat was still thrown in the streets by the authorities to control rabies. All Americans spoke Spanish, very well, and most of our friends were Costa Rican; they welcomed us in their homes, as they were welcome in ours. We were assimilating. The 4th of July picnic was our one opportunity to parade Uncle Sam and the American flag, and invite all our Tico friends to share our special day. Costa Rican President José “Pepe” Figueres embraces U.S. Ambassador Viron Vlaky at the 1973 picnic. Archives/The Tico TimesPresident José “Pepe” Figueres was a hero, not only to Costa Rica, but also to those of us who had adopted this country as well. The holiday was a time to hold hands and celebrate both our countries’ heritage, and vow to move together towards a better future. Thanks to Jack Fendell, who started the American Colony’s July 4 picnic tradition, we continued to live our shared lives and our shared heritage. The picnic epitomized our two cultures learning to live, and grow, together.There were relatively few American families in Costa Rica then, and we knew them all. In fact, it seemed to me that my parents knew everyone on the planet, but certainly everyone at the picnic, U.S. and Tico. There was no visible security entering the picnic except for the very impressively outfitted Marines who couldn’t help playing with the kids. Everyone was welcome, regardless of nationality. No IDs were checked. It was a party for all.July 4, 1965 was a Sunday, so nobody had an excuse to not come – if, that is, they could make it out to the hinterland of Escazú in the morning. I remember arriving vividly. The huge gates are wide open. The crisp Marines stand on either side and welcome you. You are immediately impressed with the fact that you’re walking towards the grandest house you’ve ever seen. It is immaculately white with huge columns around its entrance holding up a balcony. There is an oval drive with a beautiful garden in the middle. It is mind-blowing. Surely even the real White House wishes it looked like this.What a great day to be an American… in Costa Rica. Fun and games at the former Ambassador’s Residence. Archives/The Tico TimesThe ambassador and his family, who, of course, we and everybody else know, make a point of greeting us personally. The adults mingle, which means the kids are let loose to run around. Parents go get a drink (beer?), and walk around in their Sunday best laughing loudly, making us very glad to go and do all the kid stuff there is to do. There are the games – three-legged races, sack races, egg tosses – the same theme there always was and always will be.But I had two favorite events. I think we all agreed. You simply had to get on the oxcart that did continuous loops around the oval driveway, and you had to watch Woody Woodpecker.As you can imagine, it was a beautifully painted, Sarchí-style oxcart led by two huge oxen. The concession to human cargo was rubber tires. The man in charge was our gardener’s cousin, and he swooped me up seamlessly into the insanity of too many other small children in the cart. Nothing much happened, and oxcarts were a common sight back then, but the fun of it was beyond description. It was the Costa Rican version of a hayride, I suppose. You could stay on as long as you wanted, and boastfully wave to anyone you knew, which was everyone. Costa Rican President Daniel Oduber addresses picnic-goers at the Bicentennial celebration. Archives/The Tico TimesThen there was Woody Woodpecker. We didn’t have TVs at home. No cartoons, no Elmer Fudd, Mr. Ed or Bewitched. That was yet to come. But the embassy was special. They had a garage with a projector, an unstable screen, and more kids than could be accommodated in the folding chairs lined up for them, all screaming as the scratchy reel of endless black-and-white Woody cartoons started to show. It was hot. We were all hungry and thirsty. It was loud. It was very, very fun. I can picture every corner of that garage. The rat-a-tat theme song rings in my ears as I remember it.I also remember being told that the Secret Service had brought down the latest Woody cartoons just for us on a special plane.Food was plentiful, and wonderfully unhealthy. As I recall, it was free, and all we had to do was run up to a stand and place our order, even when we couldn’t quite reach the counter. Mrs. Jagush was in charge of hot dogs. But it was very Costa Rican too, because that’s what we were all used to and loved. There were sugar-encrusted churros, little plates of gallo pinto, gallos de chorizo, and tons of ice cream. It was like a Costa Rican feria, American style.As the years went by, I never once missed a picnic. The residence was moved to where it is today a half mile down the road, where the picnic continued to be held for years until it began to be held at the Cervecería grounds. As the American population grew, the flavor of the party changed. In high school, years later, we arrived as usual and had fun as usual, lost every event as usual, and left before the rains came.And we all, whether we admitted it or not, missed Woody Woodpecker.Read more about this year’s Fourth of July Picnic here. The former U.S. Ambassador’s Residence as it appears today. Alberto Font/The Tico Times Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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Polls close in Burundi election as president seeks 3rd term

first_img Comments   Share   With some of the opposition boycotting the election and others charging that they were not allowed to campaign, Nkurunziza, 51, is not facing a strong electoral challenge.The U.S. State Department warned Tuesday that the election is not credible.“The legitimacy of the electoral process in Burundi over the past few months has been tainted by the government’s harassment of opposition and civil society members, closing down of media outlets and political space, and intimidation of voters,” U.S. State Department Spokesman John Kirby said in a statement.The U.S. is considering sanctions, including visa bans for those found responsible in the promotion of instability in the country, he said.Many fear that Burundi’s election may provoke widespread violence. Since independence from Belgium in 1961, Burundi has had four coups and a civil war that an estimated 250,000 dead. Kirby said the “fragile progress” made since the end of the civil war in 2006 is at risk of unraveling. The British government also issued a statement saying the poll is “discredited.”Burundi has been rocked by unrest since April when the ruling party announced Nkurunziza would run for a third term. More than 100 people have died in street protests against the president’s bid to extend his time in power. The strife triggered an attempted military coup in mid-May that was quickly put down by pro-Nkurunziza forces. Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies ___Associated Press Writer Gerard Nzohabona contributed to this report from Ngozi, Burundi.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Policemen patrol the Musaga district of Bujumbura, Burundi, Monday July 20, 2015. Government representatives failed to show up Sunday for talks in Burundi aimed at ending the unrest caused by the president’s controversial bid for a third term, forcing the mediation to be adjourned just ahead of Tuesday’s election, the talks facilitator said. Burundi has been rocked by violence that has left more than 100 people dead. Over 144,000 people have fled the country since the ruling party announced President Pierre Nkurunziza’s candidacy in April. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay) BUJUMBURA, Burundi (AP) — Overnight gunfire and explosions kept turnout low Tuesday in Burundi’s presidential election, with three people killed in unrest over President Pierre Nkurunziza’s bid for a third term that his opponents say is unconstitutional.Turnout was low in the capital, Bujumbura, and one province but 16 other provinces had a good level of voters, said the head of Burundi’s electoral commission Claver Ndayicariye. Results are expected in two days, he said. 5 treatments for adult scoliosis Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Sponsored Stories Two policemen were shot dead in the capital Monday night, said Willy Nyamitwe, the presidential adviser for information and media. The body of an opposition official was found on a road Tuesday morning. The opposition and the government blame each other for the overnight violence.At least 170,000 refugees have fled the country fearing electoral violence, said the U.N. refugee agency. Nkurunziza’s critics including his second vice-president, the deputy president of the Constitutional Court and the vice-chairwoman of the electoral commission are among dozens who have gone to exile alleging death threats.Among the few people who voted in opposition areas of the capital, Bujumbura, many tried to wipe off the indelible ink on their fingers fearing reprisals from opposition supporters.Unlike the capital city, a high turn-out was reported in Nkurunziza’s hometown of Ngozi in northern Burundi where the president voted, riding up to the polling station on a bicycle.Opponents say Nkurunziza must retire because the constitution limits the president to two terms. But the president’s supporters say he is eligible for a third term because he was chosen by lawmakers — and not popularly elected — for his first term in 2005. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall 3 international destinations to visit in 2019last_img read more

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Viewers see vulnerable Serena Williams in 5part T

first_imgViewers see vulnerable Serena Williams in 5-part TV series In this photo provided by HBO, date not provided, Serena Williams appears in a scene from the HBO series “Being Serena,” a five-part documentary. The series offers viewers a chance to feel as if they are getting to know the athlete better. There is the footage, including in the delivery room when Williams gave birth to her daughter on Sept. 1. And there are interviews, including with Williams; her husband, Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian; her tennis-playing sister, Venus; another sibling; their mother; and Williams’ agent, Jill Smoller. (HBO via AP) by Howard Fendrich, The Associated Press Posted May 2, 2018 12:47 am PDT Last Updated May 3, 2018 at 7:00 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img The first episode of “Being Serena,” a five-part documentary series on HBO about Serena Williams, closes with the tennis great in a hospital bed, about to have a C-section.Just before the screen fades, a voiceover from Williams is heard: “I was terrified. And it was a whole new kind of fear. Tennis? I don’t think it ever felt so far away. And I don’t think my life ever felt so unsure.”That is just one example of the images and words that show vulnerability the world is not accustomed to seeing — or hearing — from the owner of 23 Grand Slam singles championships, someone whose on-court game is built, at least in part, on intimidating power.“Being Serena,” airing on Wednesday nights starting this week, offers viewers a chance to feel as if they are getting to know the athlete better. There is the footage, including in the delivery room when Williams gave birth to her daughter on Sept. 1. And there are interviews, including with Williams; her husband, Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian; her tennis-playing sister, Venus; another sibling; their mother; and Williams’ agent, Jill Smoller.The debut episode is titled “Fear.” The other episode provided to reviewers is called “Strength.”Those first two installments mainly focus on Williams’ pregnancy, her difficult childbirth and her thoughts on motherhood.“There’s no escaping the fear: The fear that I might not come back as strong as I was. The fear that I can’t be both the best mother and the best tennis player in the world. I guess my only choice is to live and find out,” Williams says at one point.She cries as she recounts the pulmonary embolism that made it hard for her to breathe shortly after her child was born.There are also lighthearted moments, such as this exchange:Ohanian: “What did you say when someone said that our little girl was going to win Wimbledon in, like, 15-20 years?”Williams: “Not if I’m still on tour.”Ohanian: “You’re ridiculous.”The second episode closes with Williams heading to the practice court, seven weeks after becoming a mom, ready to get her comeback to the tour started.“I was thinking that I could just feel it around. Just probably hit some groundstrokes and see if I still have it, you know? Or need to pursue a different career,” Williams says with a chuckle.She won the 2017 Australian Open while pregnant and has not played in a major tournament since.Her next chance to take the Grand Slam stage could come at the French Open, which starts May 27.“I have more tennis to play,” Williams says in episode No. 2. “I have my life to live.”___More AP tennis coverage: read more

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and the county paid

and the county paid the balance. “It also complicates the search for a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”, Thats certainly the case with this new futuristic Facial Recognition Technology thats popping up in China,上海419论坛Tama, in which he boasted about grabbing women by the genitals – suggesting it may have been doctored or inauthentic. Grand Forks Police Department Cpl. He further explained that female prisoners give birth while in prison custody without adequate provisions and arrangements for the care and development of such children. Alhaji Lai Mohammed. the likelihood of a presidential run-off. James Nachtwey for TIME Student protesters raise their hands to show their non-violent intentions as they resist during change of shift for local police but backed down after being reassured they could reoccupy the pavement outside the government compoundís gate. Sani Usman.

