May 12, 2020

All about winning the RSPL title, says MoBay United striker Gordon

first_imgWESTERN BUREAU:Arnett Gardens FC will have just another 90-plus minutes to try and keep hold of their Red Stripe Premier League title when they battle Montego Bay United (MBU) in the return leg semi-final on Sunday at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex.Hopes of returning home with an advantage were dashed on Monday night when they stumbled to a 2-1 loss in Montego Bay; a gallant effort, but not good enough on the night against resolute MBU, who showed glimpses of the kind of football their fans love to see.The MBU forward, Owayne Gordon, was at his imperious best once more, capping his night with a spectacular goal in the 23rd minute.Arnett responded like true champions when Michaelos Martin prodded home from close range in the 43rd for the equaliser.Midfielder Ronaldo Rodney sealed victory for the home side when he poked home his chance after some shocking goalkeeping from Peter Harrison in the Arnett Gardens goal.”We deserve the win because all season we have had it rough against this Arnett side,” said Gordon, who was scoring his league leading 20th goal.”It’s all about the final and winning the title. Nothing else matters. Once we get there, if Humble Lion or Portmore make it, we will win it,” Gordon added.NEW-FOUND CONFIDENCEThe forward has been a revelation all season and is relishing his new-found confidence. In tandem with either out-of-favour Dino Williams or the industrious Cory Hylton in attack, he just continues scoring goals.Against one of the better defensive teams in the defending champions, he was great. His goal was sublime to say the least.He picked up the ball in midfield sped by his marker, slid the ball to Hylton, who back-heeled the ball into his running path and without breaking stride Gordon took one touch before curling the ball expertly into the net.”I am really feeling good, and I am promising another goal on their ground next week because we know now that we can defeat them,” he added.Arnett Gardens were left ruing a number of missed chances, but will have loads of confidence playing at home, where MBU have found it difficult this season, as they have not done particularly well on their travels to the capital city Kingston.”It’s an advantage we can work with. We haven’t done greatly playing in Kingston this season, but it is an opportunity for us to show quality if we can hold off this Arnett Gardens team in their home,” said Dillon Thelwell, MBU’s assistant coach.last_img read more

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VW SA wins global call centre award

first_img14 July 2008Volkswagen South Africa’s customer interaction centre (CIC) claimed first place at the 2008 World Contact Centre Awards, held recently in London, in the category “Best Outbound Campaign” in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.In a statement last week, Volkswagen SA said it had fended off competition from the Mellon Group (from Greece), Barclays Bank (Portugal), Softline Pastel (also from South Africa) and the National Bank of Greece (from Greece).The centre qualified for the world award after wining national honours at last year’s Business Process Enablement South Africa’s (BPeSA) annual contact centre awards.BPeSA is a national coordinating body representing the interests of the business process outsourcing and offshoring sector in South Africa, with focus on growing the local industry.“The Volkswagen SA CIC has managed to scoop people awards on a regional level in previous years, as well as this year, but has never had the honour of winning on an international level,” enthused Volkswagen SA CIC manager Marius Swanepoel.“We were confident that our entry met all the criteria required for the local and national awards held by the BPeSA and therefore had the potential to compete internationally. In addition, the entry provided us with the opportunity to benchmark our business process on an international level.”While a call centre is predominantly an inbound environment with customers calling in with queries, an outbound campaign involves a call centre contacting customers, in this case, with Volkswagen’s “Welcome Calls”.According to the company, the aim of the call was to welcome the customer to the brand, congratulate them on their purchase, to record their data like telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses, and to gain additional info on their interests and hobbies which could be used in future campaigns.“These calls play a major part in data purification and also contribute to customer retention,” the statement said.Post-sale quality differentiatorVolkswagen SA said it was essential that their entry displayed competence in various dimensions starting with its strategic and operational objectives, the design and integration of the process, the required investment and the deployment of the campaign.Swanepoel pointed said that in the automotive industry, the only differentiator post-sale was the quality of the company’s service.“Your products can be leading-edge, well priced, and have all the additional value-added elements attached to it, but if the customer relationship and after-sales service do not exceed the customer’s expectations, you will not retain that customer for life,” he said.“Our call centre agents are a vital link in this value chain, a large part of the customer’s perception regarding the quality of our service is determined by these very agents.”Significant recognitionSwanepoel said that the award confirmed that the Volkswagen SA contact centre had a platform for future growth with regard to campaign designs, which would be designed to meet both internal and external requirements, while also proving the value of in-house contact centre operations.He explained that businesses were regularly confronted with whether or not to outsource their contact centre operations.“The value proposition of outsourced call centres is always based on at least two pillars – customer focus and cost competitiveness,” Swanepoel said. “This cost competitive in-house proposition is based on building the brand and long lasting customer relations delivered by a passionate team – a winning recipe according to me.”Over 300 companies from Europe, the Middle East and Africa participated in the awards. The winners qualify for the World Finals, to be held in the United States in November this year, where they will compete with companies from other regions including North America and Asia.“This award is significant recognition, not only for Volkswagen SA, but for our employees for work well done – vital to the sustained success of any business.”SAinfo reporter Would you like to use this article in your publicationor on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

