Aguirre: “I have only been asked to leave Fede Varela and another player”

first_imgThese eight points that we have are the product of the confidence that we have gradually recovered. We fight Barcelona, ​​Espanyol, Real. We have generated among all of us a confidence in our work, in our daily work. We train well and try to transfer it to the game. There is the rival, it is football, and if it is better there is nothing more to talk about. But I do believe that we have achieved that among all. The institution, the medical staff, the technical staff, the players … we are a First Division team.Have you already assessed departures and signings?Yes, we meet, but for signings no. Fede (Varela) asked me for minutes. Granted, there are no problems. And there is also some other restless player with the minutes he wants elsewhere. We have only valued these two players, with exit options. One is Fede and the other I prefer not to mention it. He is a valid player for me. But to come, we have not spoken.Nothing at all?As I told the two Felipes yesterday (owner and technical secretary) I have been on the team for two months. I have barely arrived. This is as if a master arrives in June in pre-season and in August he is already saying: this one serves me, this one does not serve me … You don’t even give him opportunities. It seems a bit unfair. Those are my circumstances. The club’s is another. Contracts, assignments, or that have seen that for a while they have seen that someone must leave for whatever reason. We’re on that. But for now I say that: Fede came out and maybe one or two more. There we are, for now. If there are news, your sources will tell you, that you have many sources in the dressing room.Exiting the descent, would it be a boost?I will not notice that, I tell you the truth. We reach 6 points, the second game at 7, then at 8 … We don’t get very nervous. Now we are two … well perfect. It would be better to be outside, of course. We would all sign out already. But I repeat, in the last matches, in May, it is where the leagues are decided. We will see how we get there on the table, in the physical, in everything …Is it key to get ahead in a game like tomorrow?Of course, of course. We had the ability to react in Anoeta. Against Alavés it was the other way around … but yes, it is important. Before Barça took us back, we couldn’t score against Sevilla … but the team has been on all stages. It is true that it has improvement in clearly identifiable aspects. What are we doing wrong? In the stopped ball. Ball point. Well, let’s get better. We already achieved a goal to zero: very good. Let’s continue on that maximum attention line on the stopped ball.How important is it to the Cup with the calendar ahead?I appreciate the Cup. I love it. I reached a final and a Copa emifinal and it’s great for the coaches. You move the team. The guys who are working all week without space in the League have their opportunities. The coaches found a balm in the Cup. And if on top of that, you’re motivating yourself, winning in rounds, it’s pretty. Competing is beautiful. Everyone prefers to play rather than train. I sign it. And if you play Wednesday and Sunday, the better. We give maximum importance. That we take six or five of the subsidiary to Andorra, then perfect. They did well. In addition, the scoundrels were penalized. The Leganés tomorrow opens next to Valladolid (19:00) in 2020 for Spanish football. It will not be any match. The visit to Pucela is, for Lega, key. This is a direct rival and, to win, the pickles could leave the descent for the first time throughout the season. The matter, however, does not take away the dream of a Javier Aguirre who insists that the important thing is to arrive well in April-May. Nor do the signings take up too much. Moreover, for now, the Mexican coach only talks about exits.Today in the press room he reported that Only Fede Varela (already in Las Palmas) and another player “who I prefer not to say, for obvious reasons,” have asked him to leave. That second player, says the Mexican, is valid, so he has a hard time. To summarize: There will only be three departures, maximum, of players who want more minutes. A different matter is whether the club believes that there are other men who, due to circumstances, must leave. And signings? “We have met, but not to talk about signings, really,” confesses the Basque.How does the team arrive after these days?I think the team came well. I believe it because I see the attitude in training. It seems that it did not dent the end of the year night. I checked with the nutritionist, with the doctor, with the physios and it seems that everyone is on time and well. These days you can lose a little thread, the attitude of the players. Reconnecting is complicated and it costs us a little to reopen the day, it is our turn on Friday or at noon. I look forward to a competitive Leganés, I really hope so. It is for us and for Valladolid a very important match, or they definitely open the gap or we are approaching. A victory for any side can have consequences and we all understand the importance of grief.What casualties are there for tomorrow?Recio is not recovering, Bustinza is not there and Siovas is coming. It should arrive today or tomorrow, it was in Greece. They are the only ones, and the others are fine.Should we follow the line away from home or work something else to get the first victory?The three goals we received at home were the ball stopped, all three. And they hurt us a lot. If we could catch five points, we only brought two. Therefore, we are working on that aspect. Otherwise I think the team is serious, committed. It is true that in San Sebastián we had almost no chances, in Seville we threw a little more and against the Alavés it was a matched match. Hopefully tomorrow it will be too, that we are able to show a serious face and that we are a team that aspires to win, we must have that ambition.If the team wins tomorrow, it would sleep outside the descent for the first time in several weeks. How important is it?As 20 games are missing … I don’t give it much importance. Whatever happens the team must go game by game, ninety to ninety. It’s what we’re going to live from here at the end. That momentarily you can spend the night outside the descent is not something that makes me sleepy. The League is decided in May, the last five or six games are fundamental. The slope of January is coming, complicated rivals, and we have to face it.Where is the key to changing the team in play and results?last_img read more