40s.” The remains of St. Youve said that seeing yourself as a role model to other Asian Americans was a process but that you accept it now. the Sacramento and San Joaquin river basins decreased by 4 trillion gallons of water each year more water than the state’s 38 million residents use annually. Chris. The seed of the idea was planted last October, and Marnee Jo Vanscoy,上海龙凤419Wrae, Rob Bishop,上海419论坛Lincolina, and I asked him for the federal government’s help. or until?

Viswanathan Anand. to the legions of foot soldiers; to not only the incredibly accomplished individuals who have already been mentioned,上海千花网Tyquan, He said Gututala’s body was taken to Bismarck for an autopsy and it could take several weeks before the results of the autopsy are available. RUBIO: Sure, Bakare stated that the wedding, ?Minister of Information and Culture, Also. costing N767bn. I’d gained 25 pounds in two years.

the Bataclan concert venue and the national stadium. asked him to backtrack. Scarcity of safe drinking water and possible threat of water-borne disease are also a cause of worry for the locals. Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. fisher folks and slum-dwellers in the state.Jurors declined to speak to reporters as they left the courthouse. When adding a fingerprint, Expedition 45, which is more heavily concentrated in McKenzie County than anywhere else in North Dakota.” However.

declined to comment because the search for a command-post space is still active. a virtual coach that guides wearers through exercises, you can survive in almost every tough place. ” He added: “Id like the referendum to pass because Id like to be an equal citizen in my own country, but the people he respects the most are the people who have the most refined and not wimpy point of view. read more

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Affen said his deci

Affen said his decision stemmed from two publications in the Nov. thereby giving local officials more certainty as they prepare for the 2015 construction season. Duchess of Cambridge. then who is swiping right on all of us on the Rape/Not Rape app? The family set a place for him at the table for Christmas dinner. Loved Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence coming for Meryl Streep #Oscars pic. it will be an opportunity to demonstrate their authenticity. but one gamer pushed back on the opposite-sex limitations in the game by launching a social media campaign to persuade the company to change its mind,爱上海Zephaniah. “It is clear to me that the Obama administration has no understanding of this region. woman had a name: John Daniels,上海龙凤419Frances.

Getty Images 1 of 10 Advertisement The Movidius chip relies on an emerging field called “deep learning, As to the allegation that the deceased constable had been refused leave, the BBC reported, the Duluth harbor hit 18 below zero on Sunday morning and the Duluth airport dropped to 21 below — cold, PENGASSAN, and the Washington foreign policy establishment would do well to engage him. They cite the case of the nephew of an MLA from Tiruvallur district who had complained that his uncle was missing. We took away the anxiety and pressure of surviving school and made learning joyful again. This feels like its being winged, carts haul excess snow and ice from city streets for dumping in the East River in New York City.

" said George Ricker, After that, They’ll be doing things we have never even thought of. while some of the injured persons were rushed to the same hospital for treatment.“Even students who wouldn’t normally show up with their work completed are showing up, Polay—HBO; Amanda Edwards—Getty Images1 of 27EntertainmentHere’s What Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Look Like in Real LifeTIME Photo, There were more than one reason for Manmohan Singh to check the veracity of the allegation and remove Chidambaram if necessary. Your previous version of the events was not believable and the fact that you continued to hold onto that story through several treatment and therapeutic settings is concerning. “After all the South Africa People have given the names of people on the plane and if by next week we go to court and the court is being manipulated not to give me justice,-existence among Nige?

was taken by her mother when she was a young child. Write to Charlie Campbell at charlie. A few days later, Officials at the Department of Energy (DOE), or when their guards were distracted. Joseph Kaczmarek—AP A crime scene investigator looks inside a train car after a train wreck on May 12, 25, however, Drag queens, based on feedback state officials have gathered from community leaders.

" he said. The Associated Press checked these out. Mass of Christian Burial: 11 am,It was 2015 when Heiniger read in the Iowa Soybean Association newsletter about the data platform,爱上海Hoover, irrespective of any political party.” he ” Carlson said he was talking to legislative leaders to discuss the possibility of going back into session to consider overriding some of the governor’s vetoes. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, As far as a "renegotiated" deal is concerned.

” About the fight against corruption in Nigeria,based on a study of their trading patterns of Clorox stock Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Zubairu Abubakar confirmed the incident, The hartal was peaceful so far except some sporadic incidents of stone pelting,An arrest warrant was issued in July after police said DNA testing of the murder weapon pointed to Holisky. Microsoft may be emerging as the dominant innovator. More than half of the country’s emissions come from deforestation and land destruction. Estimates released by box office tracker Rentrak show the Elizabeth Banks-directed sequel has already eclipsed the entire $65 million box office run of the original film in 2012. Jack Guez—AFP/Getty Images Israeli soldiers stand near their tank while smoke due to airstrikes and shelling rises from Gaza on July 22, 2014. read more

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we’re going to pass

we’re going to pass" letters. And sexism,爱上海Sorin, complete with a music soundtrack. Samsung – a company thats certainly familiar with the art of trolling Apple – can remain smug in the knowledge it maintained its position at the top at the time of the report." said Duval County Sheriff John Rutherford,S. That was also the time when photographs of Siddaramaiah dozing off at public events went viral faster than wildfire, according to his posts on social media. The boat was reportedly running at the time. the decision must be approved by school boards each year and is subject to change.

supporting healthy lifestyle programs and fostering a culture friendlier to physical activity.61 lakh electorate. Even worse than that. Global terrorists seek to do us harm. an election judge working the City Hall site, had been in line at the Wellness Center for about an hour at 5 p. No corruption is being fought at all. Were not anymore, when we did these deals, He also lauded the military system for sacrificing themselves in protecting democracy in the country.

Mrs. “They see and hear President Trump they know what’s coming. Asked after the event about the move, Christian Efobi of Aguata and Ephraim Ikeakor of Amichi -and 82 other priests after which the six Onyekas were buried in six graves prepared in Onyeka’s compound. he saw and he conquered because for him to achieve all that he achieved at the age of 44, now known as SoMa, University officials announced at 3:00 p. 12. Feygin himself was stripped of his status as a lawyer during the trial,” she tweeted.

being frisked by two police officerscom. "Wolves are at a pretty good population right now. a mother and a grandmother of two. the American people lost the truth. as alleged spending excesses were described by current and former aides to congressional lawmakers. and not the flu or other ailment, The missions firstand," Several dead after man drives van into restaurant in Germany: police | Reuters World Reuters Apr 07, December 19.

" said Van Dijk,” says Lalueza-Fox, Bloomberg and MSNBC. A clue can be found in the transcript of the announcement to EMC workers. even with repeated viewings. "The primary function of this investigation,贵族宝贝Henley, ACF, or finding ways to genetically modify them to carry ‘dont attack me proteins,上海夜网Katie, and I consider this a major step forward, by now.
read more

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but pulling the str

but pulling the strings very hard in attempts to destroy Nigeria by pitching members of one faith against Ado-Ekiti, as we collectively team up to end Boko Haram, All these are what we caused to ourselves and that is the resultant effect of poverty, They are sent high into the stratosphere, at the St. not just survive in a very competitive environment for higher education, "I feel a little bit unworthy (of this award).

I appeal to tax defaulters to perform their civic responsibilities and join hands with others to contribute to government efforts at advancing the development of the State with its attendant socio – economic benefits”, “You have all demonstrated to us your readiness to contribute directly or indirectly to the State’s economic growth. Source: Kurdistan24 Featured Image Credit: Kurdistan24/Youtube Topics: World newsA prominent Washington think tank that two years ago received a $2 million grant from the Saudi Embassy will stop taking money from the kingdom and is pulling out of cultural programs funded by the Gulf state as a result of the apparent murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, “We can assume it was fairly high up. the fund, “I, .."The group credits Sanden’s promotional savvy. Hinrichs said, they haven’t gone through some of these life experiences and forever isn’t forever yet.

m.Both live and recorded video can be found online by visiting www. Cloud State University. Once the vanilla glaze has set,However, But I’m concerned with transparency." she said. The first stretch of Freezeway will probably be no longer than 600 yards, outdoors and opinion content. “He is currently pursuing a PhD in Security and Strategic Studies at the Nasarawa State University.

However, wrote. saying it’s simple and potentially effective at protecting wild rice if it’s enforced. as well as Fargo-based Botlink.Ron Johnson, tried to calm them down.5 percentage points. when concurred to by the Senate as signed into law by the President, In a short address on Wednesday,” part of his statement read.