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Giving children a sense of pride

first_imgPanellists: Vuyo Jack, founder of Africa Empowered; Tsheli Lujabe, CEO of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) South Africa; Phuti Mahanyele, CEO of Shanduka and chairperson of Global Dignity in South Africa and Rodrigo Arboleda, the CEO of OLPC. OLPC provides laptops for children in the world’s poorest countries to help them improve their learning capabilities.(Images: Cadine Pillay)Cadine PillayThe fifth Global Dignity Day was celebrated on Wednesday 17 October, and Brand South Africa hosted several NGOs with interests in youth empowerment in Sandton, north of Johannesburg.Rodrigo Arboleda, the CEO of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) – an international organisation that provides laptops for children in the world’s poorest countries to help them improve their learning capabilities – attended the celebration.“When you educate children, you empower them with self-esteem and a sense of pride,” he said, addressing those present.Other speakers included Phuti Mahanyele, CEO of black empowerment company Shanduka and chairperson of Global Dignity in South Africa and Vuyo Jack, founder of Africa Empowered and Tsheli Lujabe, CEO of OLPC South Africa.Empower, educate, upliftOLPC aims to help bridge the gap between disadvantaged communities and the dynamic, rapidly-changing digital world.“When every child has a connected laptop,” reads the mission statement on their website, “they have in their hands the key to full development and participation.”The laptops are not only cost efficient, but require a low supply of power as well, so the costs are limited for poor communities.  They also feature an integrated design of the XO Laptop digital device, along with the open source Sugar software learning desktop environment.The OLPC initiative was incorporated into Global Dignity South Africa’s plans to help the latter achieve its aim of empowering children through education-related projects.“There is a sense of pride in ownership that also empowers these children,” said Arboleda. “Self-esteem and self-pride is how you can live a dignified life, and with these laptops that enable children to educate themselves, we are giving them dignity.”The OLPC foundation will seek funding from Global Dignity as well as South Africa’s private sector in order to expand their initiative into the country. The foundation currently serves over 40 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, and provides educational tools in 21 languages.Children are eager to learnArboleda said their mission is to groom productive leaders of the 21st century. “These are the inventors and creators of our future, who are not waiting to be taught, but are eager to learn.”Mahanyele concurred: “Young people are looking for inspiration. They have an important role to play in being able to shape our future.”She added that someone needs to run the government of tomorrow and be able to make the tough decisions.“Children have wisdom, but often it is the language barrier that prevents them from being understood,” said Jack, adding that if they are educated in their own language, they can understand concepts faster and will be empowered.The empowerment of teachers was also discussed, as members of the audience felt that teachers should be given a lesson on dignity as well so that the message can be taught to children on a consistent basis.“Teachers are the enablers,” Arboleda said. “If we honour the teachers, they will empower our children. That is why we also provide teachers with laptops to help their pupils.”The discussion also led to the topic of entrepreneurship and how South Africa can go about encouraging it to combat unemployment. Lujabe said there will be modules on the laptops for children to get a head start on such topics that will inspire them at a young age and expand their goals.last_img read more