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Problems for Barcelona: Luis Suárez will be operated on his right knee and could be on leave for six weeks

first_imgImage: Reuters The Uruguayan striker of FC Barcelona, ​​Luis Suarez, will be operated on Sunday of the right knee, due to an injury to the external meniscus, FC Barcelona reported.The intervention will be carried out by Dr. Ramón Cugat, after which the Catalan club informs that it will issue a statement to publicize the player’s recovery process.It is not the first time that the player is suffering from problems in this knee, because last year he lost the final of the Copa del Rey against Valencia to be able to deal with a similar problem with an arthroscopy.Suárez participated last Thursday in the game that his team played Saudi Arabia against Atlético de Madrid (2-3), in which the Catalans were eliminated from the Spanish Super Cup.So far there is nothing official, but everything indicates that the Uruguayan striker will be low between five and six weeks low in order to reach the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Naples. The Uruguayan striker could be on top for the first round of Championscenter_img 01/11/2020 – 14:51last_img read more

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The day Maradona was able to play on the CD Badajoz in 1998

first_imgThe Argentine formula did not pay off and Tinelli got tired. On October 16, 2001 the club would yield to Javier Tebas, so that this process its final sale to the Portuguese businessman Antonio Barradas, debt of 450 million pesetas through (grew 50% in the three years with Tinelli in command). Talking about Thebes, his involvement with Badajoz allowed him to access the vice presidency of the League in 2001, as a representative of black and white. While these would consummate their descent to the bronze category of footballl Spanish with Barradas in front, the year after the acquisition.Once the descent was a reality, the historic Sports Club would not return to professional football and enter an unstoppable downhill, with the Disappearance of the club on July 2, 2012 as an irremediable consequence. The new CD Badajoz 1905 took shape that same summer and would inherit all the symbology of its predecessor. Now, with Mehdi Nafti at the controls of the ship that finances an investment group led by Joaquín Parra, the regenerated club seeks to return to the place that by history belongs to them. A place that attracted a Tinelli that did not achieve any of the objectives that were marked in his Extremaduran adventure, but that linked Maradona’s name to Badajoz forever. Empty promisesEl Pelusa had played his last game on October 25, 1997 with his beloved Boca Juniors at the Bombonera, but the possibility existed. El País published on August 12, 1998 that Diego did not rule out that possibility. And it would not be that of ’10’ the only name slipped: “We have already hired Mauricio López, player of Quilmes, Basualdo and Pedro González de Boca and is negotiating with Caniggia“In addition, his good relationship with Romario added the name of the Brazilian to the chimerical list of plausibles. The 500,000 dollars (about 445,000 euros in exchange) disbursed were accompanied by a debt of 300 million of the old pesetas (about 1.8 million euros) and to reverse the economic situation it was necessary to exploit the club’s image: “Dafter those of Boca and River, the Badajoz coats are the best sellers there “Tinelli said. Lwith illusion flooded Badajoz and 5,600 subscribers were reached, historical record Of the entity. ANDl ‘Son of the wind’, a great friend of the