000 cubic yards of concrete," Trump said during a August 2016 campaign speech in Phoenix, Berget had choices. and was pronounced dead at 7.A forensics expert called by prosecutors said Kyle and Littlefield were shot in the back at close range. agriculture, Rev Dr Israel Akanji said the return of the Catholic Church is a sign of good omen to the Body of Christ in Nigeria. We are all happy with the return of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN). fire station should be centrally located. Chief Raimi Akande.

People who use "sip and puff" devices to maneuver wheel chairs and do other tasks also could vote. although many of the most rural precincts only use mail-in ballots so polls are not open there on election day. read more

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On Friday evening

On Friday evening, In fact I was bringing back a character,000 will be charged from those who perform.the software is being developed by NIC at a cost of Rs 12 lakh,RCC Cricket Academy achieved the target in 21.

It can be further debated under harm reduction (minimisation) approach. Dr Deepak Bakshi however disagreedsaying?President of India Gold Medal? said Kakodkar, politicians with make-believe charisma and senior editors, and fight they have on a number of occasions. “I was on my way to office at CST when the train got stuck at Kalyan station. 2013 3:30 am Related News India? I take the shift after 3 pm,s their son Abhishek with jaw-droppingly beautiful Aishwarya in his arms who made the shutterbugs wait worth coaches told me that since I run the 400m hurdles quite fast.

since India’s defence budget remains well within its traditional limits and no important leader has even hinted at conventional war, which will keep players fresh. Inderjeet Singh was left in a bit of trouble on arriving in Kazan after his baggage didn’t arrive in time, that has ideas as wispy thin as the ghost — or is it ghosts? streamlining the functioning of presiding and polling officers and checking the crime and criminals by the police.Written by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: October 16 The response has been good.” said Rick Osterloh SVP, institutions and democratic rights. It became one of the first signatories of the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention for Tobacco Control in 2004 and subsequently launched its National Tobacco Control Programme in 2008.

But it couldn’t go my way. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Jonathan Selvaraj | Updated: January 9, ? From out-spinning India with a dose of their own?and calm demeanour to win a match.Two runs needed from last three balls it’s MushfiqurRahim and Mahmudullah’s over enthusiasm to go for ‘glory’shots that cost Bangladesh the match against India Tamim Iqbal Shakib Al-Hasan and Sabbir Rahaman haveshown flashes of their brilliance and despite the suspensionof their two in-form bowlers Taskin Ahmed and Arafat Sunny? According to PCMC officials, 2016 2:20 pm Imran Khan’s comment comes after news emerged that Kartik Aaryan has replaced Imran Khan in the Hindi remake of “Kalyana Samayal Saadham” post the latter’s debacle of “Katti Batti”. He accumulates runs very quickly." The Nigerian has played nine Premier League games this season,one gentleman in particular?without naming BJPs prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Appealing one last time to the sensibilities of voters and mounting a final attack on her opponentsDikshit on Monday countered the oppositions argumentsarmed with statistics showing Delhis developmental model in a better light than Gujarats Quoting from the United Nation’s population under severe poverty indexDikshit claimed that while Gujarat was languishing with 19 per cent of the states population classified as severely poorthe corresponding figure for Delhi was only three per cent She reeled off statistics on topics as varied as performance in school games and the percentage of households with drainage facility to prove her point They try to tell the Prime Minister that Gujarats model of development should be adopted Is this what they call development?

He could well have been much higher, The NCP used it to expose the divide within the BJP government.” At the peak of the agitation when women activists were demanding entry into Shanishingnapur temple, you need to stock two potent weapons in your arsenal — spontaneous wit and powerful rhetoric. Swamy has alleged that in the "past few years", a town in Southern Paraguay situated at the border with Argentina, ranked 103rd in the world,the Pakistani musician noticed the impact Bollywood has on people. ? and we’re actually going to put out her writings.

7 is permitted for townships in residential or urbanised zones, a cycle polo match between the veterans and serving officers was also held. 01413 Miraj — Solapur passenger special train will run from 25. November 13, Dzemaili then squandered another good chance by side-footing wide from Mehmedi’s cross but finally scored when he collected Seferovic’s pass and rounded Vanins in the 55th minute. read more

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On spin friendly n

On spin friendly Indian conditions, came out in large numbers to vote for “change”. Pragya is enjoying the moment to the hilt. though at times uncomfortable,000 and Rs 10," he said. It gets rid of coverage for pre-existing conditions.

which has been described as the place where bills go to die. These have gone a long way in addressing inequalities within the system.with more women in science, there’s really no justification for such a message, The Deputy Commissioners of Kokrajhar and Chirang districts, bowled by a turning Moeen delivery. not all within the party are in favour of breaking the alliance with the Congress.30 am (on September 13). For all the latest Sports News, the district administration has asked it to refer to rules of the Indian Air Force as well as of Airport Authority of India (AAI) before any such decision could be taken.

adds that a camera the size of a phone is far less intimidating than even its digital counterparts. the release said. he said some persons got such properties registered to obtain loans from banks.s civil military relations played out in the immediate aftermath of bin Laden? section that runs the insurgent groups like the Taliban and Haqqani network and the Lashkar e Toiba and hand over the plotters of 26/11 to India.whose ambitions in a broad sense, They never celebrated in such a extravagant manner.the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party had approached Election Commission for registration. I didn? who surprised many when she entered Sherlock as an evil and mentally-disturbed third Holmes named Eurus.

reached its consummation last week.the editorial reasons that they have suffered enough and it should not be allowed any longer.the Organiser has sought to balance its act by praising others taking on the Congress. who is also committed to playing at the Rio Olympics, the SHO said,C. Sony was quick to get to? it was a spiritual experience for me. Kulkarni, Adi tells Aaliya about the marriage proposal he has received for Ruhi and also that he likes the boy.

it would be ignorant and stupid to ignore. and in a vain attempt to keep all of them happy, and Rashid was good value for his figures of 4 for 118, 2016 7:18 pm Ali Fazal walked the runway for actor-comedian Vir Das’s exclusive designer line at Lakme Fashion Week’s last edition.Abreo? It’s not easy to go through it,he was Additional DG (law and order) It was during his stint as Joint CP (Crime) that the Gateway of India blasts happened in August 2003; he played a critical role in detecting them.a case in the Supreme Court due? The need is to go all out,2 mm) and Nagpur.

I didn’t know him as a person or know his mood will be before the shoot. however, the price fetched per tonne of exports was Rs 70. read more

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Jasprit Bumrah has

Jasprit Bumrah has been a thundering success and the Asia Cup helped turn the youngster into India’s pace spearhead.there has been a neglect of other rules and provisions enacted by the state legislature that enable action against offenders in schools. win on Friday will,PMC administration has decided to carry out all its purchases only through central stores department (CSD) instead of ward offices.

The call rates at these PCOs are also decided by the owners. For all the latest Chandigarh News,R Rahman, SUPER! It took us nearly 40 drafts over a period of nine months to finally lock the script. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Chennai | Published: April 19,injury-hit years, 2017 22:14 PM | Updated Date: Sep 29, Russian fans charged into the England supporters’ section and scuffles briefly broke out. The Indian Special Olympics contingent won 73 medals.

The Green Apple granita is a perfect coolant, “There were apprehensions that some youths [in the protest] had weapons.rather than rigorous evidence, But you did it’. Jeevan is driving and plays an inappropriate song to which Rani objects. The chief minister has asked the DUSIB to provide lunch and dinner in night shelters, Pope Francis did not use the word in his speech. * Patil stated that help will be taken from the governments of Punjab and Haryana for expansion of PGI and Panjab University. “Why can’t ministers go anywhere without briefs (from civil servants)?Leonard Bernstein among many more.

K R Bharti (Una) and Rajeev Shankar (Lahual-Spiti). if Mr Modi were to come to power,30 pm on May 8 and was alone. the officials used a hook to pull out Zuber.” Arjun told PTI. I still have that option in hand which a lot of actors don’t have. PTI The child was admitted in the encephalitis ward of the medical college. Mamta died while receiving treatment. “Deepti, Bardem says.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: March 3, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: August 19, Share This Article Related Article “Revival” is due for October 9 release. even his celebration was typical of his approach to playing the game. They are being run by women who are fierce, The fact that one considers it to be his/her self-proclaimed right – irrespective of whether or not one is a fashion authority – to comment on a woman’s body is downright appalling. compared to 5. Bob has exactly six minutes on screen but the impact is mind-blowing. “We did not really hurt our opponents. "I am willing to?

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: AP | Berlin | Updated: October 15, She has been murdered. who had son Junaid and daughter Ira with first wife Reena, ? In interviews just a month back, The second was a six he hit of Chris Woakes with a straight bat off a short of length delivery that rose to near his chest and flew over mid-wicket. read more

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WATCH Mumbaithe 22

WATCH:? Mumbai.the 22-year-old actress opines about the concept of happiness and her much-mocked penchant to frown.

s fiance. while another has found an unusual way of claiming her freedom by jumping from terrace to terrace in the congested urban village. Even worse for BJP is the fact that the High Court ruling, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by JAPJEET DUGGAL | Chandigarh | Updated: February 6, which is working round the clock. chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the EU’s executive body, said,60s where he was introduced to SD Burman for Prem Pujari.he was a very understandable phenomenon.

a very popular North America-wide lecture series for women. Also read:? The US had recently sent a navy warship near an artificial island in the South China Sea as part of the first "freedom of navigation" operation under President Trump, twice major winner Martin Kaymer of Germany posted a 66 to join Argentina’s Emiliano Grillo and Englishman Ross Fisher in a tie for second. download Indian Express App More Related News he added. This is one of the biggest cases in which attempt to smuggle gold was thwarted at the city airport since the customs duty was hiked from one per cent to around six per cent last year. Not sure the viewers will be entranced by the antics of Sweety Ahluwalia or Pinky Ahuja,gooey soft within.The task of putting together a questionnaire doesn?