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Kate’s Binary Challenge #6/Mission Impossible — Geocache of the Week

first_imgMysteryGC64BHby Team-CRICK/Dr-Gadget SharePrint RelatedThe top ten geocaches added to ListsSeptember 24, 2019In “Community”…wo hab Ich den Cache denn nochmal hingelegt??? (GC1DZ17) – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – December 27, 2012December 26, 2012In “Community”Geocaching in Space FAQOctober 9, 2013In “Community” Location: North Wales, United KingdomN 52° 54.556 W 003° 35.612 Share with your Friends:More Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world.Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. Difficulty: 3Terrain: 1.5 Geocache GC64BH is the final in a series of 6 geocaches hidden in honor of a geocacher named Kate’s 10th birthday. 1 and 0 make up the binary numbering system, so, naturally, using binary numbers to solve puzzles and gather codes is part of the challenge of finding this cache.The reward at the end is worth the struggle. Before visiting this cache, you may want to watch (or re-watch) the first Mission Impossible movie. Specifically, the scene in which Tom Cruise lowers himself headfirst into a vault.Then, go find this cache, which is hidden on the cache owner’s property. You’ll see a brown box on a gate post. Break the cable tie to open it, record the binary code inside, then use a new cable tie from inside the box to secure it again. Convert the binary code to decimal numbering, and add that number to the other codes you’ve collected through the series.Then and only then will you be able to open the padlock on the little pot nearby, which contains a key. Thought you were done yet? Nope. The key opens another cash box on a pole nearby. Inside is…not the cache, but a remote control. Take a deep breath, channel your inner Tom Cruise (or don’t, whatever floats your boat) and press the down button.Things will begin to feel a bit familiar with you see this descending from the sky above:Finally, you’ll have access to the cache and logbook, which is safely strapped to miniature Tom Cruise’s vest.Watch the cache in action:last_img read more

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Blockchain’s Mainstream Debut Awaits Dev Ecosystem Evolution

