November 19, 2020

Feds change plan for reporting avian flu in wild birds

first_imgNov 3, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – Because federal officials expect to keep finding low-pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza viruses in wild birds, they recently announced a new procedure for reporting the findings: posting them online but not issuing news releases.Since August the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Department of the Interior (DOI) have announced 12 avian flu detections as part an expanded wild bird monitoring program, and all have been low-pathogenic forms, which pose no human health risk.Low-pathogenic avian flu viruses often occur naturally in wild birds and cause only minor sickness or no noticeable disease. However, low-pathogenic strains sometimes mutate into deadly strains.In an Oct 26 news release, the USDA and DOI said they expected to find additional cases of the low-pathogenic “North American” strain of H5N1 in wild birds in coming months. The agencies said they would list all routine detections on the National Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Early Detection System (HEDDS) (see link below). The USDA will also include a link to the list on its Web site.In unusual cases, such as a large number of sick or dead birds or a finding that suggests a highly pathogenic virus, the agencies will issue a news release or hold a technical briefing to alert the media and public, officials said.Since the USDA and DOI switched to online reporting of low pathogenic cases, there have been four new reports of such findings in wild birds. They include mallard ducks killed by hunters in St Claire County, Mich., Grundy County, Ill., and Niagara County, N.Y., and a green-winged teal killed by a hunter in Tuscola County, Mich. Confirmatory testing is underway in all four instances.As they announced the new reporting protocol, the federal agencies said avian flu had been ruled out in a previously announced suspected case in Ohio. In mid October the agencies reported finding H5 and N1 avian flu proteins in apparently healthy ducks in Ottawa County. However, the Oct 26 announcement said confirmatory testing revealed no H5 or N1 subtypes, and no virus could be grown.The USDA said it’s not unusual for a specific subtype to be identified in initial screening tests but not be isolated in confirmatory testing.last_img read more

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USC Annenberg holds discussion of ‘The Post’

first_imgPanelists at the event discussed how media coverage of the government and the presidency changed after the publication of the Pentagon Papers. Wanting He | Daily TrojanFormer White House Counsel to Richard Nixon John Dean and former Vice President of Legal at the Los Angeles Times Karlene Goller came to Wallis Annenberg Hall Monday evening for a panel discussion following a screening of Oscar-nominated film The Post.The discussion was hosted by Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism professor Geoffrey Cowan and associate professor Mary Murphy. The event took place as part of Murphy’s class, JOUR 381: Entertainment, Business and Media in Today’s Society.The screening was presented by Annenberg and Amblin Entertainment, the company that produced The Post. According to Cowan, Amblin Entertainment presented screening of the movie at other college campuses as well. Dean and Goller were joined at the panel discussion by Susan Seager, a media defense lawyer at Davis Wright Tremaine and a lecturer at the Gould School of Law. Cowan helped organize the event, and invited the speakers to be on the panel.“Whenever we do something like this, we think about who would be wonderful people for students to be exposed to afterwards,” Cowan said. “John Dean has been nice enough to be involved with a lot of things at this school, so I reached out to him, and then I thought it would be wonderful to hear the legal perspective of how we handle cases, so we have two great lawyers here.”Dean served as Nixon’s counsel during both the Pentagon Papers scandal, the subject of The Post and the Watergate scandal that eventually led to Nixon’s resignation. Dean said he participated in the panel because of his existing relationship with faculty at Annenberg.“I come over here and teach in [professor] Bob Scheer’s class, and I’ve been doing that for about 15 years  – we’ve lost count, it’s been going on so long,” Dean said to the Daily Trojan. “So I was happy to come over and participate.”By featuring legal counsel from both government and media organizations, the panel discussion was able to delve deeper into the issues at the center of The Post, which deal largely with the media’s relationship to the government and media law. Directed by Steven Spielberg, The Post focuses on Washington Post publisher Kay Graham’s (Meryl Streep) decision to print stories about the Pentagon Papers, which revealed that America was losing the Vietnam war despite government narratives claiming America was close to winning. The paper faced legal implications after publishing the story, which could have landed Graham and executive editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) in jail after being held in contempt of court. Following the film screening, the panelists discussed a number of issues brought up in the movie, including the relationship between journalism and the government, how women are treated in the workplace and the ethics of journalism. One of the major topics of discussion was how the press’ relationship to the government changed after the publication of the Pentagon Papers and the ensuing Watergate scandal. “The Pentagon Papers caused newspapers to start working together to define media law,” Goller said in the discussion. “That’s when media lawyers began to be a part of law school, and that’s when journalism schools started teaching media law to journalists.” Dean added that the Watergate scandal marked a shift in how the presidency was covered by the press. “[Before] Watergate, presidents were given the benefit of the doubt,” Dean said. “That changed dramatically — a lasting effect of Watergate is that the press now places the burden of proof on the presidency.”Furthermore, Dean said after the Pentagon Papers were published, Nixon’s demeanor in the White House changed. “The atmosphere at the Nixon White House just went from light to dark,” Dean said. “Nixon [became] embittered and angry. It’s really quite striking.” The panelists also discussed how women are treated in the workplace. In The Post, Graham is the only woman in a position of power, and faces with sexism throughout the film. “I remember going to media law conferences in the early 2000s, and there were barely ever any other women there,” Seager said. “The men who were there wouldn’t talk to me, until I mentioned that I went to Yale and caught their attention.” “No one paid any attention to Graham in the male-dominated bank scene [in The Post],” Goller said. “That’s still happening today.” After taking questions from the audience, Murphy and Cowan ended the discussion at 8 p.m. Cierra Barker, a junior majoring in public relations, attended the screening and panel discussion as a student in Murphy’s class. “I thought it was super interesting to hear from both lawyers and a man who was in the White House at the time,” Barker said. “My biggest takeaway was how much women have progressed in the workforce, especially seeing [Graham’s] journey throughout the film and then having two female lawyers speak at the panel.”last_img read more