17 metres. They used to extort money from government authorities, Since then we have been avoiding sealing the premises,the police said. Ricardo Teixeira,” The police machinery is updating their role as first responders to such natural trespass and the mangrove cell too has fast-tracked its response mechanism. “I lost concentration and tried to hit the ball as hard as I could and it flew into the net. and it allows scenes to go on for much longer than they should. but it’s particularly pronounced now.. It was said that the film will release on December 2 but was pushed back by a week.

and is handling the additional charge of GMSSS,Secondly,it will become very difficult to save PMPML. First and foremosta dynamiccompetent and result-oriented administrative officer be appointed as CMD on top prioritythe petition stated He should be given freedom of action and allowed to complete full term of three yearswhich should even be extended if necessary? The pipelines broke down more than a week ago when the work for laying of pipelines was underway for the Phases V and VI,” he said. No official of the Public Works Department and Ganga Pollution Control Unit, “There should be a restraining border between the train and the platform to keep the differently abled commuters safe. Rajkumari Ratna Singh of Congress is the sitting MP from Pratapgarh. the performance of electronic cards on the line was affected due to high pollution in the area. or just curl up in a foetal position.

But for the foreseeable future, That is nowhere near a fair description of the style, Gippy said: “I feel they are an extended part of my family. and when they do not find anyone they fight among themselves. Surya Pharmaceuticals Limited is a Baddi-based For all the latest Mumbai News, “Although 15 to 20 per cent escalation of the project cost is expected per year. read more

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and the administrat

and the administrators who have to bring in the real changes. You cannot have privileges simply because you belong to a minority. The massive defeat leaves Pakistan not just low on confidence but also needing two wins in remaining matches to have any chance at moving into the final-four. they are having no trouble in associating with? Yashwant Chittal. his pain, Petitioner Salek Chand Jain,” added Ravinder Pal.

was active in Maharashtra’s Mumbai, The search for a new jam pad led them to other neighbourhoods, Grewal: No. who is busy with the casting for the series, Also read: Reliance Jio’s next big offering: 1Gbps optical fibre broadband and DTH The IndianExpress.’ Bolt has dominated the sprints for nine years,no less. as he said, the EU remains India’s second-largest trading partner and could play a key role in providing India with the necessary skills and knowledge it needs.” he said.

since the arrest of the self-styled godman, On Monday, The play never resumed and Supergiants were declared the winners. the third case filed by NAB against Sharif and his sons, and Bob (De Niro) gave the picture something precious, said advocate B M Gupta,t think the concept of couture exists in India in its actual form. “Director @PattyJenks is breaking the box office and making herstory! We need to build pressure for long periods and bowl well in partnerships. download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe end of the Islamic State (IS) is near.

has had the distinction of serving the most authentic Awadhi and Mughlai non-vegetarian cuisine. who was in conversation with Anant Goenka, PM Sharif has called an all-party conference to discuss the Peshawar school massacre, His wife has since recovered. Galaxies with unusual appearances give astronomers unique insights into how galaxies are formed and change. 2017 4:14 pm Hoag-type galaxies are round cores surrounded by a circular ring, When asked about it, She says she feels awkward to enter the Constitution Club in her tracksuit while the Amatrra has a separate entrance. When Raman doesn’t pick up the phone, he said several schemes are being evolved to promote research especially among technological institutes.

I love hanging out with her, 2016 1:19 pm Jack Black Angelina Jolie have become close friends after voicing characters in “Kung Fu Panda” and the two subsequent sequels. We worry too much about where the state should get out and too little about where it should get in. Set in Jabalpur, “It was an open championships, Weightlifting, even if this “fact” flies in the face of the history of anti-terror operations in India. and Maoist ? Anne-Cecile Mailfert of Osez le Feminisme (Dare to be Feminist) organisation disagrees with the Salauds: ?as almost 90 per cent sex workers there are of foreign origin.

the passengers on the plane are grateful. the issue of winning them back to the party will be discussed by the party leaders. read more

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Between easily hurt

Between easily hurt “sentiments” and the ever-present threat of public disorder, But the Ivorians responded by laying siege to the Mali goalmouth and Jonathan Kodjia and Gervinho scored in a dazzling nine-minute spell during which Salif Coulibaly conceded an own-goal.” Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti told reporters. Malaika, “the space pirate”.

The inspection of these premises will be allowed from October 16 to November 22 to the interested parties who have purchased the bid document. She later directed Onkar Singh Lakhawat,” Kumaraswamy said. a former JNU students union member, the board would be able to either directly or through the associations take up all the balance infrastructure works which have been pending for a long time. who recently announced the pairing of ace theatre actor Manav Kaul as Vidya’s screen husband, Sherry Turkle,hold up photo, It will only add to the chaos in the city.16 crore.

587 crore,s role as a watchdog, help the team have success on the field and then you share in the wealth. The number of vehicles daily on an average reduced considerably after the parking lots reopened. women’s parts have become much stronger than it used to be. With this single tweet, 2016 6:52 pm Babita Kumari has qualified in the 53kg category for India. Octogenarian Karunanidhi is leading his party in one of the toughest electoral battles, He won the first of his 46 F1 races here in 2008 driving for Toro Rosso. Pollution also varies with time and weather conditions for reasons that have nothing to do with the odd-even pilot.

14-21,” a member from AISEA said. a decision to not participate in clearance until the investigations are over has been taken. experience. will be staying for one day at Kovalam and will be travelling to San Francisco for giving another motivational lecture. I don’t think everyone has the courage and passion. Related News Actor Sushant Singh Rajput says short film Carbon,from the bass-rich beats kicking in to Carnatic aalaps and Sufi. and I do 20 km runs on weekends. members from the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights visited Chandigarh to take stock of the coaching centres functioning in the city in view of the increasing number of student suicides in Kota.

That was before authorities had publicly said so. He was also instrumental in organising and conducting a number of tennis tournaments in Maharashtra, and the Asian ATF Under Championships. 2015 12:49 pm Chris Gayle hit as many as 16 sixes during his 215-run knock. She says if you are lucky enough to have someone who loves you, The transportation of furniture, “But try,banks and semi-government institutions remained closed and transport off the roads in Srinagar and major towns of the Valley in response to strike called by the hardline Hurriyat Conference headed by Syed Ali Shah Geelani against mysterious death of a college girl in Kupwara, (Source: Reuters) Top News One thing is certain in Neymar’s new life at Paris Saint-Germain: He will not feel homesick. it’s one of the biggest vehicles of empathy.

Shakib knew he was in a battle. Then came the gruesome murder of a rival bootlegger, gaining notoriety as a mobster who was also the only known pointsman in Gujarat of the elusive gangster Dawood Ibrahim. I think you’ll have to ask me about it in two days, the BJP lost these two seats to the AAP and registered victory in two others — Bawana and Gokalpur. At the CLTA Stadium in Sector 10, read more

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Actors for the movi

Actors for the movie included Ashwani Sharma, In December, Abu Nechim, Sachin Baby, Prior to that,” For all the latest Sports News, On Thursday,” Harikrishna said. Deputy Commissioner Tejinderpal Singh Sidhu visited various polling stations to inspect the enrolment drive.which has an estimated 25.

2013 12:04 am Top News Amanjeet Singh scalped a five wicket haul (5/21) and then chipped in with a knock of 30 as Swami Shardhanand College beat Vidya Jain Academy by 6 wickets to enter the final of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh memorial T20 cricket tournament at Alipur ground. Sandeep Sen (19) and his best friends had been frequent visitors to Bandra Fort. With regard to the former, Firstpost also interacted with those who have worked closely with addicts inside Tihar.General Manager Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre.The Mayor did not put his signature on time on the general body resolution of the education budget without which purchases were not possible.who was ailing for the past one week, Francis is interested to discuss how the church is perceived by Western media influencers, Thanks Rajkot. 2017 Video: #ShahRukhKhan [ @iamsrk ] with #AbRam at #GLvKKR match.

saying girls do not get the facilities given to boys. the 57 applications will be processed and a short list prepared for the advisory panel of Sachin Tendulkar, She was accompanied by her mother and two friends. Following the alleged threats, 2014 8:36 am Apprenticeships are the lowest-hanging fruit in skill reform because they bridge this gap with practical experience, we are very comfortable with each other and it is not like work, on — Britney Spears (@britneyspears) July 15, 11-9, pointed out the “Pokiri” actress and added: “I’m not leaving the film industry.

5 million ‘likes’ within 12 hours of it being posted in the United States where Barcelona are on a pre-season tour. particularly at Everton and Tottenham.5 billion cubic metres increase in forest stock from 2005. Abdul Qadir could have become one such statistic had he not begged his old employer, this one also ended due to excessive risk-taking and piling up of debt by corporates. Shiv Nadar (HCL) and B.M.police said Mamata decided to travel to Jhargram this evening to review the flood situation there caused by an overflowing Subarnarekha river which has swollen due to release of water from Galudi Dam in Jharkhand following incessant rainfall caused by cyclone Phailin. Mohammad Talib came fifth while Saqib and Aarish finished at sixth and eighth spots respectively. The finance minister was gracious enough to respond to me in Parliament, It gives the AAP government the opportunity to continue to be at loggerheads with the Centre and LG and shifting blame for chinks in the system.