Argentine star, and Romario would never wear the black and white. Nor Basaldo. Nor Pedro González. Nor, of course, Maradona … The Copa del Rey’s round of 32 draw has matched CD Badajoz and Eibar. The Extremadura team marches fourth of Group IV of Second B and is fighting to return professional football to the city, after the disappearance of the ancient CD Badajoz in 2012 and its subsequent re-foundation under the same name (with the 1905 added at the end). Nevertheless, there was a time when the people of La Paz were a historical Second Division, at which there was a story worthy of being remembered for the luster of its protagonists: Diego Armando Maradona, Claudio Paul Caniggia, Romario and Javier Tebas.“Videomatch He is going to buy a football club in Spain. It’s a Second Division team called Badajoz. “Marcelo Tinelli, journalist, entrepreneur and presenter of the successful and historic program cited above was the owner of these words that the magazine collects ctxt. The now president of San Lorenzo de Almagro has always been a lover of football and, taking advantage of the pull he enjoyed and the golden age of Extremadura and Mérida football as elevator teams between First and Second, he threw himself at the purchase in the summer of 1998 of a CD Badajoz that had finished the recently finished season in sixth position, bordering on the promotion positions. The objective of the versatile presenter was clear, to repeat the ascent of First of almendralejenses and emeritenses and for that he had a name in mind: Diego Armando Maradona.Journal AS ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Marcelo Tinelli, at the time as maximum shareholder of the CD Badajoz.AS newspaper Although the attempts to work the miracle of removing the Argentine legend from his retirement did not cease there and the declarations in October 1998 of Guillermo Coppola, representative of the star, stoked the fire: “He would only play a game on the 4th of next month at the inauguration of the Badajoz stadium, but it is not yet confirmed. The truth is that Maradona fixed the differences he had with Tinelli and now everything is possible. “However, the new nursery Nuevo Vivero would never enjoy Diego, not even on the day of its inauguration (December 2, 1998, Badajoz 0-Extremadura 0 ). Bad planning and appearance of ThebesAn Argentine congregation would arrive instead of the list of illustrious promises led by Toti Iglesias on the bench, former player of his beloved San Lorenzo and inexperienced technician. Iglesias would have nine compatriots at his command (the previous year there were none in the squad), but his adventure at the head of the then dean of Extremadura football (honor that after the disappearance of 2012 falls to Cacereño) would last nine games, leaving club in relegation positions, so that Blas Ziarreta saved them from burning. The lack of experience in the competition of the new players would lead to a team that had struggled to ascend one year before to finish in fourteenth position in 1998-99, in sixteenth the next, with Juanma Generelo as coach, and to repeat the fourteenth position in 2000-01, with Ciriaco Cano in front.Journal AS ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Patricio D’Amico, one of the Argentines arrived with Tinelli.AS newspaper DAVID MDZINARISHVILI & nbsp; (REUTERS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Maradona and Caniggia celebrating a goal in a veteran friendly in 2008.DAVID MDZINARISHVILI (REUTERS)last_img read more

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Nacho tomb to Valladolid and gives a hard working leadership to Real Madrid