first_imgBlockchain is seemingly forever on the cusp of mainstream adoption, but not for long. For those who have a broader perspective on the technology’s current capabilities and history, the idea that blockchain is anywhere close to reaching critical mass is laughable. Despite retail investor interest in cryptocurrencies, the things that blockchain technology can do are less limited. But the world still needs a prevalent blockchain app — even a decade following its introduction alongside Bitcoin.There’s no doubt blockchain is slow to deliver value, but its enormous potential gives enthusiasts and the cryptocurrency market justification for their hope. The crown jewel of blockchain in 2019 is its nascent application ecosystem, nurtured via a sparse array of upstart decentralized computing networks including Ethereum, NEO, and EOS. We’re still in the dawn of decentralized applications, but it has become apparent that these dApps—and their developers—are the best bet for blockchain’s eventual ascension to the retail market.Dev Access Unlocks Blockchain for AllGiven that networks like EOS and Ethereum are ground zero for blockchain progress making it easy and inexpensive for developers to create things on these blockchains is paramount. This is a notion that’s been embraced by the blockchain community more in recent years. Major projects now focus the bulk of their efforts on making development a welcome and familiar experience, but also ensuring that any successful dApps are able to effortlessly scale with demand.The latter issue was contentious in the community at the peak of the previous cryptocurrency bubble. At that time it became apparent the market’s legacy ecosystems were incapable of supporting demand for their dApps. Trusted blockchains such as Ethereum had reached a point where they had accommodating virtual machines and other accessible dev tools, but the market did not react optimistically when the network couldn’t handle traffic on the first favorite apps (Crypto Kitties is the most representative example). Even if the “killer app” of blockchain was created now, networks wouldn’t be able to handle the herd of users. In the post-bull market, the community’s optimism hinges solely on blockchain’s ability to produce tangible and reliable value via applications, not on the idea that it can do so marginally or sometime in the future. With a more mature industry this time around, the best way to help developers deliver on these ambitions is second-layer solutions being amalgamated to the most popular blockchains.Second Layers Accommodate DevelopersEOS itself was created as a response to Ethereum’s sluggish transaction speeds. and It’s now waving the banner for blockchain scaling with internal, but also external endeavors to make it the fastest chain around. With a quicker DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus model the blockchain’s transaction speeds are faster, and a multi-threaded developer environment makes it possible to run apps on multiple computer cores. Even with these groundbreaking developments, promising second-layer upgrades to EOS are just as powerful.An exemplary project is called LiquidApps, which slides into the EOS software stack seamlessly to provide increased memory to resource-hungry applications on the network. Knowing that EOS is limited to 90MB of RAM and is therefore sometimes expensive, with 58 EOS required for a single 1MB block. The development platform makes it possible for EOS users to also take advantage of vRAM and therefore lower hosting costs. This simulated storage is connected to EOS and is integrated effortlessly with the underlying blockchain, making it easier to support more and better apps, wider audiences, and faster transfers of value.Even Bitcoin rests its hopes on the second layer, with the Lightning Network a “household name” among off-chain solutions for its yet unfulfilled ability to drastically increase the speed of transactions among participating Bitcoin nodes. By storing the bulk of a data on completed blocks of transactions off-chain, the main Bitcoin blockchain will eventually be used as a reference layer upon which nodes can quickly validate transactions without needing to store the entire chain. Ethereum may use a similar proposed model called Counterfactual, which also moves transactions off the blockchain, but for now, is anticipating a long-awaited move to Proof of Stake for the purpose of better scaling.AWS Becomes BWSIf blockchain is the “internet of value,” then second-layer solutions are the infrastructure supporting it. dApps are the platforms perched on top of it all—used by people to finally create and transfer value. From the inside out, blockchain is evolving into a more mature system, and slowly making it easier for people with less expertise to get involved. After high-quality development tools come reliable application support, comes interfaces for building applications, reaches retail-level creators and then finally retail-level consumers. The most significant inventions coming from blockchain right now will soon resemble Amazon Web Services. We’re close to a “Blockchain Web Services,” which would resemble dashboards with blockchain-connected utilities that are currently being perfected, which help developers create and run applications, build and host websites, rent storage and bandwidth, and reach decentralized audiences worldwide. These connected services may not come from a single company like Amazon, but that’s the point of blockchain—to give free, equal access from anywhere and to everyone. And each company wants the most cost-effective price charged by the most consolidated firms.A “snowball effect” is occurring. Even on a mostly volunteer basis, blockchain is getting easier to manipulate. This ability to attract developers and infrastructure project who multiply these efforts, we get closer to the point where it’s easy to make applications that encapsulate the best of decentralized technology. Reuben Jackson Ruben is a blockchain security consultant currently living in New York City. He helps organizations fundamentally redesign experiences to create new sources of value also digitally reinventing company’s operations for greater efficiency. Tags:#bitcoin scalability#where’s a Bitcoin app? Related Posts Blockchain – Impending Revolution in Glob… AI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage Follow the Puck How Data Analytics Can Save Liveslast_img read more