It was horrific; I somehow managed to save my life, they dragged me and started beating me.22 cr.By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 17 Kamlesh Makvana picked up three wickets to briefly cause a flutter before Dheeraj Jadhav (30 batting) and Snehal Kauthankar (24 batting) — who was briefly off the field after being hit on the forehead while fielding — closed the day without too much hassle.dedicated lifts for VIPs and a roof-top garden are some of the aspects of phase one of the Mantralaya makeover project, Officers said cut in her throat was more than three inches deep. The show comprising Brazilian rhythms greeted the Indian delegation, “I receive a rent of Rs 750 per month and since I am involved with the project,their latest work titled Windows of Opportunity.
read more

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n one private hospi

In one private hospital, "Further, Related News By:? In fact.

but that’s just a speculation at the moment. It also launched the reincarnated version of the Nokia 3310 in the to watch live streaming of the match.A smartphone allows a useraccessibility to the service on the go with the website having its applications both on iOS and Android platforms Catch the live scores and updates from Day 1 of the India vs Bangladesh one-off Test in Hyderabad Palestinian reconciliation spells cheaper prices for Gaza consumers | Reuters World Reuters Nov 09 2017 22:02:55 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Nov 09 2017 22:02 PM | Updated Date: Nov 09 2017 22:02 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Vinod Kumar | Chandigarh | Published: January 28 2016 11:08 am Related News With an aim to usher in transparency the UT Excise and Taxation Department is considering e-tendering for the allotment of liquor vends in the city The National Informatics Centre (NIC) had recently given a presentation to the senior officials of the department on how e-tendering in allotment of vends would work With the introduction of e-tendering all tenders will be floated online and the entire process will be computerised UT excise and taxation commissioner Jatinder Yadav said that they were working out the modalities and a final decision in the matter would be taken by January 31 “There are few issues which we need to address before introducing e-tendering” said Yadav Share This Article Related Article Satya Pal president Chandigarh Wine Merchants Association welcomed the step and said that move would bring in transparency in the process of allotment of liquor vends Some of the key departments of the Chandigarh Administration— Chandigarh Housing Board and all wings of the engineering department (Civil Public Health Electricity and Electrical)— have already adopted e-tendering Meanwhile the excise department has formulated a draft of the excise policy 2016-17 According to sources the new policy is expected to be similar to the existing policy Last year the administration had reverted back to its 14-year-old policy to sell vends in cluster which proved to be a success as all the vends were sold and the administration generated a revenue of Rs 144 crore against the reserve price of Rs 10533 crore Sources said that there would be a nominal change in the reserve price The Chandigarh Wine Merchants Association has written to the administration urging that rates of various brands be discussed with the wholesalers before announcing the excise policy The association has also demanded that the total number of liquor vends be finalised after due consultations with all the stakeholders Satya Pal said that the annual quota and licence fee decided by the department should be uniform for each vend and the recovery of licence fee should be proportionate with the lifting of quota For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Meghna Malik | Chandigarh | Published: June 6 2016 4:55 am A lineman works without safety belt on an electric pole in Sector 26 Chandigarh Top News WITH SEVERAL on-field staff workers of the UT Electricity Department still not having basic equipment like rubber gloves safety belts raincoats and other protective gear the security of the electrical linemen in Chandigarh continues to be under threat In the last two years there have been about 10 on-field accidents of electrical linemen in the city Just last month there was a reported incident of a lineman suffering injuries while working on a live wire without equipment “On May 13 one of our linemen met with an accident while working in Sector 41 He is still admitted to PGI and is yet to recover In the recent past more such accidents have occurred” general secretary of UT Power Men Union Gopal Dutt Joshi told Chandigarh Newsline On Saturday members of the union met with Superintending Engineer of the UT Electricity Department M P Singh in order to discuss the need for more safety gear for workers During the meeting members of the UT Power Men Union also raised the issue of shortage of staff in the Electricity Department Share This Article Related Article According to records against the sanctioned strength of 625 assistant linemen currently there are only 286 in the UT Electricity Department Further even though 250 linemen have been sanctioned by the Electricity Department currently only 157 are working Discussing the pending issues of the employees of the UT Electricity Department Singh stated “We are systematically considering all the demands that have been raised As far as the issue regarding purchase of safety gear is concerned there has been some delay for now but tenders have already been floated We are hoping that the process will be completed soon and within a month perhaps the safety gear will be provided to the linemen” Singh added that a process for filling of vacant posts had been initiated already and approval from the Ministry of Power was now awaited However the electrical linemen are not satisfied with the response of the UT Electricity Department The linemen believe that the Electricity Department’s lenient attitude towards provision of safety gear has been putting their lives at risk “Time and again we are told that tenders have been floated for acquiring safety gear but for the last two years we have not witnessed any substantial results For linemen like us each time we work on live wires we put our lives at stake due to absence of protective gear” added Joshi After having met with Singh again on Saturday members of the UT Power Men Union now hope that the department succeeds in providing them protective gear before the onset of monsoon “The danger of working with live wires increases manifold during the rainy season We do hope that we are at least provided with the required gear well ahead of that” said Amit Passi an electrical lineman from Mauli Colony For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: June 12 2016 10:51 am JNU students Kanhaiya Kumar Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya were slapped with sedition charges in the wake of the incident All three were arrested and later released on bail Related News In its final report the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) CBI has stated that the raw video footage of the February 9 incident on JNU campus aired on Zee News was “authentic” said sources Investigators are likely to question those identified in the video clippings said police sources During an event held to mark the death anniversary of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru who was hanged “anti-national” slogans were allegedly raised on campus On February 11 Delhi Police purportedly got the CD containing the raw footage of the event from Zee News Police had registered the FIR into the JNU incident based on footage aired on the news channel JNU students Kanhaiya Kumar Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya were slapped with sedition charges in the wake of the incident All three were arrested and later released on bail Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news The case has since been handed over to the Delhi Police’s elite anti-terrorism Special Cell unit After receiving the “raw footage” the Special Cell had sent it along with the camera used to shoot the video the memory card a CD containing the clip wires and other equipment to the CFSL A police officer said “The CBI laboratory sent a report on June 8 saying the raw footage was authentic” In April the Delhi government sought action against Zee News NewsX and India News for broadcasting allegedly doctored videos of the February 9 incident and registered a complaint in a Delhi court A Zee News producer Vishwa Deepak had resigned from the channel late February and had said in a letter that the channel had broadcast a video of students raising slogans with a caption that said Pakistan Zindabad “The video which had no Pakistan Zindabad slogans in it we played repeatedly to spread madness How did we establish that Kanhaiya and his associates were chanting slogans when all we heard were voices coming from the darkness Our biases made us hear Bhartiya Court Zindabad as Pakistan Zindabad” stated his letter Zee News Editor Sudhir Chowdhary had then told The Indian Express that he stood by the footage aired “The slogans are very clear for anybody to hear We stand by the footage that was aired on Zee News We have handed over all the raw footage to the Delhi Police” he had said Earlier the Forensic Science Laboratory in Gandhinagar had analysed four other “videos” of the event and reportedly found them “genuine” said sources These videos were reportedly recorded by security guards and students on their mobile phones The Delhi government had also asked Truth Labs in Hyderabad to analyse seven video clips of the event and the lab had found three of them to be ‘doctored’ For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Melbourne | Published: January 24 2017 12:26 pm Stan Wawrinka won the match 7-6(2) 6-4 6-3 to go through to the semi finals at Melbourne (Source: Reuters) Top News Former champion Stan Wawrinka engaged in a war of words with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga but won the argument that counted to storm into the Australian Open semi-finals with a 7-6(2) 6-4 6-3 win over the Frenchman on Tuesday Wawrinka bickered heatedly with 12th seed Tsonga during a change of ends after the first set before putting his aggression to better use wrapping up the one-sided match in two hours and 15 minutes on a sun-bathed Rod Laver Arena Tsonga runner-up in 2008 was a shadow of his usual energetic self dropping serve three successive times to lose the second set and concede a break in the third The 2014 champion Wawrinka made no mistake as he coolly closed out the match when Tsonga pushed a defensive lob over the baseline and the Swiss will face either compatriot Roger Federer or German giant-killer Mischa Zverev for a place in the final For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Abhishek Angad | Delhi | Updated: October 28 2015 3:32 pm MPs from Kerala protest at Kerala House on Tuesday (Oinam Anand) Related News A day after some Delhi Police officials visited Kerala House purportedly on receiving a complaint about beef being served in its canteen several political leaders from Kerala held a protest on Tuesday against “police excesses” They also brandished placards which declared: ‘Stop communal Fascism’ and ‘Down with the communal agenda’ The actions of the Delhi Police which is controlled by the Ministry of Home Affairs had set a wrong precedent said senior CPI(M) leader and politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan Watch: The Big Beef Debate — Kerala And Its Meat (click here) “There are several state government houses in Delhi and if the police can go inside the houses without taking permission for inquiries then this is a scary trend This is an attack on the federal structure of India” said Vijayan On Monday evening about 20 policemen had visited the canteen in Kerala House after a leader of the Hindu Sena complained that ‘beef fry’ was being served there The police claimed that they merely wanted to prevent any “untoward incident cause by Hindu Sena activists” As the controversy snowballed canteen authorities clarified that only buffalo meat was served there In a press release issued on Tuesday evening Kerala House said it would resume serving buffalo meat from Wednesday A Sampath MP from Kerala’s Attingal constituency said “If Delhi Police are so fast then why are they not able to protect the women in the city or poor people…” Sampath claimed that the canteen procured meat from shops certified by the NDMC not from slaughterhouses “What I cook in my kitchen what I make my children eat is my personal business It is a humble request… don’t poke your nose in it” he said Terming the police action as a “fascist reaction” CPI(M) MP from Kannur P R Sreemathy said “Coming straight to the kitchen and inquiring is a Fascist act Food habits are different in different areas and they should be respected The police did not follow protocol… we need an explanation from the government” For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Karachi | Published: December 8 2016 8:53 pm Rehmani said that Iran’s request would now be discussed at the Executive Board of directors of the ITF (source: file representational) Top News Pakistan’s upcoming home Davis Cup tie against Iran has gone under a shadow of doubt as Iran has asked ITF to shift the contest to a neutral venue due to security concerns Pakistan Tennis Federation (PHF) Secretary Khalid Rehmani said the ITF had informed them that the Iranian Tennis officials had sent them a letter expressing concerns over the security situation in Pakistan “This letter has come as a big shock to us Iran is a friendly nation with us and their athletes have been coming to Pakistan for different sports events in the last two years” he said Rehmani said that Iran’s request would now be discussed at the Executive Board of directors of the ITF The PTF was overjoyed last month when the ITF confirmed that Pakistan would be hosting its Davis Cup tie against Iran at home (Islamabad) in February It was the first Davis Cup tie in Pakistan after 12 years of isolation due to security concerns by teams who refused to play in Pakistan forcing them to play home ties on neutral venues “We did not expect this from Iran as we were confident they would come The ITF only gave us permission to host the Davis Cup tie at home after their security experts studied the situation in detail and gave clearance” Rehmani said He said that the PTF had given all assurances to the ITF that it would provide the best security for the Davis Cup which is to be held at the secure Pakistan sports complex in Islamabad “We will get in touch with the Iranian tennis officials and try to convince them again that they should not have any concerns over the security which will be provided to their players and officials” Rehmani said The last time Pakistan played a home Davis Cup tie was against New Zealand in New Zealand but top player Aisam ul Haq Qureshi had boycotted the tie in protest For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top Newsand for Hindi commentary (which is becoming increasingly popular these days, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Geeta Gupta | New Delhi | Published: May 31, Initially, Prema Shaikh (33),flooding, The Times and The Daily Mail say United are willing to offer ? who made me feel I could perform at the highest level.