first_imgA header from the defender in 78 ‘saves the white furniture in the Zorrilla VALLADOLID: Masip; Antoñito, Olivas, Salisu, Joaquín, Raúl Carnero; Míchel (Villa, min. 58), Alcaraz, San Emeterio (Miguel, min. 81); Enes Unal (Óscar Plano, min. 76) and Guardiola.REAL MADRID: Courtois; Nacho, Ramos, Varane, Mendy; Modric (Valverde, min. 88), Casemiro, Kroos, Isco (Lucas Vázquez, min. 73); Rodrygo (Jovic, min. 93) and Benzema.– GOALS.0-1, minute 78. Nacho–REFEREE: From Burgos Bengoetxea (C. Vasco). He admonished Joaquin (min. 10), for Valladolid, and Varane (min. 36), Modric (min. 57), Nacho (min. 76), for Real Madrid.–STADIUM: José Zorrilla. Real Madrid did not miss the stumbling block of Barcelona in Mestalla and positioned itself as the lone leader of LaLiga Santander after achieving this Sunday a more than worked victory for the minimum (1-0) in the visit to Valladolid, decided by a saving header in the final section of Nacho Fernández.The Madrid team again suffered from ‘punch’ up and had to be a defender and a side center after a corner kick who decided in their favor a victory that gives him three points advantage over the Blaugrana before the derby against Atlético next saturday It was not the best game of Zinédine Zidane, gray in the first half and with more rhythm in the second to better dominate an opponent who chained his ninth day without winning.As planned, the merengue team was not comfortable in the grass of Zorrilla. Seated in a 4-4-2, with Isco completing the midfielder quartet instead of Valverde, and Rodrygo as Benzema’s partner, the visitors lacked more intensity.Real Madrid could not beat the duel in the first 45 minutes and that helped Sergio González’s players find a more ‘favorable’ match and in which they were only altered by Casemiro’s header that was a goal until the VAR ruled that it should not go up to the scoreboard.The locals also failed to stretch too much or disturbed Courtois, and strived more to control his rival, who had no real opportunities against the three centrals of the Pucela and demonstrating once again that he is still not at his best level in the offensive aspect, with a little participatory Benzema, a Rodrygo only voluntarily and little ferocity and tino on the sides with Nacho and Mendy. Real Madrid up the paceZidane tried to solve it in the break and although he did not put any revulsive, his men did leave with one more march, enough so that Valladolid was not only dominated but Masip already noticed the presence of the Madrid attackers.The Catalan goalkeeper put a good hand to Rodrygo and then breathed relieved when Benzema was wrong in a header that he preferred to turn into a let-down than a shot and with a foul on the edge of the area from which Isco took little advantage. Best directed was the second header of the French ‘pichichi’, but he also did not find his destiny.Real Madrid dominated with absolute clarity, but did not get the desired game in the form of occasions. Valladolid survived without more stress than having to defend itself continuously and without the possibility of finding a counter-savior. Zidane looked deeper with Lucas Vázquez for Isco for a final 20 minutes and with a 4-3-3, but it was again a defensive player, Nacho, who opened the scoring with a precise shot after a great center of Kroos .Interestingly, the goal made visitors lose control in a game that opened then. Mendy crossed quickly when Guardiola sought to test Courtois and Valladolid squeezed something else, but without finding the goal that cuts his streak, but still five points above the descent.DATA SHEET. –OUTCOME: REAL VALLADOLID, 0 – REAL MADRID, 1 (0-0, at rest).– ALIGNMENTS.last_img read more

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First clubs have spent € 130.6M on signings

first_imgThe winter market closed with a transfer cost much higher than last seasona and the second highest in the last ten years. The figure of 130.6 million euros, is only exceeded by 288.2 two years ago. Of course, it should be noted that in that winter window, Barça disbursed about 160 million only in the hiring of Coutinho.First teams have spent more than they have entered, with a negative balance of -40.7 M €. The highs have meant an expense of 130.6 in 44 operations; and sales 89.9 in 58.In this winter market there have been no signings as millionaires as in the 2017-18 season. The most expensive has been Reinier, Real Madrid, for € 30M. The player from Flamengo arrives to reinforce the white subsidiary. Due to the number of non-EU members in the squad, the Brazilian will not be able to play in the League or Champions, but in the Cup, if Zidane deems it convenient.First teams have bought a goal in winter. Three strikers star in the most expensive hires without counting Reinier. Álcacer will reinforce Villarreal after payment of 25 million to Dortmund, where he scored 23 goals in 37 Bundesliga matches. Tomás, meanwhile, already beats in Espanyol. The Catalan team has high hopes for the Madrid striker to achieve the desired permanence and is currently responding (he has three goals in three games) since his arrival, which closed at 21 million. By last, In Nesyri, he will continue to score in LaLiga: Sevilla paid 20 million to Leganés (There he scored 13 goals in the League) and the Moroccan striker has already had minutes in four games with the Sevillian team. In the expenses section, Espanyol has been the most invested team in LaLiga, with a disbursement of 41.6 million. The 21 RDTs mentioned above, ten by Embarba (from Rayo), nine, by Cabrera (ex Getafe) and 1.6, by Oier (came from the Levant).Market table For its part, Celta is the team that has entered the most. The Galician team has a balance of € 21M profit, obtained from the transfer of Lobotka to Naples, which in turn stars the most expensive sale of Spain to a European League. The three additions of the Galician team Murillo (Sampdoria), Bradaric (Cagliari) and Smolov (Lokomotiv) have been at zero cost. The Alavés is the team that has moved the most in this market, with five new highs: Camarasa (Crystal Palace), Ismael (Betis), Roberto (West Ham), Fejsa (Benfica) and Edgar (Cruz Azul). All of them at no cost.On the other hand, Leganés and Valladolid are the teams that have traded the most, seven. The people of Madrid entered 20.8 million and the Valladolid residents, zero. The last market day was very busy. 13 signings were made and the Leganés, with four reinforcements, (Assale, Guerrero, Bryan Gil and Amadou) is the team that moved the most.last_img read more