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UE, NU keep Final 4 bids

first_imgMark Maloles and Alvin Pasaol exchanged back-to-back triples in a span of 18 seconds to give UE a 68-58 lead with 2:49 to go in the fourth quarter.Pasaol then delivered the dagger, completing a three-point play for a 71-62 lead with 1:33 left.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutUE head coach Derrick Pumaren is aware of the Warriors’ position in the Final Four race, but remains upbeat on their chances.“Until there’s a fourth team that makes it then we still have a shot at it,” said Pumaren. “We just have to stay positive in the things that are going on. We just have to play as a team and keep playing as one unit.”Pasaol showed his might with 32 points and 13 rebounds to lead UE, while Mark Olayon missed a triple-double with 11 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Read Next MOST READ Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC LATEST STORIES Unlikely Meralco power source Kin of Misamis Oriental hero cop to get death benefits, award — PNP University of the East kept its bid for a Final Four spot after humbling University of the Philippines, 73-64, in the UAAP Season 80 men’s basketball tournament Sunday at Filoil Flying V Centre in San Juan.The Red Warriors won their third game in four outings to improve to 3-7 and stay on track of getting the fourth spot in the league.The Fighting Maroons slipped to a 4-6 record in a tie with National University, which dealt cellar-dweller University of Santo Tomas its 10th straight defeat, 91-83, earlier.ADVERTISEMENT CPP denies ‘Ka Diego’ arrest caused ‘mass panic’ among S. Tagalog NPAcenter_img QC cops nab robbery gang leader, cohort Stronger peso trims PH debt value to P7.9 trillion Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf PLAY LIST 01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Rookie Juan Gomez de Liaño had 22 points and eight rebounds for UP while older brother Javi finished with 17 points and 11 boards.The Bulldogs, who entered the game having lost five of their last six games, went on a 24-6 run bridging the second and third quarters to take a 69-58 lead.Matt Salem then capped NU’s 11-2 run at the start of the fourth that put the Bulldogs up, 80-65, at the 7:29 mark.“We really needed to win today because we wanted to have a better chance to get to the Final Four,” said NU assistant coach Danny Ildefonso, who handled the team in place of the suspended Jamike Jarin.“I and the other assistants talked at the end of the first half and every one of us gave their insights on how we should adjust in the second half.” —BONG LOZADA, INQUIRER.NETADVERTISEMENT Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Japan ex-PM Nakasone who boosted ties with US dies at 101 View commentslast_img read more

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Here’s Your Updated March Madness Bracket Heading Into Friday

first_imgUpdated NCAA Tournament bracket.Day one of the second round of the 2015 NCAA Tournament did not disappoint, as four teams notched huge upsets to advance to the third round this upcoming Saturday. Two No. 3 seeds – Baylor and Iowa State – fell to No. 14 seeds in thrillers. That being said, the two No. 1 seeds in action – Kentucky and Villanova – looked solid in convincing victories.Here’s the updated bracket, via CBS Sports, with scores, game times, locations and all of the other pertinent information.updated bracketFriday will see another 16 contests, and hopefully even more madness. How’s your bracket look?last_img read more

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Slowdown shadow on air traffic to and from India

first_imgNew Delhi: Air travel to and from India during January-March quarter of this calendar year grew at slowest pace of 3.8 per cent in the last four years pointing to slowdown in the economy. The latest data compiled by aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) shows that both foreign and Indian carriers together flew 16.4 million passengers in this period compared to 15.8 million in the corresponding quarter last year. Compared to this, the airlines had clocked 11.3 per cent growth in 2018 over the previous year when they had flown 14.2 million passengers. In 2016 and 2017, the traffic growth was 9.32 per cent and 7.5 per cent respectively. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalAviation industry experts said the slower growth this year is a result of multiple factors ranging from Jet Airways pulling out their operations, slowdown and lean season. “There are multiple reasons for this. Jet Airways has, of course, dented because it reduced capacity on international routes in those months. But even other airlines are not going 100 per cent full. Economic slowdown, I think, is one of the important factors,” said Rajan Mehra, CEO of Club One Air and former India head of Qatar Airways. “It’s not just travel. People are not buying cars, they are not buying consumer goods. So, I think slowdown in the economy is probably a much more important factor than Jet pulling out. People are travelling less. There is overall a sense of the economy softening up,” he added. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostFollowing suspension of Jet Airways operations, both local as well as foreign airlines have mounted capacity to fill the gaps. Among the local carriers, SpiceJet and IndiGo have aggressively expanded their capacity on foreign routes. Some of the foreign destinations that have been the focus of airlines are Dubai, Singapore, London and Bangkok.Kapil Kaul, CEO (South Asia) of Sydney-based Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) said Jet Airways operations had declined a lot in the fourth quarter (January-March of 2019). Besides, launch of international flights by some LCCs (low-cost carriers) also got delayed. “There was no reflection of a slowdown during January-March. The Q4 is basically a weaker period. So, it is a combination of many factors,” Kaul said. The DGCA data, however, show that the share of Indian carriers has been gradually on the rise in last few years. The share of Indian and foreign carriers in the total international passenger traffic during the first quarter (January-March) of the year 2019 stands at 40.7 per cent and 59.3 per cent respectively. “In the same quarter (Q1) of the year 2019, the share of Indian and foreign carriers was 39.5 and 60.5 per cent respectively,” the DGCA said in its latest analytical report on international traffic.last_img read more