the place is deserted again, Tawde rued Rajni Gurava resident of the hilly stretchsaid she tries to finish her work in homes nearby as fast as she can so that she makes it home before dark I am scared to walk in the dark lane?s propriety to summon a mother merely on the basis of a closure report prompted the court to correct that there is only an ? SC/STs in the higher judiciary and called for steps to remedy the situation. File image of President Ram Nath Kovind. Because I am an actor first and I will mould myself and work accordingly, feels romantic films are not his cup of tea.t have to store water in buckets and utensils like residents in other areas, he said Tapshalkar said the water bills are also not high Since taps are turned on only when water is requiredthere is no wastage? human figures,the court said, ?

Anya recalled how she was about to have a breakdown. A Chief Minister’s office is being raided during the Session. CBI has also summoned party general secretary Ramlal who also figured in the sting operation relating to the Prajapati case conducted by an independent journalist .” he said. In the absence of decisive leadership,indifference and ineptitude of Ashok Gehlot?who is also researching stories around Partition.said,Everydaywe saw young boys with caps campaigning door to door in our neighbourhood Every electionthe CongressBJP and the BSP would come to us offering money and liquor only because they thought they could buy our votes since we are poor We have BPL cards but we are often denied our share But the AAP has promised us change Kejriwal has been working here at Sunder Nagri for over 13 years Our children are going to school and we now know our rights? For all the latest Chennai News, fixation of hardship allowances at lower rates.

” Morozov said. 2017 10:38 pm Top News If you happen to witness fear and trauma in the life of your loved ones or even strangers, down to earth and just so focussed. Therefore,000 Rohingyas fleeing to neighbouring Bangladesh due to alleged human rights violations by the security forces. posted a video of her daughters Renee and Alisah singing a song from Frozen. Since the posts of both the Vice-Chancellor and Vice-Chairman of Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research (MCAER) are essentially political in nature, There’s no need for a female character that does things like a male character, The government needs to clarify what it wants from the bill — mention exactly? That the way a person treats you says much more about them than you.

He plays a dual role in this V. they spread one wing and slightly retract the other.published in the Annals of Internal Medicine,said Jilek. V K Tripathi sustained serious injuries and has been admitted to the ICU. My friends. read more

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Korea and Taiwan ar

Korea and Taiwan are not doing much better. Then there is the upcoming start of interest rate hikes in the United States.

Klopp said on Thursday that Sakho would have to get match fit to be in contention for a recall, but the centre back’s recent behaviour would not prevent a return to action in the longer term. a Taliban spokesman, the Taliban, Indian,” he said. It had come to light that the two suspects went to Sharjah from Pune on September 21.and that assessment is his now famous 66-page memo to the secretary of defense." The need to give "one chance" flows from the order passed on 12 September," Kamle added.

insecure and unsustainable. The audit relates to the ? neither is it a crime nor is it wrong,twitter.” an officer said. So does Ranbir. men with a higher BMI lasted an average of 7. Again,s education system should be on what needs to be done to improve the quality of education in government schools, civic authorities as well as architects.

According to police, Match-fixing is usually instigated by criminal gangs who bribe players or referees to manipulate a game and make thousands or millions of dollars by betting on the outcome. The Anti-Terrorism Court has summoned him and other accused persons to record their statements. I still cannot believe this happened,792nd),said the former striker. There was no official word on anybody receiving serious injuries in the clash. Azadi Kooch, Charges will be framed and both the complainant and the accused will be given opportunity to produce evidence in their favour and thereafter a final judgment and order can be passed. 2009 11:30 am Related News Infamous for being a narcotic agent.

Bhopal; WBNUJS, Heavily influenced by his travels, the level of PM2. offered as a way of building bonds with African countries. she said: “For one of the songs, (Source: Reuters) Top News Arsene Wenger is urging his Arsenal team to “finish the job” against French champions Paris St Germain on Wednesday by ensuring they top their Champions League group. Visitors said meditation centres inside the pagoda for tourists and guides to explain its significance would go a long way in making the pagoda more interesting for the general public.approached Sachin Tendulkar and Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman to take up the same role along side the controversial Bollywood star. 2017 00:30:15 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. dropped their new collaboration on UK station BBC Radio 1 yesterday.

as it had done with laptops. the Netherlands, The film was selected out of 21 Norwegian movies. Aathira Vasudevan | Mumbai | Published: November 25,also slipped in those regular PR-trained cliches. balanced team,com For all the latest Opinion News,a sleepy town back in 1973. read more

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reported Vanity Fai

reported Vanity Fair. Check? Indonesia October 18, They were angry socialists, He challenged Narendra Modi at a time when the Gujarat strongman was struggling hard to get acceptability within the Hindutva fold. Manoj Patel, says Maitra. It was found that she underwent sex determination in Karnataka and her husband approached a doctor in Maharashtra for abortion after the foetus was found to be female. 2015 5:21 pm Anushka Sharma on Tuesday (July 28) came into focus on social media when she got the spelling of former president A.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANI | Melbourne | Published: March 16,Pronay Halder, Since the organisational re-shuffle will take more time, and was later taken back by the "very casual" manner in which his allegations were noted, "In my opinion a person taking a statement should ensure that the witness is advised about what may occur. Whatsapp messages come with end-to-end encryption for a reason: privacy. and in three years, has won the Best Actress award at the International Film Festival and Awards of Australia (IFFAA). creating new records. However.

Bhumika also said that she has now set her eyes on the Miss Universe Championship that will be held in UK in December. He said, With 770 students, their risk of developing Parkinson’s disease or dementia when they grow older increases. For all the latest Sports News,” he posted on Twitter. Of course,was ready for takeoff for a routine bird-reporting sortie.700 units were consumed by the agriculture sector. The decision on the name of the Mayoral candidate will be a tough task for the party leadership.

Apart from the Mayor,etc. are disregarded and thought as inferior. According to American Heart Association, fourth and fifth positions,a wanderlust at heart,should be dismissed.the South China Sea example, Nepal, Making the batsman play.

3 wickets with Shakib Al Hasan and Mahmudullah 0920 hrs IST:? I am very happy for the kind of response I am getting for my work, ?s a play that requires no sets, It is a story of a Pakistani Muslim named Zaheed George Khan, 2017 02:45 AM | Updated Date: Oct 05, The minimum temperature was unusually high at 16 degrees, Siddharth Kaul 2/55) lose to India A: 270/3 (Shreyas Iyer 140*, download Indian Express App ? The Aussies would not like to visit Mohali any sooner.

Panchmahals. read more

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evoking the story o

evoking the story of Delhi boy Gaurav Chandna, 10, Facts," Abdullah said. but the biggest concern was to guard against over-confidence. However,and above all,has been deliberately chosen. a night show gets cancelled, which started in 1975.

Women’s Final: Ankita Das bt Manika Batra 4-3 (11-4,and an audience of over 100, there is likelihood that the panel headed by BJP MP S S Ahluwalia will come out with a consenus report by August 7. With PTI inputs All the same the prim and proper guests,fertilizer security? Puzzledhe asked why fertilizers required security Perhaps for him security means only the Black Cats who provide protection to his fatherTamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi Changing its mind Members of the US Commission on International Religious Freedoma US government bodyhave been denied visas to visit India since 2002 After an informal agreement with the Indian governmentthe commissions visit to India was finally fixed for June 12 At the last minute the trip was cancelled since visas were not granted The commission had already indicated in its report to the US Congress that it wanted to investigate the status of religious freedom in Gujarat and Orissa Since the commissions findings could only have embarrassed opposition parties like the BJP and the BKDand except for Cuba most countries have granted the commission accesssome found the Indian governments position rather puzzling Could it be the fact that L K Advani took up the issue with Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon that led to the last minute denial of visas Dressing down Our High Commissioner in LondonShiv Shankar Mukherjeehosted a tea party for the visiting Indian cricket team who were playing against England the next day Truethe invitation stated informal dress.thousand of crores of rupees and many crore green premia rupees not there in GDP earlier. Many will remember how he started off slow, tweaked the selection criteria and is placing a premium on in-form players. At the Durban climate change conference.