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The 20 City players who just signed up in 2022 or earlier

first_imgThe B side for the players of City It is in the 18 that have a contract beyond 2022. Of these there are 14 in the current workforce: Ederson (2025), Laporte (2025), Mendy (2023), Zinchenko (2024), Walker (2024), I cancel (2025) Rodrigo Hernández (2024), Gündogan (2023), Phoden (2024), From Bruyne (2023), Bernardo Silva (2025), Mahrez (2023), Sterling (2023) and Gabriel Jesus (2023). While in the four that are assigned are: Muric (2024), Angeliño (2023), Pedro Porro (2024) and Palaversa (2023).The precedent closest to the Manchester City it was the one of Milan this summer The Italian team is currently not playing the Europa League, for the punishment imposed by the UEFA. The Rossoneri managed to lower the penalty from two years to one after agreeing with UEFA and ratifying this agreement by the TAS. If the City reached the same agreement, it would have ten players that finish the contract in 2020 or 2021. The six that it has in its squad are: Claudio Bravo, Carson, Fernandinho, Sané and Agüero, while among the ceded are: Steffen, Sandler, Adarabioyo, Aleix García and Arzani. To these players there are the ten ceded that have the ‘sky blues’ outside Manchester: Steffen (2020), Sandler (2020), Adarabioyo (2021), Itakura (2022), Aleix Garcia (2020), Ilic (2022), Meshino (2022), Harrison (2022), Arzani (2021) and Patrick Roberts (2022). UEFA’s sanction against Manchester City without being able to play the next two seasons in the Champions League opens the future to many of its players. Up to 20 players finish contract in 2022 or earlier, nine of the current template and ten ceded. The nine players who are under the command of Guardiola this season and have their link with the ‘citizen’ team until 2022 or earlier are: Claudio Bravo (2020), Carson (2020), Stones (2022), Ottamendi (2022) Eric Garcia (2022) Fernandinho (2021), Leroy Sané (2021), Diskerud (2022), David Silva (2020), who confirmed that this will be his last season at City, and Omen (2021).last_img read more

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Courtois gets bigger

first_imgZidane himself, little given to individualize, could not help it: “We did two goals but above all we left the goal to zero. Thibaut was fundamental, especially in the first half. It’s not just tonight, it’s been quite a while. It is not that it saves us, but it does very well. With his presence under sticks we are all calmer. As we saw today, he made three great stops that keep us in the game. We all know that these stops, at that time, are very important. “The Belgian usually has no qualms about praising his own work and this time it was no different:”We defended well and when necessary I made good stops. Arthur makes me fine and I make a great stop with my hand. And I played well with my feet, giving the team peace of mind. “ Real Madrid chose the Classic in their favor in the second half, but began to win in the first not losing it, thanks to a Thibaut Courtois immense that he supported his with three stops before the break. Three stops of different graduation: first, to a centered and satin shot of Messi; then, saving hand to Arthur in a hand to hand; and finally, I cleared a volley centered on Messi, appearing behind Sergio Ramos. The white plan in the first half did not go as expected by Zidane, but Courtois prevented Setién’s tactics from having the same effect on the culé side. It is not a minor fact: Barcelona did not remain unmarked in a Classic league in the Bernabéu since October 2006 (2-0 with Capello on the bench, goals by Raúl and Van Nistelrooy). The merit is twofold, because Madrid has managed to zero Barcelona this course; Nor did goals fit in the Camp Nou, in which the match did not pass the goalless draw. In the feud culé, Barça tried his luck twice and twice he found himself in front of Courtois, who has Madrid as the least scored team in LaLiga: 17 goals conceded in 26 games. Courtois has received 14 of those 17 goals (the other three put them to Areola) in 23 clashes, which yields an average of 0.61 goals by encounter. He leads the Zamora Trophy classification above Oblak (Atlético has received two more goals than Madrid, 19 of 26 duels): the Slovenian has an average of 0.73 goals per game, an important distance from the Belgian. Madrid does not get his goalkeeper Zamora since the 2007-08 season (Iker Casillas was); for the Belgian, if he succeeds, it would be the third after the two he took with Atlético de Madrid.For Courtois, everything changed in Mallorca, on the ninth day: Until that match, including, Courtois conceded seven goals in seven LaLiga matches, transmitted insecurity at various times and had to hear dips at the Bernabéu. In fact, in Son Moix he fit in the only shot between vermilion sticks. Nothing to do with the last months, in which it has grown, leaving behind even better moments such as the goal of Morales in the Ciutat de Valencia against Levante, in the last day. He has stopped 30 of the last 36 shots he has been shot, 83%. In total in this domestic tournament, it has 46 stops in 60 shots, 77%. World-class goalkeeper numbers on which Madrid relies to continue aspiring to the title.last_img read more