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City Councillors set to recruit Surgeons

first_imgThe City of Fort St. John ‘Move up Here’ Campaign; CLICK HERE By going in person to the job fair ensures that Fort St. John will be represented as a desirable location. Sending a Council member shows the attendees of the job fair a member of the community who is passionate about the City and who can answer any questions they may have.Recently Councillor Bolin attended a nurses conference and the results of going directly in person were impactful as Bolin shares ‘Fort St. John was the only Municipality represented at the event’, “It was great we had nurses sending their friends and co-workers down to our booth, it was non-stop nurses at our booth for two days, pretty fantastic”In efforts to attract and retain more professionals to the area, the City created ‘Move up Here’ to be attractive recruitment of new people to the community.In terms of the ‘Move Up Here’, “The Campaign is a celebration and showcase of the community,” said Ryan Harvey Communications Coordinator of the City of FSJ. Collaborating businesses included in the recruitment campaign are the Chamber of Commerce, School District, Northern Health, the Northern Lights College as well as others.‘Move Up Here” has been submitted to larger online and hard copy publications to try to help attract a large range of people from different demographics as well as being used in different capacities for social sharing.To read more about Nurse recruitment; CLICK HERE FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – At a recent City Council meeting, Council passed a motion for Mayor Lori Ackerman or one of the Council Members to attend an upcoming Job Fair for recruiting Surgeons.The City has been actively involved in the recruitment of professionals to FSJ to help ensure residents have access to quality and timely health care services as well as other professionals that will raise the bar with the ‘Move Up Here’ campaign.The upcoming Job Fair for Recruiting Surgeons, in Penticton, on May 11, 2019, is an event that is a valuable opportunity to connect our community with surgical students and surgeons who are looking for positions in a rural community shared the City staff.last_img read more

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Miami Open: Agut eliminates Djokovic

first_imgMiami: Spain’s Roberto Bautista Agut, ranked 25th in the world, became the surprise of the ninth day at the Miami Open Masters 1000, overcoming the world number one Serbian Novak Djokovic 1-6, 7-5 and 6-3 to advance to the quarter-finals. Djokovic, 31, who was looking to get his seventh title in the Masters 1000’s most important tournament of the season in the US, saw Bautista Agut, who this year had already beaten him in Doha, overcome a setback in the first set on Tuesday night, in just 35 minutes, to then lead the greatest comeback so far in the tournament. Bautista Agut, took two hours and 30 minutes on the new court at the Hard Rock Stadium, with a break of 40 minutes due to rain, to achieve his third victory, second in a row, in the 10 duels he has played with Djokovic (7-3), reports Efe news. The Spaniard, 30, will play in the quarter-final against US’ John Isner, seventh seed, and current defending champion of the tournament, who won 7-6 (5) and 7-6 (3) against the nineteenth seeded England’s Kyle Edmun. In the first set against Djokovic, Bautista Agut began with very poor tennis, full of unforced errors and without a consistent serve, so that the Serb could overwhelm him in just 35 minutes. Djokovic showed his best performance with a powerful and safe serve, as well as placing the right shots for which the Spanish tennis player had no answers. But the story changed in the second set. Bautista Agut rediscovered his best level of play and responded firmly in the exchange to reach a 5-4 when the rain came, and with it the temporary suspension. The stoppage favored the Spanish tennis player, who focused his game even more and even though Djokovic had a breakpoint at 5-5 after the rain, the world number one failed to react in time and lost the set to the Spaniard, who tied the duel at 1 set each.last_img read more

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