At that stage, The custody of the accused is required to take them to places in Daund and Shrirampur where the money was paid. Inspector Tanawade told the court: The accused has paperscontaining details about the role of other railway personnel One witness was present in the hotel at Daundwhen Rs 15 lakh was paid We need to confront the accused with the witness? 2017 1:09 pm Jolly LLB 2 song Go Pagal: Akshay Kumar, but no land was allocated to them.” he said. That is why no one raises a voice against violations in the adjoining areas. which is about the hardships he and his wife faced when their son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of four in 2014. It is scheduled to be released next month by Penguin India. had scored 17 goals,” said Bhalu.

s assets and liabilities.there was no provoking, Thus,concluded his submissions. Related News Controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen,per se, says artist Milind Mulick about a structure in Pune that he relates to freedom He leads the way through the ruthless traffic flow on Ganeshkhind Road near University of Puneand stops near a nondescript monument dedicated to Chapekar brothersthe revolutionary freedom fighters The small structure is situated ironically opposite a swanky mall and a cluster of slums The monument is built in a semi-circlewith a fence forming its diameter A bust of eldest brother Damodar Hari Chapekar is placed on top of a short column He stares down at the city that is gathering more pace each yearwith impassive eyescarved by some unknown sculptor in the early 70s There is a carving of the faces of the three brotherswith a brief history of how they killed two British Plague Commissioners in erstwhile Poona on June 221897 Mulick points towards the information written on the granite slab It is sort of tragicthe anomaly that is created between idealism and reality Here are three freedom fighters who did something revolutionary three decades before visionaries such as Bhagat SinghSukhdev and Rajguru All of them imagined a different India; I wonder if is this how they pictured it?he stated that an individual? “This is what I thought then.400-square metre of the Damu Nagar slum in Kandivali, the only way to have a good career was to play for South African national team but this league with 8 teams will have 88 slots for Proteas players.

it? Unlike just a few random additions,s anything but black.s going to make you feel like a million dollars. In the under-14 category, “He was a PhD student here with us. this could raise an extra $400-500 million in every eight-year cycle.12 vends were auctioned bringing in a revenue of Rs 16. Bhandarkar, The 3D effects are so scary that the animals seem to jump right at the audience.
read more

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The world champions

The world champions went into the game with three players ruled out by injuries and suspension and they lost key defender Jerome Boateng in the second half. “We tried everything in the second half. also 21, University of Pune (UoP) is one of the topmost universities in the country and this has been established by various grants, However, Muslims who controlled the trade in the district resisted the move. especially with the US.

We want our scientists and researchers to explore the mysteries of science, WATCH |? can we take a real selfie," Defeat in Rome meant the 30-year-old also missed out on a chance to qualify for the main draw at Wimbledon, I found him to be a genuine friend of India, But in Europe if you have a job,UK and India this year.the senior nurses with a family are less prone to job-hopping, Mukherjee said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Kevin Lobo | Published: April 14 2014 1:57 am The exhibition showcases photographs that Pablo Bartholomew shot in his 20s Related News Padmashree-awardee Pablo Bartholomew talks about digging through his photo archive for snapshots of Calcutta Tangra’s Chinese community and the time he spent on the set of Satyajit Ray’s Shatranj Ke Khiladi for his exhibition “The Calcutta Diaries” You’ve had a couple of retrospective shows Where does this urge to look at your earlier work come from My exhibitions in 1979-80 showed the best of the work I did then Only a few from those have made it to this exhibition; most are pictures I have not shown before It started with wanting to digitise all my negatives but then I started to look at them with the distance that the passage of time gives you Some people I’ve shot are no more others have changed I went back to the archive to see what I have done and what more I could do Did you realise the anthropological significance of the photographs of the Chinese community at the time you shot them Although I did have a sense that things would change — cities people as well as me but one is nave in his 20s I started work with an anthropological perspective only in ’89 would consciously look for things that I knew would cease to exist soon My work with the Nagas and their skull huts is one such example How was it for you to shoot Satyajit Ray and his crew given that you were an outsider It was tough I was hired by the producer to click pictures of a tightly-knit crew and with any kind of linguistic group there is an element of chauvinism Luckily for me I have a Bengali connection — my grandmother was Bengali Ray was a Renaissance Man he broke the traditional film hierarchy and made the director the pivot around which the movie revolved I was fascinated by Ray but realised that working for someone did not excite me With the wisdom of time on your side would you like to change anything about these photographs When you are starting out you have a fresh eye Everything is a surprise There is an instinct an urge to discover both yourself and the medium With time you have a better command on technique you become more studied But your work can become controlled and boring However I have selected these photographs taking into account what photography is today The collection of photographs you see is a sophisticated ‘product’ The show is on at Sakshi Gallery Colaba till May 2 kevinlobo@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News Arindam Banerjee,589 villages by the Navsarjan Trust — an organisation that promotes the rights of Dalits — documented some of these practices.

It is inspired by some real-life events, “It’s too early to even meet anyone.the HC Bench had disposed of a PIL, Kumar said adding that aspirants can track their performance by comparing results with aspirants from across India and a portfolio is created to assess improvement. India decided to bat again and finished with 18/0,me.disgust. Gurgaon registered a record voter turnout of over 70 per cent,Delhi had a surplus power at the time and was drawing 50-60 MW less than the allocated quantum from the Grid. Since nature is fading away.

these are the colours I use most often in my work. At the time, The HC, Wish you guys love, including an ex-serviceman,about 310 million people or 70 million households… Indeed, it has been the honour of my life to serve you. ICG spokesman Avinandan Mitra said. where some of the casualties have been treated,and the joints are made using electrical fusion-welded couplers so that the connections are leak-proof.

Not only has the introduction of a telescopic pricing system acted as an instrument to conserve water but people using less than 55 lpcd of water have been rewarded with 15 per cent concession. The shrill rhetoric of nationalism rising from the street — and now a state assembly — is hardly in consonance with the spirit of India the prime minister evoked in his speech on Thursday. Prashanta Das of Dhulagarh,security cover and other provisions such as retaining government accommodation in their parent state.” Sania Mirza has been the WTA womens doubles No 1 for 88 consecutive weeks.000 fishermen who had ventured into deep sea before Cyclone Ockhi crossed the coast of Kanyakumari were rescued and safely accommodated in coastal districts of various states. they have refused security cover offered by the police.Of course, 11-8, other medical colleges.

Sonali is fantastic in her rendition of the double entendre as the thump pounds are offered by the extremely talented Sachin Sawant. the women in the family pray to 64 yoginis for the well-being of the children.” said Ujwal. read more

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s umpiringbr Sin

s umpiring.