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Iraola: “I sign now the option to play the extension”

first_img“I do not think that the environmental issue affects them. They are international players, they come from giving an exhibition at the Bernabéu. We love Anduva very much, but they are used to playing games of much more pressure than ours. I do not think it is something key. We are more concerned about what happens within the field, “he said about the environment Anduva will present.“I thank my players for putting me in this situation”On the other hand, the Usurbil coach acknowledged that the squad is excited and that “everyone wants to get on the list” to play, trying to “get with all the energy” to the duel. “I have to thank my players for putting me in this situation,” he said.“We are enjoying this copera experience; our headaches are in the league, but this is an extra that the team and the people are knowing how to enjoy to the fullest. We will have one more night and we will try to enjoy it,” he added. “This soaks everyone with enthusiasm,” he said, warning that “all this noise around, when the referee whistles, will not be.”For all this, whatever happens, they will be “delighted.” “What we have achieved, the nights we have lived and the illusion we have generated, nobody will take away from us. We have enjoyed the experiences. If we manage to make the game that we did in the first leg and despite that we lose too, we will We will congratulate Real and we will be delighted, “he said.Finally, Iraola, who is confident that the grass is “good” for the duel despite the rain, said the youth of the squad can play in their favor. “That certain unconsciousness that youth can give you, in this scenario I think it is something more positive than negative,” he warned. “We always believe,” he concluded. The coach of the CD Mirandés, Andoni Iraola, has assured that he would sign “right now” that the team had the option of playing the extension in the second leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals against Real Sociedad, to which he is convinced that will not affect Anduva’s environment, and he recalled that they will not “take away anyone” what has been lived so far in the ‘KO’ tournament.“The longer the match, the better the signal will be. If the Real makes two goals at once, it will be a bad sign. We have played in this Copa del Rey many extensions and I already sign you right now that we have the option to play an extension” , he declared at a press conference.In addition, he is aware that going out with a goal of disadvantage after 2-1 in the Reale Arena “can mark the game a bit.” “The difficulty is higher than when we play the other games against First Division teams. Nor are we going to go crazy, we want to give our best version, which will allow us to make a balanced match like the first leg. a balanced party can happen many things, and we hope they are in our favor, “he said.“I have no doubt: Real Sociedad will come here to try to make us both goals as soon as possible and solve the tie. We have to try that they don’t get it. We are not good enough to say that the game is going to go one way, we have to adapt to the idea with which they come, knowing that we probably have less the ball, with which we will try to hurt, “he said.The Gipuzkoan coach does not believe that the return clash will be like the first leg, and recalled that “football is constantly adapting.” “There we do not play the same in minute 1 than in 60, nor tomorrow the idea in minute three will be the same as that of 60. The Real is a team that normally wants to play. We have to prepare for all the scenarios that we can contemplate and we will have to look for solutions, “he stressed.He also stressed that the San Sebastian cadre “respects them” and has “respected them from the beginning.” “In Real Sociedad they talk about the most important game in a lot of years,” he said. “La Real is going to give one hundred percent, but being a favorite doesn’t give you any advantage; they assume it, we do too, and I don’t think the psychological factor has been decisive in the first leg or in the round. to preponderate will be the football arguments, “he said.last_img read more