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Aguirre: “I have only been asked to leave Fede Varela and another player”

first_imgThese eight points that we have are the product of the confidence that we have gradually recovered. We fight Barcelona, ​​Espanyol, Real. We have generated among all of us a confidence in our work, in our daily work. We train well and try to transfer it to the game. There is the rival, it is football, and if it is better there is nothing more to talk about. But I do believe that we have achieved that among all. The institution, the medical staff, the technical staff, the players … we are a First Division team.Have you already assessed departures and signings?Yes, we meet, but for signings no. Fede (Varela) asked me for minutes. Granted, there are no problems. And there is also some other restless player with the minutes he wants elsewhere. We have only valued these two players, with exit options. One is Fede and the other I prefer not to mention it. He is a valid player for me. But to come, we have not spoken.Nothing at all?As I told the two Felipes yesterday (owner and technical secretary) I have been on the team for two months. I have barely arrived. This is as if a master arrives in June in pre-season and in August he is already saying: this one serves me, this one does not serve me … You don’t even give him opportunities. It seems a bit unfair. Those are my circumstances. The club’s is another. Contracts, assignments, or that have seen that for a while they have seen that someone must leave for whatever reason. We’re on that. But for now I say that: Fede came out and maybe one or two more. There we are, for now. If there are news, your sources will tell you, that you have many sources in the dressing room.Exiting the descent, would it be a boost?I will not notice that, I tell you the truth. We reach 6 points, the second game at 7, then at 8 … We don’t get very nervous. Now we are two … well perfect. It would be better to be outside, of course. We would all sign out already. But I repeat, in the last matches, in May, it is where the leagues are decided. We will see how we get there on the table, in the physical, in everything …Is it key to get ahead in a game like tomorrow?Of course, of course. We had the ability to react in Anoeta. Against Alavés it was the other way around … but yes, it is important. Before Barça took us back, we couldn’t score against Sevilla … but the team has been on all stages. It is true that it has improvement in clearly identifiable aspects. What are we doing wrong? In the stopped ball. Ball point. Well, let’s get better. We already achieved a goal to zero: very good. Let’s continue on that maximum attention line on the stopped ball.How important is it to the Cup with the calendar ahead?I appreciate the Cup. I love it. I reached a final and a Copa emifinal and it’s great for the coaches. You move the team. The guys who are working all week without space in the League have their opportunities. The coaches found a balm in the Cup. And if on top of that, you’re motivating yourself, winning in rounds, it’s pretty. Competing is beautiful. Everyone prefers to play rather than train. I sign it. And if you play Wednesday and Sunday, the better. We give maximum importance. That we take six or five of the subsidiary to Andorra, then perfect. They did well. In addition, the scoundrels were penalized. The Leganés tomorrow opens next to Valladolid (19:00) in 2020 for Spanish football. It will not be any match. The visit to Pucela is, for Lega, key. This is a direct rival and, to win, the pickles could leave the descent for the first time throughout the season. The matter, however, does not take away the dream of a Javier Aguirre who insists that the important thing is to arrive well in April-May. Nor do the signings take up too much. Moreover, for now, the Mexican coach only talks about exits.Today in the press room he reported that Only Fede Varela (already in Las Palmas) and another player “who I prefer not to say, for obvious reasons,” have asked him to leave. That second player, says the Mexican, is valid, so he has a hard time. To summarize: There will only be three departures, maximum, of players who want more minutes. A different matter is whether the club believes that there are other men who, due to circumstances, must leave. And signings? “We have met, but not to talk about signings, really,” confesses the Basque.How does the team arrive after these days?I think the team came well. I believe it because I see the attitude in training. It seems that it did not dent the end of the year night. I checked with the nutritionist, with the doctor, with the physios and it seems that everyone is on time and well. These days you can lose a little thread, the attitude of the players. Reconnecting is complicated and it costs us a little to reopen the day, it is our turn on Friday or at noon. I look forward to a competitive Leganés, I really hope so. It is for us and for Valladolid a very important match, or they definitely open the gap or we are approaching. A victory for any side can have consequences and we all understand the importance of grief.What casualties are there for tomorrow?Recio is not recovering, Bustinza is not there and Siovas is coming. It should arrive today or tomorrow, it was in Greece. They are the only ones, and the others are fine.Should we follow the line away from home or work something else to get the first victory?The three goals we received at home were the ball stopped, all three. And they hurt us a lot. If we could catch five points, we only brought two. Therefore, we are working on that aspect. Otherwise I think the team is serious, committed. It is true that in San Sebastián we had almost no chances, in Seville we threw a little more and against the Alavés it was a matched match. Hopefully tomorrow it will be too, that we are able to show a serious face and that we are a team that aspires to win, we must have that ambition.If the team wins tomorrow, it would sleep outside the descent for the first time in several weeks. How important is it?As 20 games are missing … I don’t give it much importance. Whatever happens the team must go game by game, ninety to ninety. It’s what we’re going to live from here at the end. That momentarily you can spend the night outside the descent is not something that makes me sleepy. The League is decided in May, the last five or six games are fundamental. The slope of January is coming, complicated rivals, and we have to face it.Where is the key to changing the team in play and results?last_img read more

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