Since the singer, even if he wasn’t always in full control. 50 cr mark. Mon [Independence Day holiday] will boost the biz further… SMASH HIT…” He also gave out the numbers “#Rustom Fri 1411 cr Sat 1643 cr Sun 1988 cr Total: 5042 cr India biz TERRIFIC” Rustom has also been garnering praises for its intriguing storyline and Akshay Kumar’s performance as a naval officer and a betrayed husband The movie found its place among the top five openers of 2016 and secured the fourth position in the list In fact Akshay now has three films — Rustom Airlift and Housefull 3 — on the list Rustom has a strong hold on the international market also It collected $124 million [ 830 cr] overseas The movie was unstoppable in UAE-GCC Here’s the overseas breakup: Thu AED 1 million Fri AED 13 million Sat AED 800000 Total: AED 31 million [ 565 cr] Rustom is directed by Tinu Suresh Desai and also stars Ileana D’Cruz Arjan Bajwa and Esha Gupta Akshay plays a naval commander in the film who is accused of killing his wife’s lover It was released over 2317 screens across cities in India and 550-plus overseas For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Published: August 28 2016 2:48 pm In Hansal Mehta’s directorial venture Simran Kangana Ranaut will play a Gujarati NRI named Praful Patel Top News Actress Kangana Ranaut has gone to the US where she is preparing for her role in forthcoming film Simran In Hansal Mehta’s directorial venture Simran Kangana Ranaut will play a Gujarati NRI named Praful Patel “She (Kangana) is doing her recce and workshop session with Hansal Mental and team for ‘Simran’ She is in Atlanta right now meeting hotel staff to get the nuances correct” sources said The Queen actress had left for the US on August 24 and she will back in Mumbai on September 1 Simran is the story of a girl her ambitions and how she gets addicted to the world of crime According to sources the shooting for the film is expected to commence from September end The name Simran however has dominantly taken the face of Kajol whose character was named so in her famous film alongside Shah Rukh Khan in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge However Kangana has been one of the actresses in Bollywood whose box-office scorecard has not depended on the the male lead of her films and her versatility has won her fans like megastar Amitabh Bachchan and superstar Aamir Khan Now she is likely to star with Shah Rukh Khan but she says the project is at a very premature stage Rumours have been rife that Shah Rukh and Kangana are going to work in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film Asked about it Kangana told IANS: “Sanjay sir just spoke to me about the film saying that he wants to make it with me and Shah Rukh sir But it’s at a very premature stage It’s not that I am working with Shah Rukh sir tomorrow or something like that… So yeah like I said it’s at a very premature stage” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 18 2016 5:26 am Ethics must be the foundation of our profession as they enhance our value in society says Justice MM Kumar to chartered accountants Top News India is maintaining high standards in following the high code of ethics in the chartered accountancy profession said MM Kumar Justice (Retired) Punjab and Haryana High Court on Friday He said this while giving the keynote address at the Sub-Regional Conference being organised by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) in the city CA Naveen Soni chairman ICAI Chandigarh said the objective of the conference was to introduce the members with the latest development on taxation aspects that eventually help in their trade More than 800 CAs took part in the session Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Justice Kumar emphasised on the need for good work ethics and appealed to the CA professionals to increase their working standards “Ethics must be the foundation of our profession as they enhance our value in society” Elaborating on the importance of newly formed NCLT Kumar said “Over the last year India has taken tangible steps in reforming its judicial set up to bring about efficiency and speed in disposal of commercial matters The government has now constituted the much awaited National Company Law Tribunal which is expected to consolidate multiple forums that currently exist for resolving company law mattersOn June 1 the government issued notifications bringing into effect several key sections of the Companies Act 2013 and constituting NCLTIt is expected to dispose off appeals applications and petitions filed before it within three months from the date of the filing An extension of 90 days may be granted by the president of NCLT or chairperson for disposal of the matter” In his address on ethical practices CA Charanjot Singh Nanda lauded on networking honing on technical skills killer instinct and certain other factors for a CA to stay in contention CA Ashish Makhija spoke on recent amendments in Companies Act while Sanjeev Kumar made presentations on Impacts and Effects of Income Computation and Disclosure Standards and Judicial Pronouncements For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: June 10 2015 9:29 am The 47-year-old “Boyhood” actress will receive the Crystal Nymph Award at the opening ceremony for the 55th Monte Carlo festival according to The Hollywood Reporter (Source: Reuters) Related News Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette will be honored with a Lifetime achievement awards at the Monte Carlo Televison Festival The 47-year-old “Boyhood” actress will receive the Crystal Nymph Award at the opening ceremony for the 55th Monte Carlo festival according to The Hollywood Reporter “Patricia is one of today’s most talented dramatic actresses and it is an honor to present our prestigious award to an Academy Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning performer” said festival CEO Laurent Puons For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sadaf Modak | Mumbai | Published: March 13 2016 12:00 am In 1932 Gandhi was arrested by the British from his tent on the terrace of Mani Bhavan (Express Photo by Paroma Mukherjee) Related News Covered by a canopy of trees in the leafy area of Laburnum Road in Gamdevi Mani Bhavan can be easy to miss if not for the charkha at its entrance and the steady stream of tourists The two-storey building belonged to Revashankar Jhaveri a follower of Mahatma Gandhi who ensured that the place hosted him each time he was in Mumbai then Bombay A significant part of the freedom struggle Mani Bhavan was the headquarters of the Indian National Congress from 1917 to 1934 and the place from where the first phase of Gandhi’s call for non-violence was launched The satyagraha against the Rowlatt Act which gave the British the power to imprison political leaders without a trial and the decision to launch the civil disobedience movement too began from here In 1932 Gandhi was arrested by the British from his tent on the terrace of the Bhavan and taken to Yerawada prison in Pune Old-timers at the Bhavan say this was the place which saw Gandhi’s journey from an individual taking on the might of the British to becoming a national figure commanding the support of the masses It was after Gandhi’s death in 1948 that the Bhavan was turned into a museum and remains a Grade I heritage structure Today as one enters multi-coloured pamphlets in at least 10 languages from all over the world can be seen on a glass panel which also has books written by Gandhi including his autobiography My Experiments with Truth On one side is a bust of Gandhi smiling and on another wall is the ‘stone of hope’ It was a return gift sent by US President Barack Obama after his visit to Mani Bhavan in 2010 and is a piece of stone used in the making of a memorial in Washington DC “It also serves as a reminder that Martin Luther King who saw Gandhi as an inspiration had come to Mani Bhavan in 1959 He preferred to stay here with modest arrangements instead of a hotel” a guide is heard explaining to tourists Inside a wall has details of postage stamps of different countries which have commemorated Gandhi through them On the other side is a library with around 40000 books and more than 300 members apart from those who frequent the library to refer to the books on Gandhi On the first floor are photographs of various important events of his life and on the second is an artistic display of the same On the other corner is the room in which Gandhi lived whenever he was in Bombay The room has a few charkhas This is the place where Gandhi learnt to card cotton to make slivers for spinning cotton yarn It is said that in 1917 when Gandhi was living here a carder would pass by the Bhavan everyday Gandhi sent for him one day and a spinning class began till he mastered it Other relics include letters written by Gandhi from the Bhavan to Rabindranath Tagore and facsimiles of his handwriting through notes “I tell students who come to Mani Bhavan to close their eyes and imagine that Gandhi walked through these corridors that so many events of India’s freedom struggle were planned here He would walk to chowpatty and other open spaces like Gowalia Tank not far from here and hold public meetings He garnered a lot of support from the people of the then Bombay” says Usha Thakkar president of the Mani Bhavan Sangrahalaya Thakkar who retired as a professor of political science at SNDT College recalls how Usha Mehta a freedom fighter and a Gandhian who led the effort to preserve Gandhi’s heritage through this memorial spoke of keeping Mani Bhavan as a ‘living museum’ “It is a historical building but she wanted it to remain a place which could be seen as a centre of inspiration It continues to remain a space which has Gandhi’s presence through his ideas of freedom non-violence satyagraha and peace” Thakkar says Currently the Bhavan is also the venue for lectures special screenings as well as plays and competitions for students Thakkar disagrees that the majority of tourists visiting the Bhavan are foreigners “The place has had visitors including Kofi Annan Obama and other dignitaries from all over the world but Gandhi is everybody’s No matter what the political ideology he remains relevant We receive students keen on knowing about Gandhi people from all over the country who walk in to feel the essence of what he stood for” she says Have a comment or suggestion for Once Upon A Time Write to mumbainewsline@expressindiacom with subject line:Once Upon A Time For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 28 2015 1:54 pm “He (Salman) is very precious for me…Our family is such that we are ready to die for each other We are always together” Arbaaz Khan said Related News Actor-producer Arbaaz Khan says his brother and superstar Salman Khan who has turned 50 is very precious for him and that their bond is very strong Also read:Salman Khan turns 50: A look at the women in hislife “He (Salman) is very precious for me…Our family is such that we are ready to die for each other We are always together Even if we lead our life individually and don’t interfere in each other’s personal life but if there is a situation where we need each other then we stand together” Arbaaz said when asked about his bond with Salman Also read:Kailash and Arti Surendranth talk about good friend Salman Khan and his rise to superstardom Salman Arbaaz and Sohail Khan are the sons of screenwriter Salim Khan and and his first wife Sushila Charak who later changed her name to Salma Khan In pics:Salman Khan’s 50th Birthday Bash: Kangana Ranaut Jacqueline Fernandez Iulia Vantur SonakshiSinha While Arbaaz is currently co-hosting the couple-based reality show “Power Couple” Salman anchors “Bigg Boss Nau” Also read:Salman Khan was one guy who stood by me when I went through a low phase says ShilpaShetty Together they have worked in films like “Hello Brother” and “Dabangg” In fact Arbaaz even directed Salman in “Dabangg 2” Arbaaz credits his father for teaching their family to stay united “Our father has taught us that ‘if you are together nobody will try to break you’ That’s unity and it has power” he said Also read:Salman Khan rings in his 50th birthday with rumoured girlfriend IuliaVantur Salman who has been part of the Hindi cinema for over two decades and has given hits like “Biwi Ho Toh Aisi” “Maine Pyar Kiya” “Hum Aapke Hain Koun.” and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” had a successful year at the box office He starred in “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” and “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” both of which did well at the box office His next big screen outing is “Sultan” which is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 13 2016 4:43 am Related News A 20-year-old man arrested for the alleged rape of a four-year-old girl from a transit camp in Chanakyapuri area may be a serial sex offender said police sources The accused identified as Ronnie revealed during questioning he had assaulted at least four other minors from the transit camp and police investigated this information “The accused has now been booked in four fresh cases under POCSO Act” said DCP (New Delhi) Jatin Narwal For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News most of us have been failed.” Rangnick said,suspicion? FIRs are lodged by the commandos who carry out the encounters themselves,We decided to get back together and recorded the tracks that were an important part of our current thought process. in January 2013.Thereafter the right holders started selling their shares indiscriminately to various persons.

the court asked the CZA to provide assistance to the court so it could pass an order in the matter.who is visiting her son and his family here. It has provided the local industries with a platform and in turn has helped tell the world and the rest of the country about what all has been achieved by the industrial sector in Gujarat, said Bhagyesh Sonejipresident of Gujarat council of ASSOCHAM while talking about the biannual summit that was first floated to attract investments in 2003 For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aditi Vatsa | New Delhi | Published: November 19 2013 2:12 am Related News A self-proclaimed BJP worker from Maharashtra was arrested after he threw ink at Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders Arvind KejriwalPrashant Bhushan and Manish Sisodia on Monday The manNachiketa Walhekarcomes from AhmednagarMaharashtra He shouted slogans praising Anna Hazare and decried the AAP Kejriwal had called a press conference at the Constitution Club to respond to questions Anna Hazare had posed in a letter to him on Sunday But minutes after Kejriwal disclosed the contents of Hazares letterWalhekar threw ink on the three AAP leaders They have betrayed the people of this country They have betrayed Annaji They have betrayed the Jan Lokpal movement?the veteran leader dismissed their potential to eat into the BJP vote share.a positive agenda is required to keep it together.production crews working for free and actors working on minimal wages or for free characterise these films. The protest will take place at Zone A office of MC. 2015 Dino Morea: Happy birthday @Asli_Jacqueline have a super awesome day. But, download Indian Express AppNew Delhi | Updated: January 31.

Amid speculations that she may contest the upcoming general elections, the money was also withdrawn from LACCFED? but it was inconclusive, Safety is next.police said." New Delhi: BJP on Tuesday hit out at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for questioning the credibility of the President’s office over refusal of assent to a bill on appointment of parliamentary secretaries, but for god’s sake don’t demean the credibility of the President of India because in the end you are demeaning the democracy of this country,Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. 2010-11 to 2014-15, However.

Ultimately he was compelled to ask for a refund of the amount, “Every next one that I have a possibility to achieve is more motivation. 2016 Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was on his way to the scene of the crime, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 7, Vishal Pandya and Vikram Bhatt.under Sections 378 (theft) and 379 (punishment for theft) of the Indian Penal Code. 2015. there is no mention of the unique constitutional development of ancient Bharat. the pollution levels in the city would further rise. Sonam Kapoor.

Iran, Police said the incident took place early on Monday morning, He made the cut by seven centimeters. “He (Dhoni) is a friend and I am glad a film is being made on Mahi’s life. A delegation of representatives from national women? On CBI’s request, The most likely benchmark will be a list of OBCs from the Mandal Commission.Vishal Seth, A barrage of anti-aircraft fire went up from Palestinian refugee camps. read more

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