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The Football Players Association says the Italian government measures are “discriminatory”

first_imgSpadafora: “Prudence is what makes us still have the possibility to resume Serie A”Italy’s Minister of Sports and Youth, Vincenzo Spadafora, has assured that “prudence” is the only thing that has prevented Series A from being canceled as the French Ligue 1, and that this opens “a possibility for the championship to resume.” “The prudence that we have about soccer is what still leaves a possibility of resuming the championship, it is the only point of support. The alternative is to do like France and say that soccer is over. It all depends on the evolution of the health emergency and our ability to respect the rules, “he said in a video message on his profile on the social network Facebook.On the other hand, the leader echoed the words of the president of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), Gabriele Gravina, who denied that there was already an agreement to resume the league, and assured that the rumors were due to “pressure” from certain clubs. “I thank Gravina for denying today the statements of someone from Serie A, who said that there was an agreement on the resumption date of the championship. There is nothing more false. It is usual for some vice president or president, very few, who tell lies and falsehoods to pressure the government. They do not understand that the air has changed, that these methods no longer work and that this is not what it was before, “he concluded. The Italian Footballers Association (AIC) described on Tuesday as “illogical and discriminatory” the decisions included in the latest government decree that prevent football clubs from organizing training sessions in their sports centers before May 18, despite the fact that it is allowed citizens run in the parks from 4. “It is considered discriminatory, rather than illogical, the idea of ​​resuming individual activities in sports facilities and not allowing professional footballers to carry out training, also individually, in the sports centers of their clubs “, It is read in a harsh statement published by the AIC. The Italian Government, in the decree announced on Sunday by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, reported that athletes who practice individual disciplines will be able to train from May 4, while it will be necessary to wait at least two more weeks for them to exercise. footballers in the sports cities of their clubs.“The measure, in addition, can increase and not contain the risk. For the sports worker, the training phase after the forced ‘stop’ is something necessary to avoid injuries and to get ready for training with the May 18 group” , highlighted the AIC. “It is clear that it is more dangerous to do individual activity in the city and on unsuitable surfaces,” he stressed. The government’s decision had been criticized this Tuesday also by Francesco Acerbi, Lazio’s defense. “I do not want to create controversy and I also speak on behalf of my colleagues. I do not understand why I cannot go running in a sports center, which respects all safety rules, but I can do it in a public park,” said Acerbi in an interview with Lazio’s official television. “In Formello (the headquarters of the Lazio sports center) we will be safer. I do not understand why they made this decision. Health is the most important thing,” he added.last_img read more

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Murray-Goffin and Bertens-Ferro, Madrid Virtual Open finals

first_imgWithin the first recreation of the lads’s semifinals, Goffin (29 years outdated and 10th on the earth) suffered lots to beat one of many match’s nice favorites, Tsitsipas (21st and sixth)., which he surpassed within the tiebreaker of the thirteenth recreation after lifting a match ball. The consequence, an thrilling 7-6 (6) for the Belgian, who stays undefeated and had solely given up one recreation in his earlier 4 video games. Twitter Mutua Madrid Open ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Twitter Mutua Madrid Open Andy Murray will play the ultimate of the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Professional in opposition to David Goffin after the British rival, Diego Schwartzman, gave him the cross attributable to his connection issues that prevented his digital recreation, on the controls of the PlayStation, from being performed underneath regular circumstances. After a number of interruptions and restarts, the Argentine received in an excellent tiebreaker, however in settlement with Murray and understanding the issues that may be within the remaining when he participated from a special continent (America) than the remainder, he determined to grant victory to the previous quantity one of many world. “You deserve it, Diego,” Murray informed his rival and buddy, who replied with a honest play beautiful: “You deserve it, as a result of everyone knows that you’re higher and you haven’t been in a position to play in these circumstances. It’s higher for everybody that you simply play, as a result of the problem of connection might be much less in Europe, and we will break up the prize ($ 150,000) to donate it then. “The match for the ladies’s title might be performed by Kiki Bertens and Fiona Ferro. Within the ladies’s staff, the nice revelation, the French Ferro (23 years outdated and 53rd within the rating), simply removed the Romanian Cirstea (30th and 75th), in a match that solely lasted seven minutes and ended with a 6-3. The opposite semifinal of the ladies, who display a excessive stage within the Tennis World Tour online game, was far more disputed. Bertens (28th and seventh) beat the lately retired Wozniacki 7-5 (29). The Danish made it tough for the Dutch, who stays undefeated.The finals might be performed from 18:30 (the lads’s first and then the ladies’s) and could be adopted at + tdp and the PlayStation Spain Fb web page.last_img read more

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